A pet’s life is an enjoyable, but messy time. Although cats can be very good in keeping their homes clean but the same can’t be said for their litter boxes. In general, cats are sensitive to hygiene of the litter boxes. As a cat’s owner, you must empty it each day. Some cats prefer you empty the litter box immediately after they have finished with their work.

Try a cat litter made of pellets. It is a great option to keep smells at low levels and help make cleaning up litter much simpler. A lot of pellets for cat litter are made from natural materials that are more durable than clay litter and more beneficial in terms of your dog’s wellbeing. For cats suffering from allergies or sensitivities switching to pellet litter will dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

It is not always the case that cats become accustomed to pellet cat litter in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking to change your cat from clay litter to pellets, you can try mixing them. You could also sprinkle the litter they love over the pellets, so that your cat is aware of the purpose behind it.

There’s a vast selection of cat litter that we have compiled an extensive list of the top cat litters if you wish to know more about cat litter, continue reading.

Best cat litter for your fur baby.

Let’s take a look at each one of them separately.

Best Value for Money: Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter.

To get the most bang your money, go for Feline Pine’s original non-clumping Wood cat litter. It functions similarly to our top choice that is which is OKOCAT Wood cat litter. Feline Pines presses wood sawdust into litter pieces that absorb waste however, it does not form clumps. It’s great for controlling odors and is extremely absorbent. You can make the bulk purchase option to save money. Feline Pine is available in seven-pound, 20-pound and 40-pound bags. Remember that you’ll need to transfer the litter out of in the container to the pot that could mean lifting the bag in order to pour it. The litter may not be so dust-free as alternatives. The process of reducing dust is simpler when you’re able to take your time and pour the litter.

Naturally Fresh, Non-Clumping, Walnut Cat Litter Ideal for Kittens

By using this Naturally Fresh Pellet, which is unscented and non-clumping Walnut Litter it is possible to train your kitten to be accustomed to the sensation the pellets. Older cats may have difficulty making the transition to natural pellets but kittens quickly adapt into Naturally Fresh even if they were fostered by a breeder who used clay litter.

Naturally Fresh makes use of only walnut shells for its pellets. Additionally, the litter is free of toxic clay dust, chemicals or corn-based products. It is able to absorb liquids quickly and eliminates odors caused by urine and Feces. Your cat won’t drag small litter pieces around the house since the pellets are made to reduce the possibility of the possibility of tracking. The manufacturer claims that walnut is superior to corn, clay, the wheat and even pine for eliminating strong smells. We chose Naturally Fresh to be our top option for kittens however, some cat owner with cats older than them didn’t like the texture that the pellets had. Cats with a lot of age and joint issues might prefer a soft wood pellet when they’re moving away out of clay.

Wood pellet litter.

Cat litter made of wood pellets is a kind of natural litter made from pellets. Pellets are granules composed of a range of biodegradable and absorbent materials, making them an efficient cat litter. Contrary to the typical fine-grain clumping clay Pellets have bigger and larger pieces. The main ingredient in wood pellet litter, in case you’re not already aware it’s wood. The wood used in the production of this litter isn’t the usual wood, however it’s made of leftover lumber from the timber industry. This is a green litter that is made of materials that could otherwise be used for waste.

The super-absorbent pellets are made of compressed, dehydrated wood fibers expand when they are moist and break up when they are soaked in liquid, which is in this case urine. After disintegration they turn into powdered sawdust and are sifted through remaining pellets until they reach on the floor of the pan. It is possible that you are wondering whether it’s more difficult to clean wood pellets as compared to regular clay litter.

It’s not more difficult, it’s different. Because the wood pellets that are soaked in urine usually break down rather than clumping together, the process of scooping is kind of opposite to scooping the standard clumping litter. At first, it may take some time to get used to the process, but once you’ve got used to it you will not have any problems in cleaning up this type of litter. If you’re in possession of a normal litter box (not one specifically designed for pellets that has an filter) Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get it cleaned: Scoop all the poop and dispose of it into the garbage, the same way you would for regular litter.

