Are Cats Happier In Pairs

Pairs of cats are more comfortable for them. Cats are social animals and they love having another cat to play with.

They can keep one another entertained and teach each other good manners. Two cats are more costly and require twice the responsibility.

I don’t want to discourage you from considering adopting two cats. It’s an excellent idea and there are many cats in desperate need of homes. However, it shouldn’t mean you will have to stop working.

  1. Are Cats Alone Without a Cat?

It all comes down to the cat’s personality as to whether they are lonely with one or two cats. A cat with a friend or playful personality is a good companion for cats who are socialized to other animals.

If your cat is used to living alone, it can be difficult and confusing to introduce another cat into the home. VCA Hospitals explained that cats can be hostile to other felines and might not accept a new cat. You should also consider other factors when choosing a companion for your indoor cat. Here are some examples:

  • How long do you spend with your cat each day?
  • Do you think your cat likes to sleep or play most of the time?
  • How often do you travel from home?
  • Is your cat lonely or sad?

There is no universal answer as to whether or not you should adopt another cat. Only you can do what is best for your cat. Sometimes, you don’t need to get a friend to help your cat.

  1. Adopting One Cat Is Fine, But Two Is Better

Cats are social animals. Cats naturally live in groups and aren’t as independent as people would like them to be.

We think cats are more independent than they really are. They need their own space. This means that each cat needs a space to rest, scratch, and a litterbox in their home.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have more than one cat in a small space. Two cats can be happy in small apartments where one cat sleeps on a cat tree, the other on the back of a couch and the birds outside.

Two cats are a great way to socialize, play, and learn from each other. Both you and your cat will benefit from this!

  1. There are many reasons why two cats are better than one
  2. They will play with each other

This is the main reason you think of when you consider getting a second cat. You’ll quickly realize that cats are not independent beings. Cats love to have a friend, whether it’s for social development or social skills.

  1. They don’t have to worry about being exercised

This kind of goes back to #1. The kittens will be having fun while they play and chasing each other. This means you will have less to do for them.

  1. Training Is Easier

Pairs are always more effective for training. It takes half the time to train each cat. The cats will also train one another. Although it may seem like a strange concept, it is actually like “monkey sight, monkey do”.

  1. Say Goodbye to Food Pickiness

You’ve probably had a cat who was picky about food and know how frustrating it can be. It’s funny how two kittens can mimic each other’s behaviour. The other kitten will follow the lead of one and eat their food.

  1. Another life saved

Many people don’t consider it but giving a loving home to two cats is a way to save countless lives. You can be sure that your cats will be happy, especially if they are rescues.

  1. Two cats are not twice the price

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will pay twice as much if you want to adopt two cats. This does not mean cats will come with BOGO coupons on their foreheads.

  1. Keep the Family Together

You can adopt multiple cats from the same shelter, mom or rescue to keep the whole family together. This is crucial for both the cat’s development and growth as litter mates. It is much better to be able do it together with their best friend, brother, sister or other cat.

  1. Cats teach each other

Adopting two cats can help you avoid common cat problems. Your cats will likely be more friendly if you have a friend.

As we keep kitten litters together for 6-12 weeks to help them learn how to play, interact, socialize, etc., cats can also learn from each other long after that time.

  1. In some areas, having two cats can save time

Two cats can be a time saver because they play together and are able to keep each other company. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to spend time playing with your cats.

Your cat should be allowed to play with you for around 30-45 minutes each day. Play doesn’t necessarily mean you have to separate your cats, but you can play with them both.

5. How do I know if my cats like each other?

If cats have a strong bond, they will often show signs that they feel part of the same “social group”. They might be able to groom each other, rub their bodies together, and sleep or lie next to one another. They might greet one another by touching their noses, or making a small sound as they go.

6. How can I tell if my cats aren’t getting along?

Cats are not as social as dogs or people, so they can only communicate their feelings in a very limited way.

Although tension between cats living together may not be obvious, it is important to be aware that there are subtle signs that could indicate a lack in harmony. These could include:

  • over-grooming
  • Hideaway
  • Over-eating and under-eating
  • Changes in character, such as not wanting as much attention or playing as often.
  • Avoid other cats/cats
  • Home soiling or urine spraying

7. Which Cat Breeds are OK on Their Own?

Cats shouldn’t be left alone for too much time, but they can be left alone for short periods of time. Adult cats should never be left alone for longer than 24 hours, according to vets. Always ensure that your cat has access to fresh water, food and litter when you’re away from home. These indoor cats are happy and easy to keep alone.

  • American Shorthair
  • American Wirehair
  • Maine Coon
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Ocicat
  • Persian
  • Russian Blue
  • Scottish Fold

8. Matching your cat to a second cat

Are you a cat-hating cat? This could be due to a cat that is lonely or has been separated from her littermates. Krieger suggests that it might be hard to determine, because your cat may be dependent on her human, but she may not be able to live with other cats. If you want to predict if the cats will get along, it helps to know their pasts — both the resident cat and the newcomer.

Dantas states that “having grown up with other cats is not a recipe to success” because cats are individual and may not get along. “Cats that are friendly with other cats and have no anxiety or fear, and who have been socialized with them as kittens and throughout their lives, have a greater chance of success,” Dantas says.

9. Introduce Cats

When you ask “Do cats get lonely?” the next question is “How can I introduce two cats?”

Kreiger says that cats can form close relationships with one another. If they are properly introduced, even adult cats can be close friends.

Dantas suggests that you properly introduce cats by keeping them apart at first. This allows them to get to know each others’ sounds and smells, and gives their brains the time to decrease neuroendocrine stress. Every cat has her own litter box and food, so positive experiences like treats should be shared with them.

10. How to Choose a Cat

It’s not as easy as choosing an indoor cat to play with as it is finding one that you like. To make sure they feel relaxed and comfortable around one another, your cats should be well-matched.

Remember that your second cat will need to be indoor-only. Leaving one cat alone can cause behavior problems such as jealousy. Consider these things when choosing a cat to adopt:

  • Personality and temperament. Both cats should be well-matched in personality. They should share the same energy and have the same behavioral traits.
  • Age. Try to find another indoor cat that is the same age as your old cat. It is not always possible to have a kitten with an older cat.
  • Gender. Gender. It may be worth getting both a male and female cat so they don’t fight over dominance. To prevent unplanned pregnancies, it is important to neuter both cats.

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