Can You Mix Cat Litter

Although mixing different types of cat litter can be safe, it’s not recommended. Inconsistency with litter routines can cause stress for cats and lead to undesirable behaviors. Each litter will work less efficiently if it is mixed with non-clumping litter. You and your cat should find a litter you are both comfortable with and stick with it.

You might be trying to get the benefits of clumping but without the cost, or maybe you just want to keep the left overs from your old brand. When it comes time to change your cat’s brand, it is a good idea to mix two kinds of litter.

Mixing cat litter is safe. However, mixing two types or brands of litter can lead to decreased efficiency. It is better to choose the litter that your cat prefers and stick with it.

What do your cats want from their litter?

It is easy to assume litter isn’t important.

It’s only there for cats to poop on, so what is it really important?

It’s vital for your cat! It’s essential for your cat to have a routine. Cats are habit-driven and can exhibit a variety of behaviors, including excessive vocalizations and house soiling.

Cats thrive on consistency. The things cats are most comfortable with and the ones they know best will work every time. Even if you have a mix that works, it can be difficult to make it work every time. After each change, your cat will have to adapt to the slight differences.

Cats don’t like changing cat litter and will poop in other areas.

They will do it until you take out the old litter.

Is it possible to mix Clumping and Non-Clumping Litter

Although it is possible to mix non-clumping and clumping litter, the results might not be what one expects. It would be incredible if you could make litter that had the best of both, but in reality, you will get litter that isn’t very good at any one thing.

This is because non-clumping litter and clumping litter have different mechanisms.

Non-clumping pellet litters that are not clumping break down into a sawdust-like material when wet. This traps moisture. The sawdust is then dumped. Non-clumping, nonpellet litters (including traditional clay litters and non-clumping plant-based litters) absorb some urine but tend to let some pool at the bottom.

The clumping mixed with non-clumping litter takes away the scoopable nature.

The mixture behaves as though it were a non-clumping cat litter. This is why the mixture of both types of cat litter was created.

Combining non-clumping and clumping litter won’t produce litter with greater benefits. Non-clumping litter prevents clumping in clumping cat litter.

We don’t recommend mixing clumping and unclumping cat litter. Choose one of the two litters, and you should stick with it.

Is it possible to mix clay and crystal litter?

It is safe for cats to mix crystal and clay litter. It is best to not mix the two types of litter. The crystals absorb urine faster than the clay pebbles and will make it more difficult to scoop the litter.

It is important to only use the provided litter and not any other litter.

Mixing different litters can cause health monitoring problems for your cat.

Is it possible to mix crystal litter and clumping?

Combining crystal and clumping litters can make each one less effective because they both absorb moisture. The clumping lint must absorb as much moisture as possible. Crystal silica can collect some moisture so the clumping lint won’t be able to do its job.

Mixing the litter with clumping litter will allow moisture to touch the silica crystals to be retained. However, urine that contacts the clay litter will not be absorbent. Because the crystals prevent clumping, it won’t be possible to scoop it.

Mixing litter will make it more difficult to clean up. This can lead to additional waste.

Why is mixing cat litter not a good idea?

Weaker efficiency

Mixing litter does not necessarily mean the result will be better. You create a mixture that doesn’t serve its purpose.

You might, for example, be searching for cat litter that flushes down the toilet. Clay litter added to wheat or corn litter will not flush down the toilet and it won’t absorb as well as clay litter.

Cats don’t like much change

It’s important to know that not all kitties care about what litter is put in their litter boxes. They prefer to be left alone in their litter box.

Is it acceptable to mix different types of cat litter?

Rarely, litters can be mixed to reap the benefits of both types. It’s not necessary to assume that the litter will always work as it should. Mixing clumping and not-clumping litter can be counterproductive, as each one actually has its own benefits.

This can stress your cat, cause him to pee outside the box or lead to undesirable behaviours.

It is crucial to make sure your cat is comfortable, especially when you choose the litter.

It is sometimes okay to mix cat litter

Get Two Types of Litter to Benefit You

Sometimes mixing litter can be beneficial. It is rare for two litter brands to work well together. This is especially true if each litter brand is different.

You’re almost out, but the next bag is different

This is something that most cat owners will have encountered. The store doesn’t have the usual bag you need. You were forced to change the type, and ended up mixing the contents of one bag with the contents of a new bag. Sometimes it happens…

To Reduce Litter Box Costs

Perhaps you’re trying to lower litter costs by mixing a cheaper non-clumping with one that is more expensive?

We Are Trying to Avoid Waste

Perhaps you have some litter left over from your previous brand that you don’t mind using.

Is it OK to mix litter?

It all depends on how old the stuff is and how different it’s. It’s unlikely that it will be a problem if there is only a little bit of it.

How about mixing two types of non-clumping litter?

Mixing two types of non-clumping litter is the best combination. There is no clumping mechanism and the differences in particle sizes will not have as big an impact on your results as other combinations. However, I would not recommend going crazy with your combinations.

Mixing Different Brands Of Cat Litter

Mixing different types of cat litter is okay as long as they are the same brand. They will usually work just as well. Mixing different types of litter can still result in more waste and a filthier litter box.

Is Crystal Litter Bad For Cats?

Pet MD states that most crystal litters are made from amorphous silicona. This absorbs urine and odors in a matter of seconds when it comes into contact with moisture. Crystal litters are safe for cats, and can be used by both cats and dogs.

The Reasons Cat Owners May Choose to Mix the Two Types of Litter

Cat owners may consider mixing non-clumping with clumping litter because they are running out of their usual litter, but the store has only one type. Owners may mix them together to lower litter costs, such as adding cheaper non-clumping litter with more expensive clumping. Some owners believe they can mix them to balance each other’s benefits and disadvantages.


Although mixing different litter types can have some applications, it doesn’t always make sense.

It can be tedious and time-consuming, but your cat won’t like the idea of changing their litter every day. Mixing litter should be done for a brief time, or you will not get consistent results if you do it over a longer time.

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