Collect all areas of wet sawdust that you have on the scoop and shake it around the wastebasket. This helps get rid of sawdust, and preserve the fresh, unbroken pellets that haven’t broken off in the scoop. Instead of throwing away the remaining material in the scoop take the opposite approach – place all of the pellets that remain intact back into the litter pan. You can add new pellets to replace the amount you’ve already thrown away.

Simply Pine Pure Natural Pellet Cat Litter The Best Cat Litter

Our top choice is Simply Pine All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter. It is made with 100 percent Northeastern white pine to make its pellets, and does not add perfume or chemicals in its products. It’s biodegradable and makes the litter box free of dust after being put in. The pine pellets are created to minimize the possibility of tracking, and quickly absorb urine. If you’re familiar using clay, then you’ll amazed by how effective pine pellets are in removing the strong ammonia smell that comes from urine.

While Simply Pine is slightly cheaper than our top choice but we weren’t able to place it in the top spot due to its texture. Contrary to other pellets, the Simply Pine pellets aren’t as soft. The pellets that are softer are more comfortable for feet of cats, and if you’ve got joints that aren’t working for your cat then you should consider the soft pellet. However, a mature cat who doesn’t mind the harder pellets can benefit from the extremely absorbent pellets.

Pros & Cons of Wood and Pine Pellet Cat Litter

Pine and wood pellets are becoming a more popular substitute for clay cat litter, and with good reason. They’re healthier for your cat’s wellbeing and environmental protection, as well as cause less pollution. However, they’re not the ideal solution for every situation.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of pine pellets and wood cat litter.

Wood pellets are an excellent substitute for clay. Pine and wood pellets provide a healthy alternative to clay litter for cats.It is not effective in controlling the smell of the feces. Wood pellets are excellent at neutralizing the odors of ammonia and urine however they do not work similarly for odors from the smell of poop. Odors spread through diffusion, which is when airborne odor particles scatter randomly throughout the open air.
Pine pellet and wood litter is environmentally friendly. Pine pellet litter is an eco-friendly alternative to the clay litter for cats. In contrast to clay litter, which is extracted using the harmful strip mining process wood pellets are made of renewable resources.Wood pellets are more expensive that clay. In comparison to other litters made from plants pine pellets are a bargain. It’s tough to compete with the cost of cat litter made from clay.
The wood pellets made of natural ingredients, free of chemicals as well as synthetic fragrances and clumping agents used in other types of litter.The bigger size of pellets opens up more airways, which allow smell to disperse.
Wood Pallets also virtually dust-free which reduces the chance of respiratory ailments caused by constant exposure to silica crystals and other irritating substances.
The majority of wood pellets are created from reclaimed wood, a product from the manufacturing of furniture that otherwise would be thrown away. This also means that there are no trees cut to make production.
Wood pellets are compostable and biodegradable which helps decrease the volume of waste put in landfills.

Final thoughts.

Animal bedding pellets can be an easy way to replace normal cat litter. There are many good reasons why you should consider filling in your cat’s litter box wood pellets. The reasons to consider switching include the health of your cat. Your cat is known to lick his feet to keep them clean. If he injures litter that is clumping while doing this it could cause painful intestinal obstructions.

What is best for the environment. The wood pellets can be biodegradable as well as compostable, which makes them a sustainable small-sized box solution. Energy Pellets from America’s pet bedding pellets are made of 100% reused wood that can save the landfill space. Furthermore most clay litters are created using strip mining. Mining strip can be harmful on the planet. asy odor control. Many cat owners have noticed that clay isn’t able to absorb odors as well. This can be a problem for the cat and guests. Wood pellets are scented with a pleasant scent that is woodsy and woodsy. Wood pellets absorb odors, in cats. A lot of cat breeders believe that wood pellets smell fantastic.

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