Comfort Zone Vs Feliway 


Fascinatingly, both Feliway and Comfort Zone began in the same year, 1996. Both companies produce high-quality synthetic pheromones, but they differ in terms of price, availability, and other criteria.

The Comfort Zone and Feliway pheromone diffusers have been designed to make your cat more relaxed, less anxious, and more pleasant to be around.

The Feliway diffuser is the best pheromone diffuser available. The Feliway diffuser has received thousands of positive reviews. It has also been scientifically proven to work in clinical trials.

While the Feliway diffuser is the most well-known, you may prefer the Comfort Zone diffuser. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

What Is Feliway And Comfort Zone?

Feliway and Comfort zone are artificial pheromones designed to help cat owners control aggressive behavior or stress-related behaviors. These products mimic the feline facial hormones.

Comfort Zone Vs. Feliway: A Glance

Overview of Feliway 30-Day Starter Kit Plug-in Diffuser

Feliway is the most well-known brand for diffusers with pheromones that keep your cat comfortable and calm at home. You can take this as a sign it is popular and works for most cats.

The diffuser is very easy to use. It is easy to use. Plug it into your electrical outlet. Every 30 days, the refill should be replaced.

Overview Of Comfort Zone 2X: Pheromone Formula Calming Dispenser

Comfort Zone uses the same facial fragrance as Feliway but with a lower concentration of 5% instead of 2%.

This reduces stress and anxiety, which can lead to problems.

There Is a Difference Between Comfort Zone And Feliway

Cat Diffuser Area Covered

Edge: Feliway

Feliway diffusers cover 700 square meters. The Comfort Zone covers only 400 square meters.

Cat Diffuser Price

Comfort Zone Edge

Comfort Zone is considerably cheaper than Feliway’s equivalent product.

Cat Diffuser Active Ingredient

Both Edges

Both diffusers use the synthetic feline facial hormone. Feliway uses Comfort Zone 5% and 2%, respectively, but higher concentrations don’t appear to produce better results. So, in this instance, we would say the results are equal.

Cat Diffuser Efficacy

Edge: Feliway

Comfort Zone and Feliway state that their products have proven effective in clinical trials. The Comfort Zone and Feliway websites don’t seem to link these studies. This is strange if they are as effective as they claim. It would be reasonable to expect that scientific research is displayed.

What Are The Advantages Of Feliway And Comfort Zone?

The Cat Feels Secure And Safe

Your cat will naturally scratch, mark or rub her skin to ensure her safe environment. These products mimic the natural pheromones of cats to give them a sense of security. These products may be helpful for multi-cat households.

Rapid And Effective

Studies have shown that artificial pheromones can be used to treat up to 95% of cats. Feliway claims it can manage stress behaviors such as vertical scratching or urine marking with a 90% success rate within seven days. Comfort Zone claims it can resolve 95% of cases involving urine marking, 93% scratching, and 88% multi-cat tension in 7 days.

Which Product Should You Choose?

Feliway and Comfort Zone are excellent products for treating destructive behavior in cats. You should try one of them for your well-being and the benefit of your cat. Which product should you choose?

Feliway products can be more costly than Comfort Zone, but they are still worth it.

Feliway Vs. Comfort Zone: In-Depth Comparison

Cats naturally produce pheromones to make them feel secure and at ease. They are not always available on demand. Comfort Zone and Feliway products can produce synthetic pheromones to help reduce aggression, scratching, and urine marking.

Feliway multicat vs. comfort zone

There are two things to remember when weighing your options between the two brands. What follows is a detailed breakdown of each contributing aspect.


Both kinds may be purchased in a convenient diffuser format. Simply put the diffuser onto a wall outlet near where your cat likes to relax.

You may need to place a diffuser in each room where your cat spends time. Yes, this is true for both brands.

Feliway diffusers have a coverage area of up to 700 square feet, whereas Comfort Zone diffusers only cover up to 400 square feet. As a result, Feliway is preferable for those who have a bigger dwelling.

Feliway diffusers should be used in a room with plenty of air circulation. Don’t hide the outlets behind a rug or a bookcase. Because of this, warm air may not circulate as freely, reducing the diffuser’s effectiveness. For diffusers in the Comfort Zone, we advise the same thing.

On the whole, it seems that the two brands are quite similar in terms of their convenience and how simple they are to use. So that you can get the perfect product for your house, it’s important to keep in mind that they come in a variety of price points.


A diffuser is only one of many product formats available from Comfort Zone. Your cat may now wear a soothing collar or spray from this brand. Use them before an otherwise nerve-wracking trip to the vet.

For instance, the Comfort Zone relaxing spray is often used in automobiles and pet carriers. The spray may be used in the vehicle before a journey to guarantee proper behavior.

It’s possible that you’ll need to reapply the spray before each excursion. In addition, you should thoroughly spray the transporter’s inside. You just need one or two sprays per area.

