Cat Losing Weight Blood Work Normal

Cat Losing Weight Blood Work Normal Common GI issues that cause weight loss in cats are inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies. Intestinal parasites. Intestinal parasites are also known as worms and may be responsible for your cat’s unintentional weight gain. I. Weight loss in cats after normal blood work Some feline weight loss can be caused by … Read more

Cat liver enzymes over

The largest organ in the body of a cat is its liver. It serves many important functions. Learn more about the role of the liver in cats and potential health issues in the article Liver Disease in Cats. These issues can include liver cancer, gallbladder inflammation, and poisoning. A biochemical profile can confirm that cat liver enzymes can … Read more

Can A Cat Have ADHD?

Although it is possible for a cat with ADHD to be diagnosed, it is nearly impossible to diagnose it. Inborn hyperactivity is a characteristic of animals, particularly in childhood. It is therefore difficult to determine if a cat is hyperactive because they have ADHD or normal young cat behavior. It may be easier to spot ADHD in mature … Read more

Does Tresaderm Make Cats Sleepy

Tresaderm, a combination medicine, is prescribed to pets for the treatment of acute and chronic ear and skin conditions. This includes fungal, bacterial and inflammatory skin diseases. This article will cover everything you need to know about Tresaderm. What is Tresaderm? Tresaderm is a prescription medication that can be used to manage various fungal, inflammatory and … Read more

Fish Mox For Cats

This product can be used to treat eye infections, fish gill disease, and skin lesions. This penicillin is effective in killing disease-causing bacteria because it stops bacteria from creating cell walls. The antibiotic stops germs reproducing and aids in healing. It’s highly effective against many illnesses, including skin and gastrointestinal infections. Dosage in water of fish mox … Read more