Can You Mix Clumping And Non Clumping Litter?

Mixing non-clumping litter with clumping cat litter is impossible. Mixing the two types of litter can result in litter that is not scoopable. It is possible to mix clumping and non-clumping litter. However, the results may not be as you expected. It is not recommended to mix two types of litter. It is better to stick with one type.

There are many situations where you may need to mix different types of litter for your cat.

You might be trying to get rid of the extra litter from your old litter, or you may just want to reap the benefits of clumping without having to pay the steep price. When it comes to changing your cat’s behavior, mixing two types of litter can be a good idea.

First, determine whether the cat litter is clumpy or not.

Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping litter is a way to ensure that your cat’s waste is kept in tightly packed clumps. These clumps are easy to pick up with scoops. Clumping litter is very absorbent. It is designed so that each cat’s tray is full of firm clumps which can be easily removed.

Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Although both clumping and non-clumping cat litters can create dust, there are formulas that specifically reduce the dust content. If litter is eaten, it can cause problems for pet owners. This will depend on the type of litter (clay silica or clay, or plant-based materials), as well as how much. It will also depend on the type of litter (clay silica, clay or plant-based materials) and how much litter was consumed. A large amount of litter can cause problems. This is more common for cats who use the litter box than for dogs.

Non-clumping cat litters were the first to be commercially available. Why? Because it can absorb large amounts of urine, non-clumping cat litter works well to remove the smells from cat urine. You can also find litters that don’t contain scents. Some litters have additional ingredients such as charcoal or baking soda to counter unpleasant odors.

What is the best cat litter?

There is no one right answer to the question of which cat litter is best. Your preferences and your cat’s preference for cat litter will determine which type of litter you choose. Cats prefer litter that is more clumpy because they are easier to clean up. However, some cats prefer clay that’s not clumping.

Can You Mix Two Types Of Clumping Litter?

You can mix two kinds of clumping litter. However, to achieve the best results, make sure that they have the same particle size. Two different types with different particle sizes could make them less efficient.

Mixing two types of litter for cats can be secure but there is rarely a reason to do so. Unpredictability in litter routines can cause stress for cats, which could result in unintentional behavior. Combining non-clumping with clumping litters can cause them to perform less well. It is better to choose the litter that you and your cat are comfortable with and stick with it.

Mixing cat litter is usually not a good idea.

Although you might think mixing litters would result in a mixture that has both advantages and disadvantages, this is not usually the case. You’re usually doing one or the other less efficiently, which results in more litter and less clean up. Although it is possible to mix different types of litter (e.g. non-clumping or clumping), this is not something you should do for the long term.

Mixing non-clumping and clumping litter

Small granules of bentonite clay are often used to make clumping cat litters. They absorb water, expand and stick together. To keep the litter box free of urine, the clumps should be removed and thrown away.

Mixing clumping and unclumping litters can lead to the illusion of creating super-litter that combines all the benefits of each. It’s not as simple as that. The litter that doesn’t clumps actually prevents clumping litter colliding. Cleaning and sifting nonclumping litter can be difficult due to clumping.

  • Crystal Litter mixed with Clumping Litter

I was thinking about purchasing silica crystal litter to use with my regular natural litter (Natures Miracle Cob). It has helped me reduce odors, and allow me to do more frequent changes. I was curious if anyone has done this and what the actual benefits are. Crystal litter is expensive and you don’t want to use it. However, if you live in an apartment with a small space, natural litters won’t be able to handle the smell. Clay litter will not be your first choice, even if it is healthier. You are looking for alternatives.

  • Mixing Different Brands Of Cat Litter

You can mix different brands of cat litter, provided that they are the same type so they will work in the same way. Mixing different types of litter can lead to more litter and more dirt.

Mixing Pretty Litter Regular Litter

Pretty Litter is more than just a regular cat litter. It is also a health check for your cat. This is why Pretty Litter is an annual cat litter. It is best to avoid mixing it with regular cat litter.

Pretty Litter is the best choice because it is specifically designed to keep you informed about your cat’s health.

If you mix Pretty Litter with regular cat litter that is clumping, it will not be a good idea. Your cat or kitten may have ingested litter during play.

You might not be able to see a change in the color of the crystals if you use the Pretty Litter along with regular cat litter. This could mean that you may overlook warning signs that your cat might have an illness. Your veterinarian should be consulted.

Why Cat owners like to mix two types of litter?

An owner of a cat might mix non-clumping and clumping litter to save money. This is because you have run out of regular litter but your local pet shop has only the second. Owners may consider mixing them to save money by using cheaper non-clumping litter with more expensive clumping. Owners often think they could combine them to get the best of both.

It can be difficult to find the Perfect Mix

Keep in mind that every cat requires the same litter. You will need a way to ensure that you are using the same litter if you plan on mixing different types of litter.

Mixing non-clumping litter with clumping litter to prevent the production of waste

Mixing cat litters with other materials can help to reduce waste. You may have litter leftovers that are not enough to fill your pan. Mixing the leftovers in another litter is safe and sound. Make sure your cat likes the idea. You should avoid cats who seem to be very picky about what litter they use.

To reap the many benefits of every type

You can reap the benefits of clumping or non-clumping. You want to reduce dust, improve the environment, and have less litter tracking. This is a great test to determine if there are any cheaper options or if the best quality products can be added to the base litter.

Rarely, it is possible to mix litters and reap the benefits of each. It is possible to mix litters, but it may not always work out the way you want. It’s been said before that mixing non-clumping litters with clumping litters will reduce their benefits. This is not always true.

Is it possible?

If you don’t add any clumping, the clumping cat litter will not work efficiently. You’re making expensive litter more expensive by using clumping and not using non-clumping. It will not perform the task it was purchased for and it will clump!


Mixing the non-clumping with clumping cat litters will not work if you are trying to make more cat litter. The cat litter with clumping characteristics will disappear if you mix these two types of litter. It is better to stick with the litter that your cat is most comfortable using.

Mixing litters is sometimes an option when you have cats and want to avoid litter ‘leftovers’ or to make the litters more efficient. Other times, it is just more litter and a dirtier box.

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