How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese

Siamese cats are beautiful felines that have many distinguishing characteristics. They are easy to recognize and can be identified by their unique features. They are a popular breed in the United States, and have been almost universally adopted around the globe. You may have noticed Siamese characteristics in a cat you adopted or rescued. You may wonder … Read more

Siamese Vs Tonkinese Cats 3 Amazing Differentialities

To the not-so-informed eyes, Siamese and Tonkinese cats appear so alike, they might be of the similar breed. Both blue-eyed beauties wear similar dark masks, and are approximately the same size.Tonkinese cats are the lovechild of both Siamese as well as Burmese breeds, and it’s not surprising that they look like each other. The way they … Read more

Are Maine Coons Vocal

Maine Coon cats are very vocal. They use trills, chirps and other sounds to communicate their needs. They don’t meow. They make chirping and trilling sounds that indicate excitement and joy. Although these sounds may be common in a Maine Coon cat, they won’t cause any harm to your ears because of their low voices. Are Maine Coon Cats … Read more