Cats With Big Heads

Different cat breeds have different heads. It could be a genetic trait that causes a cat to have large heads. Research has shown that a young, unneutered cat could also cause this problem. The heads of neutered cats are often smaller.

Some are large in the head, but smaller in the body. Others are larger on both ends. There are smaller breeds of cat, but this article will only focus on the big-headed cat.

A Cat Breed With Big Heads

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat breed is well-known for its folded ears. Many people find the large head and cheeks of this breed adorable.

The Scottish Fold cat is quiet and doesn’t seem to meow much. These cats are intelligent and moderately active. They love to play, but they also love to cuddle up on the couch with their owners.

American Shorthair

Another cat breed that has a large head is the American Shorthair. Their common coat is gray or tabby, but they can also come in many colors and patterns.

They are able to hunt well and were originally used to guard food from mice and rats. They are affectionate and can be a lap cat, but they do not like people.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a short-haired dog with large, round heads and big eyes. This breed has a distinctive and adorable appearance. They have large, round ears, chubby cheeks and a muscular, medium-sized body.

British Shorthairs are a friendly breed that makes them great family cats. They are affectionate and love human interaction, but they don’t need to be pushed or compelled.


Another cat breed with a large round head is the Persian. The Persian cat breed has a large, round head. This is especially evident when they are kittens.

Persian cats are an old breed. They are a Persian cat that originated in Persia, modern-day Iran. Their striking appearance has made them very popular among cat lovers all over the globe.

Maine Coon

These breeds have heads that are larger than their bodies. However, the main coon is a large cat with a head that is not necessarily out of proportion.

This breed is large and can reach 20 pounds. This breed is a great hunter and will make sure you never have a problem with mice. They love to play, and some Maine Coons enjoy fetch with their owners.


This cat is from the Egyptian jungles. This cat is elegant and lean. They can weigh up to 20 pounds. They enjoy playing and enjoying life.


They are a sweet, fluffy species of cat that would be a joy to cuddle. They are affectionate and sedentary cats. They can be quite small but will collapse if they are hugged.

Siberian Cat

They are a Siberian breed and have fluffy fur. They love to cuddle and are affectionate. They will follow their owner wherever he goes. Their muscular bodies and long fur make them look large.

Savannah Cat

This cat breed is the largest of all cats. This is a mixed-breed cat.

Reasons Cats Have Big Heads

There are many reasons why a cat’s head is larger than others. We usually only discuss a few common points. I will point them out to you with your help so it is easier for you learn. These points are highlighted below.

Genetic Reason

Each breed of cat is unique in its genetic makeup. It is possible to say that their genes are designed to make them larger. You can predict the size of an adult cat’s head based on its breed. Cats are more likely to be genetically larger than other causes.

Unneutered Cat

Unneutered cats have different hormones than adult neutered cats. They tend to be larger than others. The tomcat’s skin gets bigger and the testosterone in their testicles makes them more chubby.

Healthy Diet

Their head size is also affected by how much food they eat. One meal a day is enough for a cat. However, the cat must have enough food to last them for the entire day. A healthy diet can lead to a larger chubby cat.

Male Cat Vs Female Cat Head Size

Male cats have larger sizes than female cats. Male cats have a larger bone structure, so you will see more expansion. The facial features of cats can help you identify their gender.

Male cats have a greater pattern at every angle. These cats are large and have strong bone structures. However, cats who are neutered in their adult years seem to be deficient in the hormone and remain smaller.

Are Male cats bigger than females in their heads?

Because their cranial bones structure is thicker, heavier and more pronounced in male cats, they have larger heads than the females. Male cats also have larger bodies and more muscle, which allows them to grow larger than their female counterparts. A bigger cat will likely have a larger head.

The male and female hormones of neutered male cats are different. The bone structure of female cats is often lacking, which can lead to smaller heads. A neutered cat can grow bigger depending on how long they have been neutered. Male cats have larger heads than female cats.

There are exceptions within different breeds and even within the same breed. A female cat may be larger than a male and the result will be a larger head. You may buy two kittens from different sexes. The male with the larger head might not be immediately the largest.

You should also consider the cat’s health as well as any genetic inheritances from its parents. You will need to investigate more details to gain a better understanding of your cat’s sexual behavior.

Why do some cats have a big head?

The large heads of unneutered male cats usually result from a lack of testosterone and hormones. Unneutered cats have a deficiency in testosterone and hormones, which makes the cheeks and head of neutered cats unaltered.

Are there any advantages to big heads?

Hormones not only make a cat’s heads larger, but they also increase the size of male cats. Males tend to be larger than females. If you take a look at a male cat in its natural state, you will notice his large head and larger cheeks. He might also have prominent nostrils and puffy whisker pads.

Why do Tomcats have big heads?

Why do Tomcats have large cheeks? Simply put, testosterone. These swollen cheeks are only seen in unneutered male cats. However, it is important to note that not all males with unneutered cats develop them. Also, the impressive jowls don’t have thickened skin.

Is it a myth that neutering affects a male cat’s head size?

This was something I heard at a party, but I couldn’t find any reliable sources. According to the claim, a male cat that hasn’t been neutered will have a bigger head. This is not true. Non-castrated male cats are more robust and have larger heads than males who were neutered earlier. This is a good source. I can probably find more scholarly material if you need it.

Toms have larger heads because of their heavier necks. A trained vet once told me that this fat/muscle layer protects a male from competitive fighting and is secondary sex because snipped boys do not develop it. However, I don’t have any cite.

Last words

Based on their genetic influences and hormone levels, cats tend to have large heads. There are a few reasons cats can have larger heads. Both neutered and non-neutered cats can have larger heads. Their overall size is also affected by their genetic status. You will love cats and have learned a lot about them.

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