Cat Pregnant Or Fat

If you look from the top, you will see that the tummy of a pregnant cat is slightly distended from the neck to its tail. Pregnant cats will appear swayback from the side with a slightly bulging stomach. A cat that is only fat will be just as fat all around, including her neck and legs.

The Physical Signs That Your Cat Is Pregnant

If you look at a pregnant cat from the side or above, you can see the difference. A pregnant cat’s stomach will look bigger when you look straight down at it. It will be more than half the distance from her neck to her tail. If you look at your cat from the side, it will be obvious that her stomach is bulging and round. Your cat may be pregnant if her weight growth seems rapid. Cats tend to gain weight slowly so you don’t notice it until it becomes too much.

* Increased appetite: A queen, just like us, will experience an increase in her appetite when she eats for herself and her kittens. She might also feel a bit sick, and her appetite might drop. It is common, but you should see your veterinarian if it becomes too frequent or continues for too long.

* A change in the nipples: This is the most obvious sign that your cat is pregnant. The queen’s nipples begin to swell and turn a darker pink hue. This process is also called “pinking up” and can happen around three weeks into a pregnancy.

* An Enlarged Abdomen. The queen’s abdomen will start to swell around five weeks into her pregnancy.

Recognize the Signs of Heat

Pregnant or heat cats will have larger nipples, and may be more affectionate to other living creatures. Only pregnant cats will make high-pitched vocalizations while rolling on the ground. Heat cats walk differently. They will often have their backs up and their tails slightly to the side.

Look out for Nesting Behaviors

Your cat may start to seek out a quiet spot, such as a closet or corner in a barn. She then begins to arrange straw, blankets and towels to make a place for her kittens to be born. You can help your cat by helping her to find a quiet spot. For example, if she is going to a corner of a barn or closet, you might notice her start to arrange blankets, towels, straw, and other items in order for her kittens’ birthing area.

Take a look at her nipples

While enlarged nipples may be a sign that your cat is pregnant, it could also indicate heat. You should look for signs that indicate pregnancy. A pregnant cat’s nipples may turn bright pink after 35 days and may also produce milky fluid.

Find A Burro Shape That Is Unique

You will need to see your cat from a different angle in order to distinguish between a pregnant and fat cat. If you look from the top, you will see that the tummy of a pregnant cat is slightly wider than half the distance from the neck to its tail. Pregnant cats will appear swayback from the side with a slightly bulging stomach. A cat that is only fat will look swayback and have a round, bulging stomach.

Check out her eating habits

Watch out for changes in your cat’s eating habits. If your cat is pregnant, she might become sick more often or refuse to eat after three to four weeks. Your vet should be notified if your cat refuses food for more than three days. Some pregnant cats may eat more than usual, but this is not a universal problem.

Morning Sickness

A pregnant cat can also experience occasional sickness and vomit, just like humans. Morning sickness is not common in cats. Cats can experience a loss of appetite due to nausea, but they usually regain their appetites within the third week. If your cat vomits frequently, keep an eye on it.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Overweight Versus Pregnant

Your answer is simple: If your little lady hasn’t been spayed and her appearance isn’t as delicate as it once was, you can have a spay. You can also find your answer if you don’t see engorged, brightly-colored nipples within a few weeks. Your cat may be overweight if she has a large belly. Obesity can lead to serious health problems and it can be difficult to treat. To get your cat on the right path, your vet will help you create a plan for proactive nutrition, exercise, and feeding.

Is my cat pregnant or just fat?

We all know cats come in different sizes and shapes. However, changes in appearance and weight can indicate illness, pregnancy, or obesity. Even though we all strive to be responsible cat owners, it can get confusing for new or inexperienced owners.

Changes In Temperament During Pregnancy

Frequent sleeping

Your cat will likely be sleeping longer hours and more often than usual.


Although this personality change isn’t common, some cats may become more introverted and spend more time hiding or sleeping.


Queens can be more affectionate than ever and will spend a lot of time trying to win your attention and love.

How to tell if your cat is pregnant before visiting the vet

Your cat’s most obvious sign she is pregnant is when her little nipples change in shape and become deep pink. This is known as “pinking”, and it usually occurs around two to three week into a pregnancy. You may not be able to guess, but other signs that can become evident as a cat’s pregnancy progresses include a swelling stomach, increased appetite and nesting behavior.

At what age can cats become pregnant?

There is a chance that your female cat may be pregnant if she hasn’t been spayed or escaped your home. Your female cat will likely experience her first heat cycle when she is between 4 and 7 months old. This means that she is physically mature enough to produce her first litter.

Your location may dictate how often your unspayed female cat goes into heat until she becomes pregnant or spayed. Unspayed female cats could have up to 4 litters per year with 4-12 kittens each. If your adult female cat has not been spayed or had access to the outside world, it is possible she could be expecting kittens.

Is My Cat Fluffy Or Overweight?

It is a very important question. This can be difficult with long-haired cats, whose breeds have thicker coats and larger bodies than others. It’s not easy to tell the difference, other than honest judging your cat against tools like this chart. Ask your vet if you suspect that your cat is overweight. Your vet will be able to tell you if your cat’s weight is an issue.

Closing Thoughts

A cat owner is bound to experience some confusion, a pinch more of “Am I doing this right?” and love. Too many treats can lead to confusion. Love is often a sign of love. This confusion can make you wonder if your cat is just getting a little bit bigger…or if they are expecting. You can help your cat get out of this fog by taking them to the vet.

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