Insulin for Cats

Insulin is an injectable medication that you give to your diabetic cat to regulate blood sugar. It is important to maintain blood sugar levels within a reasonable range throughout the day, usually with a once- or twice-a-day dosing schedule (usually twice). The goal is to control excessive urination, appetite and other symptoms that your cat may experience. … Read more

Cat Glucose Level Over 500

A cat with a glucose level above 500 can quickly become a serious problem. You must immediately take steps to lower your cat’s sugar levels so that it is normal again. If your cat has high levels of glucose, you will see a variety of symptoms that will help determine if it requires help. Diabetic cats have … Read more

Fancy Feast Diabetic Cat

Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp Feast is a low-cost food that’s good for diabetic cats. It is low in carbs and mainly contains ocean fish, fish broth shrimp, vegetable oil, and shrimp. Fancy Feast cat food is very popular, but may not be the best for your cat. This partly depends on the brand of Fancy Feast … Read more

Glucose Curve Cat

The Glucose Curve. The glucose curve can be used to distinguish between insufficient insulin dosage and the Somogyi effect. It is used to calculate insulin effectiveness and maximum and minimum levels for glycemia in cats. This should be between 120-300 mg/dL (5.1-66.7mmol/L for cats) for most of the day. How to manage Feline Glucose Curves The blood … Read more

Fancy feast Diabetic Cat

Fancy feast Diabetic Cat

Fancy dinner Diabetic Cat A fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp Feast is among the less expensive foods that are good for diabetic cats. The low-carb formula is made up of ocean fish shrimp, fish broth as well as vegetable oils. Fancy Feast is a popular brand of cat food, however it’s not the ideal option you … Read more

Cat Glucose Level Over 500

If your cat's glucose level of 500, it is likely to become an alarming condition.

If your cat’s glucose level of 500, it is likely to become an alarming condition. That’s why you should make immediate steps to bring the level of sugar to a level that will bring your cat returning to normal. If your cat is suffering from high levels of glucose there are a myriad of symptoms which will … Read more