Can Cats Be Obsessed With Their Owners

As a cat lover, there are many possible reasons why a cat’s obsession with its owner could occur. Let’s take a look at the reasons your cat may be in love with YOU just like you.

You might be curious about what is happening in your cat’s brain.

Cats are naturally drawn to their owners. If their owner or pet is experiencing changes, this urge can intensify.

Cats obsess about you

Divorced kittens will look up to their new owners for comfort. They will view you as a mother figure and may even become obsessed with your appearance.

Stress/ anxiety

Cats’ obsession with their owners could also be explained by stress. If a cat feels anxious or stressed, it will seek out its owner to get their attention or feel safe.

Heath issue/ sickness

It could be that the cat is suffering from illness, has eaten too much or has had health issues. This could also explain the cat’s insatiableness.


All living things age and require love, attention, and attention. The obsession of cats could also be due to the fact that they are looking for care as they age.

How can I tell if my cat is in love with me?

Be aware of these behaviors.

They treat you like an animal. …

They can rub against your skin. …

They will follow you around an area. …

They will be in your bedroom while you sleep. …

They blink slowly and look into their eyes. …

Is my cat in love with me now?

In an attempt to remind you that they are here, they will suddenly be needy and overly loving. This is how they try to get you to pay more attention to them. Cats are independent but they need to feel valued and part of the family. If you feel your cat is acting out and you want to help it calm down, you should know that some cats need more attention than others. It is also possible that your cat may require more attention than most.


Many kittens that are born, especially those who are part of an outdoor cat mother, end up homeless or orphaned because of accidents.


You may have added another cat or pet to your household. Your cat may become obsessed with you until they feel safe again.


Anxiety, fear, or anxiety is another reason why your cat loves you. You can help your cat become more relaxed and less dependent on you by removing anxiety.

#4 Your cat HAS TRUST in SUITS

It is also unclear how many times your cat was returned to shelters. There is a possibility that your cat has trust issues if it has been to multiple homes. I would also love to know if your cat is interested in other people or animals, such as houseguests. They may have even walked into your home.


Some cats may be clingy and become obsessed with you if they are dying. The cat might also be suffering from an illness or another health problem. This could explain why the cat is curious.

Your Cat was coddled in a Kitten

It is possible that your cat was raised to cuddle as a kitten and has obsessive behavior. Obsessive cats will feel secure and secure in your presence, regardless of whether they are cuddling. This is not a bad thing. Although you were disappointed that your obsession was to observe and follow her, it is probably a sign of how she is comfortable around you and enjoys spending time with you.

Separated Anxiety

If your pet’s mother was taken away in their early years of life, this could have caused separation anxiety.

The Cat is Not Alone

Your cat might feel lonely if they are unable to socialize with other cats. You don’t have to get a new cat. It is okay to keep your cat happy with a dog.

By allowing the Needy Conduct, you’ve set a precedent.

You could be causing your cat to develop needy behavior by allowing them to sleep on the couch with you, or feeding them when they’re hungry, or picking them up when they meow.

Your Cat loves You.

Your cat may be acting like you are obsessive about him/her. It is possible for a large part of this behavior to be caused by the fact that your cat truly loves you and is showing that love through the way he/she behaves.

Your Cat Is Pregnant

It’s important that your pet feels supported during pregnancy. She is likely feeling vulnerable and will need support.

They rub their cheeks against you

He explains that you may see your cat rub their cheeks against your legs or headbutt your legs. This is because certain scent glands are present in these areas. These behaviors are your cat’s way of declaring that you are theirs. They’re ultimately in love with you.

They want Belly Rubs

According to Dr. Ben, the best way for an animal to show vulnerability is its belly. If your cat truly trusts you, they might lie down and ask for a belly rub.

The Older you Get

Every living thing needs love, affection, and care. Cats are also obsessed with being taken care of.

Cat owners are naturally very excited by their cats.

A study found that American cat owners spend an average of 3.5 hours per week talking to their feline companions. This is just one example of their cat-centered behavior.

A study found that cat owners have the highest number of cat-related items and 44% own a photo of their cat. 37% said that they take photos of their pets, which is confirmed by numerous Instagram accounts.

Conclusion – Can cats become obsessed with their owners?

Cats are loving and beautiful creatures. It is difficult to manage a cat and keep it happy. It is important to give your cat lots of love, affection, love, and a comfortable place to rest. Cats are attracted to humans because they crave affection and love. If they become agitated by changes in the lives of their baby or caregiver, the need for affection can be severe. There are ways to help your cat if they have been acting violently clingy. It is important to not allow your cat to be clingy, or distract it.

It is important that your cat gets plenty of stimulation. Regular playtime is also crucial.


Q1: Why do cats become so obsessed with one person?

These are the most important lessons. Even though they were well socialized as kittens, cats will often choose one person over another. Cats are excellent communicators and are drawn to people who can communicate. You should be alert for signs of communication, such as your cat approaching you with a desire to eat or cuddle.

Q2: What is the reason my cat has fallen in love with me so much?

They are too in love and desperate to remind you that they are around. This is how they try to get you to pay more attention to them. They are very individual, but they need to feel valued and part of the family.

Q3: How do you get your cat to love you?

5 Tips to Make Your Cat Love You More

5. Cat & Mouse Games. These claws don’t just cause destruction to furniture. …

#4 Being So Fresh, So Clean.¬†Cats are meticulous creatures.¬†…

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