Can Cats Eat Rabbits?

Everybody knows that cats love mice. Many cat toys look like mice. You’ve probably seen a cat chase and grab a mouse toy, so you can see how hunting-minded your cat is, even though they were raised in captivity.

Cats love to hunt and kill. Cats even enjoy playing with newly caught rabbits in a sadistic way. You can bet your cat will take any opportunity to kill a rabbit.

Cats will hunt rabbits and eat them, as well as other small birds and wildlife. The United States’ greatest threat to birds is cats, especially free-roaming strays. According to a 2013 study, cats kill between 1-4 billion and 6-22 billion animals each year.

The Dangers of Eating Rabbits for Cats

Hunting rabbits by cats is more dangerous for the cat than it is for the rabbit. Tularemia, a disease that can affect cats’ ability to eat rabbits, can make it dangerous. A cat may not be able to eat rabbits, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. Tularemia is a common disease in rabbits. It can kill large numbers of rodent and rabbit populations. However, it can also be deadly for cats.

What is Tularemia?

Tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, is a bacterial infection. It can be found in rodents and rabbits, but it is not common in North America.

Tularemia: How serious is it?

Tularemia is rare in cats. Tularemia is often fatal in cats that are infected. Tularemia can cause high fever, swelling of the lymph nodes and eventual organ failure. Tularemia is difficult to diagnose as other more common conditions must first be ruled out.

Stories of Cats Eating Rabbits

Stories of cats eating rabbits are rare. Full grown rabbits are difficult for cats to kill and eat, as some rabbits can grow up to twice the size of a cat.

How to keep cats from hunting and eating rabbits

We now know that your cat is dangerously hunting rabbits. How can you stop your cat from eating rabbits, and vice versa?

Outdoor cats are at risk of being injured or killed by cars, or in fights with other animals. They are also more susceptible to contracting infectious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency (FIV) and feline leukemia virus. Other dangers outdoor cats might face include being inhaled with poisons such as antifreeze, or being hurt by people who view them as a nuisance.

You can keep your cat safe by purchasing an enclosed outdoor play area or walking them on a leash if you are worried about your cat not getting outside enough.

Will A Cat Bite Kill A Rabbit?

Cats can be quite vicious. Your size will make it easier, but small creatures such as rabbits and mice will have a hard time surviving a cat bite. The rabbit can also be infected by bacteria found in cat saliva.

Are Cats able to eat the Rabbits they kill?

People often believe that nature is harmonious and peaceful because they have a fairy-tale view. People often believe that only humans can be sad enough to kill for pleasure, but this is simply not true. Cats are known to kill their prey for entertainment often and will even torture them while slowly killing them.

Cats are known for their love of killing and have been known to kill animals they don’t even eat. A cat can eat a rabbit, provided it is sufficiently hungry. Housecats kept in captivity don’t usually have enough hunger to eat the things they kill.

Why do cats kill rabbits?

It all depends on the cat’s circumstances. A well-fed cat with a caring owner is likely to have an instinct for hunting. There are many pets that would chase the rabbit just for the thrill of it. We know cats love to play with their prey, but they don’t always kill them. The cat will most likely transport the carcass to a safe place and eat it. This is how life works!

Why does my cat bring me dead rabbits?

For years, people have debated why cats bring dead or mostly dead animals to their owners. A proud cat might want to be acknowledged by their owner, but save the prize for later as a treat.

Some believe the animal may be a gift, a way for the cat’s owner to show appreciation for their food. Some cats will bring dead animals to their owners, hoping that they will be able to take responsibility for the hunt.

What do you do if your cat catches a rabbit?

You can distract your cat by giving it a treat or toy. To entice your cat, give it a treat or toy. If safe, remove the cat from the situation and allow the rabbit to escape. The rabbit will attempt to escape if given the chance and is not injured.

You should not approach the cat if it is not your cat or if the cat is a feral cat. If the cat attacks you, this can pose a danger to your safety. You can call a wildlife agency or distract the cat with treats or food that you throw in the opposite direction to the rabbit.

Keep your cat indoors if you suspect your cat might be inclined to hunt. Your cat’s safety and well-being are of paramount importance. It is possible for an outside cat to become an indoor cat.

Can cats get sick from eating rabbits?

There is a possibility that your cat ate a part of a rabbit killed by your cat. If this is the case, your cat should be taken to the vet immediately. However, it’s a good idea to do this every other day if your cat goes outside.

Your cat may be susceptible to various diseases. However, there are also other predators and dangers your cat might face.

Although it is rare in most cases, rabbit fever can be contracted by cats that eat rodents such as mice and rabbits.

How to Protect Your Rabbits from Cats

You might not be able to stop your cat from eating small animals if they spend a lot of time outside, especially if you are away at work.

There are ways to prevent everyone getting hurt if you have a cat or a rabbit.

It’s a good idea to keep your cat indoors while you have the rabbits in your garden.

You will need a hutch that is well-designed to ensure your rabbits are not prey for wild predators and foxes.

Can You Train A Cat Not To Eat Rabbits?

Cats are naturally hunters and will continue to be so until their death. Cats will always be interested in moving things, regardless of whether it’s for entertainment or hunting.

Are Domestic Rabbits and Cats compatible?

Although cats may have an instinctual desire to hunt wild rabbits, there are many things that can be done inside your home to make it more comfortable for you. The environment would trigger the instinct. He might even chase his rabbit-friend outside if they meet.

How to Introduce Rabbits and Cats Without Anyone Being Eaten

Remember that your cat and rabbit should be furry friends and not predators and prey. This means that your cat should not be triggered by your rabbit’s instinct to hunt.

You can allow them to meet over time, ideally in neutral territory within your home. Take your time and don’t rush.

Your cat and rabbit will discover a way for them to make their own social structure and create a harmonious home.


The relationship between cats and rabbits can be complicated and confusing. Your cat may be eating rabbit in their cat’s cat food, but that doesn’t mean they can not snuggle up with a bunny friend just a few minutes later.

Cats will hunt rabbits if given the chance. You might be proud that your cat brings you leftovers. Keep your cat away from rabbits and other rabbit-hunting animals to avoid getting rabbit fever. You can get your cat a stuffed bunny if they really want one to hunt.

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