Can Cats Eat Popcorn

Although corn and popcorn are safe for felines, they can pose a danger to their health if used in large quantities or with incorrect ingredients. Pre-made popcorn is often loaded with harmful additives or hydrogenated oils.

Popcorn is a unique variety of corn that has been grown by humans for thousands upon thousands of years. Popcorn, like all varieties of corn contains small amounts of dietary fibre, B vitamins and iron.

Why are cats attracted to popcorn?

All food that smells good to cats is attractive to them. Fresh popcorn is very aromatic so kitties love them.

Cats don’t usually like popcorn and will eat the whole bowl. However, I have been around cats who do enjoy it.

What Kind of Popcorn Can Cats Consume?

Although this will be a big buzzkill, plain unflavoured popcorn can still be 100% safe for felines. The snack should contain:


Seasoned lightly or not at all


Types of Popcorn Cats Can/ Cannot Eat

Can Cats Eat White Cheddar Corn Popcorn?

Cheddar popcorn is too salty for cats. Cats can only consume 21 milligrams per day of salt.

If you are unable to determine the cause, your cat could also die. Yes, cats can get sodium poisoning.

Can a Cat Eat Smartfood Popcorn

Smartfood is safe for cats. It is non-toxic, prepackaged and won’t cause any harm. Even if they have only been given a small amount.

Can Cats Eat Caramel popcorn?

Caramel popcorns can be very sweet in texture and high in sugar. You can give caramel popcorns to your cat in small amounts. You can give your cat caramel popcorns as a treat every now and again.

Caramel popcorn is a great choice, but it doesn’t add any health benefits to your cat’s diet.

Why is buttered popcorn bad for cats?

Glutinous food can cause vomiting in cats and diarrhoea. Buttery popcorn consumption will lead to weight gain, blocked arteries, and heart disease.

What about plain salted popcorn?

Salt enhances the taste of popcorn but is toxic to cats if ingested in large quantities. Salt toxicosis can cause vomiting, gagging, nausea, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Can I give store-bought popcorn to my cat?

Most pre-packaged popcorn contains butter, salt, and other artificial flavourings that can be harmful to your cat.

Some readymade products might also include:

  • Perfluorooctanoic Acid, which is found in microwave popcorn can cause hyperthyroidism.
  • Diacetyl is a component in artificial butter flavourings that can negatively impact the respiratory and neuromuscular health of cats

Is there any health benefit to a cat eating popcorn?

A cup of air-popped popcorn has 30 calories and is low in cholesterol. It is suitable for overweight cats, but it does not provide any significant health benefits.

Cats Eating Popcorn Risk Factors

Here are some downsides to feeding popcorn to cats

  • Accidental Choking Popcorn is a danger because of its dry texture and amorphous form.
  • Fibre overdose Cats do not need to consume dietary fibre. Popcorn is high in fibre so too many kernels can lead to feline nutrient malabsorption.
  • Tooth loss and dislocation Unpopped popcorn kernels, similar to raw bones, can cause damage to your cat’s teeth if they are chewed too hard. This could lead to chipped, dislocated or fractured teeth.
  • Digestive tract conditions Unpopped kernels are hard to digest, so kitties who gorge on them may end up with various gastric problems such as bloating, inappetence, constipation,compromised digestion.

Can a Cat Eat Popcorn Safely?

But there is a catch. No fresh popcorn is toxic to cats regardless of their age or breed. This is true only for plain popcorn. Your cat’s health can be affected by toppings such as butter, salt, caramel, or a variety spices and seasonings, like garlic.

Also, there isn’t much happening nutritionally. Popcorn is going to take up too much space in your cat’s stomach and not give you much in the way of vitamins or proteins.

Corn is in Cat Food. Popcorn is Healthy for Cats.

Most pet food ingredients are made up of corn or cornmeal. Corn is an inexpensive, easily available source of fiber that pets can eat and also acts as a glue to hold food together.

Other than nutrition, popcorn can pose other risks

There’s no reason to panic if your cat takes a kernel of popcorn out of your bowl one night. It is important to keep your cat away from any extra butter, oil, spices, or salt that they might like on their popcorn.

If you are going to give your cat a snack of popcorn, ensure that the kernels aren’t too large. Cats have smaller mouths than dogs, and cats are more likely to be able to eat popcorn.

However, cats can eat fresh-popped popcorn that is still warm from the oven when it reaches the bowl. Cats are naturally attracted to the warmth and smell of air-popped popcorn.

Healthier Alternatives To Popcorn

There are other human treats cats can enjoy if you want to share a snack with them. These foods are safe for cats, according to the ASPCA.











You and your cat will have a lot of fun trying out new healthy snacks. Popcorn, corn, and other vegetable should not be used as a substitute for a healthy meal. Cats need to eat properly-formulated cat food, as they are carnivores.

What if your cat loves popcorn?

You can give your cat popcorn if they love it.

You shouldn’t give your cat too much popcorn.

How to get your cat to stop eating popcorn

Perhaps your cat tried popcorn once, and they loved it so much that they keep trying to get their hands on the bowl. Sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them and they will try to eat the kernels that they find.

Cover your bowl whenever you leave the room. You should also make sure to pick up any kernels from the floor before your furry friend can eat them.

Popcorn is okay for cats to eat?

Cats are not poisoned by corn, but many cat food brands use corn as a filler ingredient. Although corn won’t provide much nutrition for an obligate carnivore such as a feline like an obligate carnivore, it will not harm your cat to have some.

Popcorn is safe for cats?

Popcorn and cats are problematic because almost all the popcorn sold in stores has extra toppings and spices. You should not feed your cat any popcorn that is salted, sweet, buttery, or otherwise unhealthy.

Popcorn can kill cats

The speculations surrounding the topic have always put cat parents in a constant state of worry.

Although popcorn is not a good food for cats, excessive consumption can cause serious health problems and even death. Popcorn doesn’t have nutritional value, so it can cause problems for your cat.

Can I give my cat skinny pop popcorn?

No, you cannot. It is the same as white cheddar popcorn. It can be toxic to cats because it contains preservatives and salt that are not good for them.


Using the information provided above, you should now be able to understand what popcorn is and how it affects cats. Although popcorn that has been popped in the microwave is safe for cats, you should only give it to your cat.

Do not let them yowl, meow or stare at your face, no matter how loud they are. Maybe a bite is okay. This post on can cats eat popcorn contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through to make a purchase, I will most likely earn a small commission.

Remember to check the popcorn for kernel remnants or obstructions before you give your cat a popcorn flake. If your cat finds a piece of popcorn left on the floor or couch, be sure to keep an eye out for any discomfort.

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