Cat Keeps Laying On Kittens

It is obvious that kittens are adorable little bundles of joy. You can’t help but love kittens with their adorable meows and fluffy bodies.

A kitten’s body is still developing at this young age. We must remember to take kittens care of and treat them gently. It can be alarming to see momma cats laying down her kittens.

There are several reasons why mother cat may be giving birth to kittens. It could be that she isn’t experienced in this area and doesn’t know the consequences, or she is deliberately ignoring her kittens.

She might also be protecting her kittens against the outside world, which she may have lost faith in.

Does a Mother Cat Sit or Lay on Her Kittens Normal?

This is especially true for large litters. Sometimes your cat will sit or lay on her kittens for a reason. In other cases, it may be a deliberate act.

This is not an everyday occurrence so you might need to take action if it continues. Let’s find out why cats sit on kittens, and what you can do to help your cat.

Why do cats keep laying on their kittens?

It’s quite common to see momma cats laying down on her kittens. Owners can find it very alarming to see this happen as there is always the risk of their kittens becoming suffocated. This can seem strange to humans. She should protect them, right?

A cat might lay down on its kittens for one of these reasons:

  • They are first-time mothers who are often inexperienced.
  • They love to take care of their kittens.
  • Space shortage

The New Motherhood

She is naive, new mother, bored, and cares about her kittens.

She wants them to be entertained.

You should not cover the box with cloth, as they could get under it and become suffocated. The box should be kept in a safe place. Many people don’t have keys. Cats prefer their kittens to be alone for at least 10 days. She will be fine if you keep it secret.

Use a Birthing Box

The cat panics because they don’t have a safe or convenient place to raise their children.

While some cats may be apprehensive, others will endanger their kittens. It is important to take care of the mother cat for the first few days, including setting up the box.

A warm, spacious and well-designed cat birthing box will provide enough space for your kittens. This will allow them to lay with their kittens and focus on the nursing.

This is the only way to ensure that the kittens don’t move around with the cat. You should choose a warm, well-protected birthing box.


A momma cat may lay on her kittens for protection reasons. Protective cats can be extremely protective of their kittens.

By laying down on her kittens, the momma cat protects them from any danger or unfavorable circumstances. This is the best protection she can offer her kittens. If they are threatened, she will need to take them through her first.

Sometimes, a threat or danger is not obvious. However, you will still see your momma cat laying on her kittens.

Unexperienced First-Time Mothers

For any woman, whether human or animal, it can be daunting to become a mom for the first time. There are many changes that take place during this period and there are many adjustments to your daily life in order to accommodate them. Motherhood can be a life-changing experience.

She is naive, new mother, bored, and cares about her kittens.

Kittens are born with fragile bones and bodies. Broken bones can happen quickly and it doesn’t take long for kittens to become injured. Problems can arise when first-time moms don’t have the same level of experience as more experienced moms.

Nest Problem

First, many people find litters of kittens out in the open and assume that Mom is not there. It is best to keep an eye on a nest for several hours in order see if it comes back.

She may be unable to recover from illness or have been killed if this happens.

Make Your Environment Quiet

You must also consider the perspective of the cat when you say “My cat keeps lying on her kittens!”

Are you, for example, setting up the birthing container in the middle your living room?

This is not ideal because it can cause anxiety in the cat and too much foot traffic. This is something you need to be cautious with.

Space is scarce

Your momma cat will often lie on your kittens if there is not enough space at the birthing site. You, the caring owner, should fix this situation.

While the birthing area should be inviting and comfortable, it must also be large enough to hold the entire litter.

Suffering from Illness

To prevent the spread of the disease, a mother may refuse to adopt a sick kitten. It is not always the “runt” who is sick.

The mother cat may even refuse to have a deformed kitten.

Intestinal parasites are the most common disease in kittens. Young kittens are at risk for congenital and respiratory diseases.

A kitten that isn’t flourishing is known as the syndrome of a dying kitten. If one of your kittens seems more sleepy and lethargic than her brothers, this could be a sign of the condition.

Supervise litter

Your role will be crucial.

While you shouldn’t be bothering the cat or her kittens, it is important to keep an eye on them. This is about making sure kittens are safe and comfortable for a cat who has just given birth.

This will help ensure that the kittens are safe from harm.

Sometimes she might not know where to start, which can lead to her making mistakes. These mistakes can be prevented by being vigilant in the first few weeks.

How can I stop my cat from laying or sitting on her kittens?

You must ensure that there is enough space

Space is important. Your cat should have enough space to roam around if she needs it. Consider whether the box or basket you provide is large enough to hold the litter. Also, make sure it has enough space for your kittens as they grow.

Feliway Sprays can be installed in your home

Momma’s hormones can fluctuate during and after childbirth. Momma may feel anxious and stressed, especially if it is her first time. Feliway sprays can be a great way to calm your cat.

A Quiet, Undisturbed Area

This is the most crucial element. In the first few weeks, it is best to avoid any interaction with your kittens or cat. If interaction is required, it should only be with the mother cat.

Keep the Temperature Right

This is a difficult one. Avoid draughty places, but avoid heat traps.

Avoid heat pads and the like. They can quickly overheat kittens, which can lead to dangerous episodes dehydration. These are extremely difficult to treat and dangerous.


It can be good or bad for a mother cat to sit on her kittens. Is it possible for the kittens to become ill from sitting on their mother cat? They can die. Consider the environment your cat is in, and how they interact with other cats. Make sure they are comfortable, have enough space, have a calm environment, and that they don’t feel stressed. Then, let them go! A kitten that has died naturally may not have been killed by its mother cat.

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