Can Cats Eat Mealworms

What are Mealworms?

As their name implies, mealworms aren’t just worms. When we refer to mealworms, we mean either the larval or darkling form of mealworm. Although they are native to Africa and can be found anywhere, mealworms can also be found around the globe. They love to live under rocks and in animal caves.

These tiny critters love to eat plants, dead insects, and plants. This is why they are sometimes called the “clean-up crew” of nature! A mealworm can go through between 9 and 20 stages of development (instars), before becoming a pupa or a fully-fledged darkling. Mealworms can be infected by parasites such as gregarines or rat tapeworms. These parasites can cause diarrhea and stomach pain, as well as infection.

Are Mealworms Good for Cats?

Because they are rich in protein, mealworms are better for cats than other foods. Mealworms may contain between 45% and 55% protein, which is what cats need in order to be healthy. Proteins are important for healthy skin, hair, claws and whiskers as well as cartilage, ligaments and other body functions.

Cats are also obligate meat-eaters. This means that 70% must come from meat or meat-based protein. Because they are insects, mealworms also fall under this category. It is also recommended that cats consume at least 26%-30% of their daily intake of crude protein.

This means that your cat shouldn’t be fed exclusively mealworms or too many at once.

Nutritional value for dried mealwormsNutritional value for live mealworms
Fat: 28%Fat: 28%
Protein: 53%Protein: 53%
Water: 5%Water: 5%
Carbohydrates: 8.5%Carbohydrates: 8.5%

What is the Mealworm’s Staple Diet and How Does It Work?

You have many options for a mealworm’s primary diet. You have many options, including flour, Bran, and grain mix.

* Mixture of cereals – This mixture is made up of many grains, including oatmeal, powdered dairy, bird seeds, and wheat. It’s perfect for feeding mealworms.

* Wheat bran is a good food substrate. You will need to add bits of bread or cork to ensure that the worms have attachment points. You should be careful about humidity. The main problem with wheat bran and other cereals, is that dust mites love them. Mealworm eggs are a favorite of mites, so it is a bad idea to breed them.

* Flour: Whole wheat flour is better for your worms.

How often do mealworms need to be fed?

You can feed your cat mealworms as many times as you wish. Your pet will love them! They will grow larger and become more plump. It is best to keep food in the trash all the time. However, it is important to not let food spoil or attract any other pests.

Mealworms love dark and damp places. This is why they hide in animal burrows, under rocks, rotten wood, and other animal burrows. They eat the leaves of dead and rotten plants as well as other injured or dead insects.

Are Mealworms Good for Cats?

No! No! Cats are predatory animals and will eat small prey such as insects and worms. They are also a good source of protein. Mealworms have around 15 to 20% protein. Cats can also eat worms and insects.

Experts in the UK have recommended that pet owners feed their pets insects-rich diets based on new research. Experts claim that pets can eat insects-based food as well as steaks. These are meant for lizards or small animals but can be fed to cats if they are good quality.

Why does your cat keep eating mealworms?

Mealworms are used to feed fish, chickens, and reptiles. You can buy them in different sizes. Your cat might enjoy a few bites from the container.

Mealworms from trusted sources are safe for cats. You don’t want your cat to eat anything that isn’t parasite-free. What is the fascination of these insects? Cats love to munch on bugs from time to time. Your pet’s hunting instincts will be sharpened by eating bugs. The chase is fun for your cat, and they will be rewarded with a treat if they succeed in their hunt.

Are Cats able to get sick from eating worms?

You can decrease the chance of infection by restricting your cat’s access to earthworms. Capillaria can often be caused by earthworms.

Mealworms have high levels of quality proteins, fatty acid, dietary fibers and a wide range of micronutrients. They are also very indigestible and shouldn’t be fed often due to their high chitin levels. Mealworms should be fed to exotic pets only occasionally. It will then be nearly white.

Mealworm proteins are good in nutritional quality and can be found in over 80% of all countries. They are comparable to beef in that they contain all 20 essential amino acid.

How cats may like to eat mealworms

Has your Supreme Kitty been driving you up the walls by breaking into the mealworm stash your keep for your birds/reptiles/fish?If so, you can breathe a sigh of relief because cats can eat mealworms safely as long as they’re from a reliable source.But what about those pesky parasites? Mealworms that are grown on farms are fed pest-free food and kept in clean conditions. They are safe to eat and parasite-free. I will explain the fascination that your cat has for mealworms and other insects. You see, wild cats and felines love to eat critters for nutrition and hunting instinct. Cat lovers know that cats love hunting for their prey. They love to chase.

What Insects Are Cats able to Eat?

These insects can be safely eaten by cats:

* House spiders

* Grasshoppers

* Crickets

* Flies

* Butterflies

* Caterpillars

Are Mealworms a good source of nutrition for cats?

You might be surprised to learn that dried mealworms are much better for pets than live ones. These mealworms are readily available in most pet shops and can be stored in sealed containers for long-term storage. It is okay to feed your cat occasional mealworms, but they should not replace their existing diet. To stay healthy, felines need to eat a variety of nutrients, including protein, fat, water and carbs. Mealworms are not safe for cats and do not fulfill all of these requirements.


Although we don’t want our cats to eat every insect that they see, it’s okay for them to have a few mealworms from time to time. They are fine to be eaten by your cat. Sometimes they can bite your cat’s ears. You can apply fly repellent cream to those areas to help your feline friend. These are a great source of protein and won’t cause any problems for your pet if you get them from a trusted source. Our cats are allowed to be curious from time-to-time. It’s okay for cats to be curious from time-to-time, as long as you watch them closely and keep any real dangers out of their reach. Cats can be infected with parasites such as Capillaria if they eat Earthworms. Earthworm vibrations attract cats that prefer to eat with them than play with them. Although you don’t want to feed your cat earthworms, they are not the worst food.

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