Best Brushes Cats Hate Brushed

Brushing and grooming your cat can be a lovely experience. It can be almost therapeutic for some owners and lots of cats absolutely love having a thorough brush and pamper. It can be a great bonding experience between the two of you and really helps to build up trust.

However, while some cats enjoy being groomed, others… not so much! This makes grooming your cat much more difficult.

Brushes For A Cat That Hates To Be Brushed

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best brushes for cats. These work amazingly for cats who are picky about how they are brushed, but they also work great for cats who love being pampered

  1. Kong Zoom Groom

The Kong Zoom Groom brush is quite possibly one of the best grooming brushes on the market at the moment for cats.

  • Soft Rubber

The Kong Zoom Groom is made from soft rubber that gently massages your cat’s fur.

  • Furball Prevention

It’s true to say that most cats are at risk of having fur balls and brushing is an important part of helping to eliminate this build-up of hair

  1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a very popular brush for cat grooming and it is clear to see that a vast majority of customers are very happy with this product.

  • Fine Bristles

The fine, curved bristles of this brush are an absolute game-changer. The bristles themselves work similarly to other cat brushes however have been designed in a way to provide a very different feel to cats when being groomed.

  1. Delomo Grooming Glove

If all else fails, grab a grooming mitt! When regular brushes are not working for you then one of the most go-to products is the grooming mitt.

  1. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

It is true to say that the main brush is pretty standard and you can buy these types of brushes widely, however, we love the addition of the grooming comb which could be really helpful for cats who hate to be groomed.

  1. Equigroomer

This fabulous brush was originally designed for use on horses (hence the name) however it appears to be a very successful solution for those feline’s who cannot stand to be brushed.

  1. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush (Best for Longhaired Cats)

Slicker brushes are great to use on long coats or cats with curly hair. They have super fine wire-like bristles that can cut through mats and detangle longer fur. And of all the slicker brushes on the market, the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker brush is perfect for cats that hate to be brushed.

  1. Detangling Combs

These combs are ideal for medium to long-haired cats, who have long teeth that pick through your cat’s coat, removing loose hair while gently detangling. They can help to prevent mat formation as well.

  • Pin Brushes

A pin cat brush is Ideal for medium to long-haired cats similar to a slicker brush but has more widely-spaced teeth and is a less aggressive grooming tool. The pins are tipped with plastic balls that massage your cat’s skin and distribute natural oils through their coat

  1. Best For Bathing: Glandex Furbliss Multi-Use Brush

This soft silicone brush is designed for short haired cats. Its patented two-sided design features soft silicone nodules that draw out loose hair, stimulate circulation, and help to spread natural oils to nourish the skin and coat. This brush is a good choice for people who bathe their cats. It works just as well when it’s wet as it does when it’s dry. The brush has “shampoo reservoir cells”, which hold cat shampoo.

  1. CosyAndDozy Handmade Cat Brush (Best Vegan & Eco-Friendly Option

Finally, we have the CosyAndDozy Handmade Cat Brush. If you care about our planet or follow a vegan lifestyle, this is a great option. The body of the brush is made from natural beechwood, while the bristles are Tampico fibers. Alongside its ecological perks, this brush is highly practical. The bristles are incredibly soft – Tampico fibers are mainly used in massage brushes for women.

Best Brushes for Cats That Hate Being Brushed

Below are all the features we looked for in a product. For every review, we looked at how the product fared in these categories:

Ease Of Cleaning

All of the loose hair and dirt that is on your cat accumulates on the brush each time you use it. It is important to remove all this dirt and keep the brush clean ready for next time. 

Soft Bristles

Do you know what some cats hate being brushed? It is usually because they have sensitive skin and hard bristles or combs can make the process extremely uncomfortable.


Shape is important as you want to be able to hold the brush comfortably in your hand. For cats that hate being brushed, a glove-style grooming tool is also a good idea. This will trick your cat into thinking they’re being petted and they might not resist as much. 

Why Do Some Cats Hate Being Brushed?

Some cats hate being brushed as they find it uncomfortable. This is usually either because they have sensitive skin or because the bristles are tugging on their hair. You can usually change your cat’s opinion on brushing by using a better grooming tool

How Often Should I Brush My Cat’s Fur?

Opinions differ even among professionals as to how often a cat should be brushed. According to the ASPCA, brushing once or twice a week can help keep a cat’s coat healthy. Longhaired cats should be brushed every day. This will help limit shedding and prevent mats and knotted clumps from forming. 

Is Brushing Cat Hair Necessary?

If you have a longhaired cat like me, then yes! Not brushing their coats daily gives room for mats and clumps to form. In shorthaired cats, brushing isn’t strictly essential, but it is worthwhile to keep their fur looking extra healthy.

What Kind Of Brush Is Best For Cats?

The best brush for your cat depends on the type of hair they have. Cats with long hair need a slicker or pin brush and possibly a deshedding tool to remove dead hair and dirt from their topcoat and undercoat. A slicker or pin brush can also be used on a short-haired cat, but they may prefer the feel of a soft, rubber curry comb, which removes dead hair and gunk as it gently massages the coat. 

Is Brushing Good For Cats?

Yes! Brushing a cat removes dead hair and skin cells that would otherwise end up being swallowed in the process of grooming or shedding onto your floor.Brushing also distributes the natural oils in the coat that keep it shiny, stimulates blood circulation and, above all, helps a cat and their guardian to bond.

How Long Should A Brushing Session With My Cat Last?

Cats “can go rapidly from purring to flailing sharp claws in your face” during grooming, according to Miller. Instead of sticking to a set period of time, pay close attention to your cat’s body language. 

How can I make Brushing Pleasant For My Cat?

The earlier you begin to introduce your cat to brushing, the better. “Kittens that are regularly groomed and have their nails trimmed become used to being. To set your cat up for brushing success, Simpson recommends positioning them in a comfortable, quiet area and pairing gentle strokes of the brush or comb with delicious treats. Lickable foods such as Easy Cheese and Inaba Churu.

Brush Your Cat In The Direction Of Fur Growth

It’s important to let the brush flow in the direction of your cat’s fur. Brushing against the grain will pull the skin and irritate your cat.

Does Brushing Help With Cat Dandruff?

Most cats are meticulous groomers, so they keep their coats in pretty good condition. When it comes to issues like dry skin and dandruff, however, they may need a little help. Regular brushing can help exfoliate the skin but you may also want to bathe your cat with hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Should I Brush Or Comb My Cat?

For long fur and fine coats combing with a wide-toothed comb can help remove mild tangles in cat hair, but you may need a dematting tool for bigger mats. For short-haired cats, a bristle brush or rubber brush will help with dead hair removal and will leave the coat nice and shiny.

What You Need To Know About Cat Brushes For Cats That Hate Them

Cats that hat cat brushes are not that easy to please. I find that these brush gloves help because they make the job more gentle. They help to make your kitty feel secure rather than conventional brushes.

Features & Benefits Of The Brushes To Help You Know What To Look Out For

Simple to clean (Ideally machine washable)

Can be used for de-shedding or general grooming

Fits comfortable

Can be used for short or long-haired cats

Compact (can be placed in a bag or pocket)


This can often be very stressful for owners particularly for owners who have cats with particularly long hair that gets matted easily or those with older felines that are not taking care of their coat as they should.

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