Clumping pine litter

Clumping is the word employed to refer to litter that has been designed to be more absorbent than a normal litter, which forms clumps when it comes in close contact with liquid.

They were developed more recently than their non-clumping counterparts, clumping litters are made from tiny, solid clumps once they come in the contact of liquid. The compact clumps can be easily removed , ensuring that only dry and clean particles remain in the tray.

Clumping litter is used since the 1950s. However it was first introduced in the 1950s. it contained diatomaceous Earth (sometimes known as silica) and is classified as a carcinogen known to exist (yuck!) and is often sourced from strip mining which is an important environmental crime.

Is Clumping Or Non-Clumping Pine Litter Better?

There are many kinds of cat litter available in the market and deciding the best one for your cat and you might be a bit overwhelming!

The best way to start your search for the right type of litter is to answer one question: Clumps or no-clumps? Clumps are the most effective method. Certain cats might also prefer the granular pine litter. The texture is like clay that they might be using to, and is much like dirt or sand they’d be using on their own in wild.

Cats of overweight, large breeds or elderly or declawed might prefer the soft, fine-grained texture of clumping pine litter. The rough texture of pellets could be uncomfortable or even painful on the sensitive paws of cats.

It’s easier to scoop

There’s nothing more frustrating than when the ‘little’ one gets scattered over on the floor by nimble feline companions. By clumping litter, waste is held in tightly packed clumps that are easy to scoop out with scoops.

The cat litter that they clump together is extremely absorbent and is designed in such an approach that, each time your cat is using their litter tray the clumps become firm which are easy to remove.

If you use an clumping litter it will be removed certain pieces of litter which means that each time you’ll need to add more litter to in order to keep a steady base layer that is around two inches in depth.

It’s cheaper

If you’re familiar with changing the litter every week You might find it difficult to believe that it’s possible to go a whole month without a changing of the litter, however it’s actually true! When you use our services, you’ll only have to take the clumps of soiled, firm litter from the tray. We’ll give you enough litter to replenish throughout the month.

Better for Your Cat (And The Planet!)

Non-clumping litter is usually composed of clay, which may contain silica dust. This could be harmful to the cat and you. Clay litter can also be strip-mined and is bad for the environment.

Does Pine Litter Clump?

For clumping, Feline Pine isn’t as strong as the other cat litters made from all-natural ingredients we’ve tested. It forms clumps that can be scooped using the regular litter scoop however they won’t keep their clumps together as well like clay litter that clumps. Pine pellets are healthier to your pet’s overall health. They are also healthier in the eyes of nature, more effective in neutralizing odors, and are less messier as clay. However, your cat’s preferences are an important, but often ignored aspect to consider. You must ensure that your cat is content with the litter you pick.

Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping cat litters are designed to allow urine and feces are easily removed from the container without the need clean the whole container. They usually contain a substance called betonies, which allows the litter to create an attractive solid clump when it absorbs the liquid. There are other natural fibers that aid in clumping the litter of cats tightly.

After the litter has compacted, it can be removed from the box along with any feces inside the box, relatively easily. You just need to scoop out the dirty litter from the box , and put the litter that is clean in the box. The capability to scoop and take out soiled litter from the box ensures that the litter box remains cleaner longer. Once soiled litter has been taken out of the box it can be replaced by adding a similar amount of clean litter.

Clumping Pine Litter Made Of

Clumping litter made of pine composed from tiny, granular pine chips or shavings. The inclusion in clumping ingredient makes it possible for granules to create solid clumps once they are they’re wet. Similar to a clay litter the pine clumps can be scooped using a standard litter scoop, and then disposed of to make cleanup easy.

What is the Clumping Agent Found In Feline Clumping Litter of Pine?

The primary clumping ingredient in Feline Pine’s cat litter comes from guar gum, an organic fiber that assists in forming compact, scoopable clumps once they are soiled. Because of this clumping agent Feline Pine’s formula for clumping performs similar to traditional cat litter that clumps.

Can you mix Pine Pellet Litter with Clumping Litter?

No. It’s not a good idea to mix pine pellets with other clumping litter. If you mix them the pine pellets won’t absorb water in the way they were intended, as well as the litter that clumps will not clump as well. The advantages of each kind of litter are significantly diminished. Mixing two different types of clay litter that is clumping is acceptable. Mixing two different types of pine pellets is good. But mixing different kinds of litter (pine pellets and clumping litter in this instance) typically make both less effective.

The pine pellets work by absorbing urine before dissolving it into sawdust that traps moisture. This is why pine, which is naturally a source of antimicrobial properties, is especially effective in controlling the smells of ammonia and urine.

The Pros of this Pine Cat Litter

  • Made from 100% natural pine materials Biodegradable, sustainable and biodegradable
  • It quickly absorbs liquids to neutralize ammonia smells
  • Clay-free , without added fragrance or colorants

Pros and Cons of This Pine Cat Litter

  • Clumps aren’t as durable as clay litter and can be broken
  • Litter can stick to the bottom of the litter box.

The litter comes in 14-pound and 8-pound bags. This particular formulation is constructed out of pine wood rather than clay which means it’s lighter than standard litter.

What are the opinions of customers about Pine Cat Litter?

This Original Pine cat litter formula has a nearly 90% recommendation rate from users , and 71% of them giving it a 5-star rating on Chewy. The formula that clumps, however it has only a 70% recommendation rate with 44% of reviews are five stars. There are both positive and negative reviews about the brand on the internet, as well as with each of the products, it’s up to you to decide for yourself. Continue reading to read negative and positive reviews regarding each of the cat litter formulas listed above.

Best Pellet Litter Systemfor Cats: Clean Cats Breeze Cat Litter System

The Tidy Cats Breeze system has everything you need to start using pellets to make cats’ litter. It includes a pad for the litterbox, absorbent Breeze pellet litter, as well as scoop. The litter will typically last one cat for an entire month. This gives plenty of time for your cat’s adjustment to the pellets and for you to consider whether this is the right choice in your household.

To get the box clean, simply scoop the solid waste out. The pellets are able to absorb liquid waste. Some may make it towards the bottom. The absorbent pad is able to capture any liquid that is left. It also assists in capturing smells that are in the pellets, and minimizes the overall scent and track in your home.

Why should you trust our Recommendations?

The amount of cat litter reviews available there is inexhaustible. The thing to remember is that a lot of these reviews don’t come from testing. The manufacturer’s words are what they have to review their product is great however their aim is to make money selling cat litter, and they’ll be able talk more about the advantages and avoid to emphasize the disadvantages.

Our cat litter suggestions is based upon a mix of research and testing. As cat owners ourselves we know the daily challenges of dealing with litter for cats both the good and bad. We’ve also tried a variety of the best brands, and have tried a variety of formulations of each.


Cat litter made of pine comes in nonclumping pellets as well as both non-clumping and clumping granules. Clumping litter offers several of the benefits that non-clumping pine pellets do and has the added advantage of easy cleaning and a more fine, soft texture that certain cats prefer. Clumping litter isn’t common in all-natural litter or pellets materials, which makes this an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of natural litter however the ease of the clumping of litter. “This litter is more clumpy that any natural material that I’ve come across and is more than many clay-based litters, too,” said one cat owner. “There are rarely any tiny pieces that fall off the primary litter ball.”

This is an excellent choice for pet owners and cats who are allergic to dyes, chemicals or perfumes. It’s naturally fragrance-free. The pellets are made from wood fibers, which are green too. If you’re not concerned about the presence of chemicals in your home as well as around the pet this is the best option for you.

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