Best Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat lovers will be aware of the love cats have for climbing and scratching. Even though you love your cat dearly, it can be frustrating to see them scratching at your couch. Some clever person came up with a way to distract their cats.

Traditional cat trees don’t look good despite all their many benefits. Tree-shaped cat trees can be helpful. These cat trees look like real trees and can be used to decorate your home.

Not all pet parents can be carpenters. You might need to shop for ready-made options at Amazon.

What to Look for in a Cat Tree that Looks Like a Cat Tree

Size and shape

There are many sizes and shapes of cat trees, from simple, single-level trees to sprawling jungle gyms. You may need a smaller or bigger design depending on the size of your home and where you intend to place your cat tree.

Size of a Cat

The number of cats and their size will determine the best cat tree for you. Bigger cats require a stronger tree.


Many cat trees have a variety toys and scratching posts built into them. A scratching post is a great option if your cat has been scratching at the furniture.


Our readers wouldn’t be able to recommend anything that will just go sour in two weeks. These are the reviews that make all the difference.


This list is likely to have higher prices than other products. We have learned that this cat tree decoration is very expensive.

The Best Cat Trees that Look Like Trees

A cat tree that looks just like a tree can double as a hiding place for your pet and a beautiful decoration in your home.

Let’s now discuss how to pick the right cat tree for your needs.

1.On2 Pets Cat Haven

The cat tree comes with natural-looking silk leaves and a brown trunk. It also has a square of faux grass as its base. This cat tree is like having a piece of the natural world in your home. This tree is great for my entire family, as it can hold up to 32 lbs of cats. It’s also ideal for Maine Coons or larger breeds.

This tree’s design is very private. My cats can also lounge comfortably on the perches, which are carpeted.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture (Best For Multi-Cat Households)

The seven platforms on this cat tree are unbeatable and make it great for climbing. The On2 Pets Cat Haven Cat Tree can be used for hiding purposes, but my cats prefer the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. It is so comfortable and has a faux fur base that they can lounge on.

Although it has branches and leaves, this cat tree is not as realistic as my top choice. It’s a great way to add a little bit of nature to your home that your cats will love, but not too much. There are many designs that you can choose from so there is bound to be one for you and your cat.

3. Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Kitten Scratching Post (Best suited for Small Homes)

This cat tree does not take up much space but it is still very entertaining. The cat tree has four perches. It is also extremely tall, so your cats can climb it like a real tree. Sisal rope is wrapped around the post for cats to scratch at and claw at.

The cat tree is very sturdy and can be replaced with shelves or posts if it breaks. This cat tree is great for both your cat and your wallet!

4. Go Pet Club Forest with Leaves Cat Tree (Best For Spoilt Cats).

Sisal rope posts are a natural way to encourage your cat to scratch the cat tree, not your furniture. The leaves and vines give your cat a forest to explore. It is sturdy enough to support larger breeds.

5. Best with real wood: Mau Lifestyle Leone 50 in Modern Wooden Cat Tree

Although this cat tree does not have any leaves to make it look real, it does have real wood!

How to Choose the Right Cat Tree

There is no wrong cat tree. It is helpful to consider some aspects when choosing a cat tree house for your pet.

1. Your cat’s age and ability

Adult cats tend to be more relaxed and prefer to relax and lounge around more. If you have a young cat, you may want to consider a more elaborate structure. This will help keep your cat’s attention away from your furniture.

2. Assess the Space You Have

Your feline will soon be more comfortable with scratching and clawing at the treehouse. Your pet will spend more time exploring the different features of the cat condo and becoming more comfortable with it.

3. Take into consideration your cat’s preferences

Yes, cats love to climb and claw. Each cat seems to have a different attraction to things. Some cats love to claw into thicker materials, while others prefer the carpet’s feel.

4. Safety First

There are many substandard cat trees on the market. They don’t have the strength to withstand the jumping, climbing and scratching of your pet. Some cat trees have no solid base and can tip over or wobble when your pet is in a rough mood.

Why Choose a Cat Tree that Looks Just Like a Real Tree?

Style is the first! Most people will agree that house plants can enhance the aesthetics and feel of your living area. You get both the real thing and the realistic look of a cat tree. Some trees, such as our top pick, can even be mistaken for traditional house plants. Cats love cat trees. While there are no feline complaints about traditional carpeted cat trees there is something to be said for allowing cats to play, climb and exercise in their natural environment.

What are the benefits of a cat tree that looks like a real tree?

  • It is safer than a real tree
  • There are no wild animals to fight with. Tree-like structures can be used to feed your pet’s perching and climbing instincts without any of the associated dangers
  • Falling is not a risky thing, and indoor cat trees are very difficult to climb.
  • Great for multiple cats. Multiple “branches” in a cat tree can help solve hierarchy issues by giving each pet their safe space.
  • Beautiful aesthetics. A large, beautiful tree is a must-have in any living room. A cat tree that looks authentic is an option.
  • Encourages natural climbing, perching behavior
  • Cats love to lie on top of trees, away from any dangers (real or perceived). There is nothing more natural or instinctual than a cat hanging out in a tree.
  • A calm, quiet environment can make your cat happier. Stereotypy is a stress-related behavior in cats. You can help them by giving them a climbing area that mirrors their environment.

How often should you replace a cat tree?

Our cat trees lasted between 2.5 and 3 years. It all depends on how good the cat tree is, how many cats live in the house and what the temperament and age of each cat. One cat tree was taken down by a young cat and a kitten who were hyperactive.

How tall should my cat tree be?

Your cat’s age, size, and space available will all influence the ideal size cat tree. In most cases, however, your cat tree should be at least 36 inches tall (91 cm).

Is there a place to put my cat tree?

That’s important! It’s not a good idea to keep it in a separate room. It’s best to keep it where your family is most comfortable. Every situation is unique.

After you have decided where to place your tree, make sure it is as close as possible to a window. This will give your cat the best indoor environment possible.

Why won’t my cat use the cat tree?

Your indoor cat might ignore a cat tree that is too tall. Your cat may not be able to jump on the cat tree if it is too tall. Your cat may not be able jump on the cat tree if they are still a kitten, an older cat, large cat or are in pain.

Is it worth buying a cat tree?

Are cat trees really worth the effort? Yes. Yes.

Kitties like Cat Trees that Look Like Trees.

Cats love cat furniture/activity centers. Kitty trees look just like real trees and can be used to stimulate your cat’s natural desire to scratch. Indoor cats should have cat trees. Cats love trees in the wild.

They love trees that have branches and leaves that look real. So they will spend hours climbing, exploring, hiding, and playing in the caves and perches provided by the trees.


Many cats love to climb. Just ask any fireman who has had to rescue a kitten from the branches. It’s fun to create a climbing structure that looks like a tree, and bring the outdoors inside your home.

The basic elements of any cat tree include a broad base and strong extended arms. This encourages your cat to climb and scratch to their hearts’ content.

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