You may also take the relaxing collar with you. The pheromones are released by the collar, which has a calming effect on your cat.

The company also produces portable sprays for use while you’re on the road. The spray from Feliway has to be reapplied every four to five hours, but the spray from Comfort Zone just needs to be administered once. Additionally, it seems that Feliway safety measures are necessary before its use.

It might be harmed if your cat is around when you administer the spray. Cats shouldn’t be let back into the area that has been sprayed for around 15 minutes.

There Are Differences

Comfort Zones diffusers cover 700 square feet.Comfort Zones diffusers can cover up to 400 sq. feet
Feliway diffusers should be placed in an open space. They should not be plugged behind a curtain or underneath a shelf. This could affect the flow of warm air and, in turn, cause the diffuser to stop working.Comfort Zone diffusers are also recommended to follow the same guidelines
Feliway’s products are typically cheaper than Comfort Zone’s. Comfort Zone products also offer better value, especially concerning diffusers.Every 30 days, the liquid for Feliway and Comfort Zone must be refilled.
Comfort Zone is less expensive than Feliway and offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.Feliway is rated higher than Comfort Zone in general.
Feliway promises to reduce littering, spraying, scratching, and other problems by nearly 90% in seven days.Comfort Zone, on the other hand, promises similar results in reducing the cat’s urine markings by 95% and its scratching by 93% in a week.

Side Effects

Feliway and Comfort Zone are both free of harmful chemicals or drugs. They won’t have any side effects on your cat.

To prevent your cat from picking up your diffuser, it is best to keep it away from your cat’s reach. This will help to avoid digestive problems.

Multi-Cat Diffusers

Feliway and Comfort Zone products are well-known for controlling annoying cat behavior. Both brands offer unique diffusers that can be used to calm and control cat-to-cat tension.

The Effect On Other Pets

Feliway and Comfort Zone products only produce pheromones for cats. They won’t harm your pets or affect your children.

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Feliway: Do You Have To Use It Forever?

It all depends on the cat. Feliway is a product that can be used for life by feline owners. Feliway is not necessary if your cat behaves better after using Feliway.

Can I Plug The Comfort Zone Diffuser 24/7

Yes, you can. It’s normal for it to heat up. To disperse the pheromones in the air, heat is necessary. You should leave the diffuser plugged in continually in a room your cat frequents. The area that a diffuser may affect is up to 750 square feet. It is advised that Feliway Diffusers be updated every 6 months and Comfort Zone Diffusers be replaced every 12 months. Both establishments advise replenishing every 30 days. The placement of diffusers is restricted to open spaces free of obstructions such as bookshelves, drapes, doors, and furniture.

How does Comfort Zone with Feliway differ from Comfort Zone without Feliway?

Ever had a dog or cat that would not behave? Dogs who bark and bite and cats that chew up furniture or urinate outside their litter boxes aren’t just bad dogs. Anxiety and stress can often cause bad behavior in pets. Pressure can come from many factors, including anxiety due to lack of exercise or antagonistic social interactions.

Although facial pheromones can be produced naturally by your dog or cat, artificial pheromones can be used to produce the same calming effect. Feliway and Adaptil from Ceva are two products that contain these synthetic pheromones. Feliway can be used in sprays, diffusers, and wipes to spread calming artificial pheromones. Adaptil can also be used as a collar or diffuser. Comfort Zone is another famous brand for calm pets. It is also available with Feliway as well as with D.

One Appeasing Pheromone

Ceva Feliway diffusers and Adaptil diffusers use veterinary strength pheromones, which have been scientifically confirmed in similar clinical trials. Feliway and Adaptil differ from Comfort Zone because they can calm cats and dogs using diffusers. But, the versatility of its multiple forms makes them stand out. Ceva has unique ways to disseminate the pheromone, unlike Comfort Zone with Feliway or Comfort Zone with D.A.P.

Additional Considerations

Comfort Zone and Ceva brand products can be used to make your pet feel relaxed. However, not all pets will respond to pheromones. Although 95% of pets respond to facial pheromones in a positive way, certain pets may experience anxiety and need additional calming products. Chamomile is a soothing ingredient that can be used to calm pets. Vetri-Science Composure is an excellent choice for anxious dogs.

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Does Comfort Zone Fit In Feliway Diffuser?

Comfort zone vials are incompatible with the zone Feliway diffuser and do not fit. The reason is that the brands heat up differently and cover different areas. The comfort zone vials are incompatible with the zone Feliway diffuser and do not fit.

Multi-cat conflict resolution outside and inside the home

Feliway Multicat can be used to resolve conflicts among cats. You can use this if you have multiple cats or outdoor cats. Outdoor cats can stress indoor cats, even though they rarely meet each other. Cats are susceptible to smell.

Cats are often placed in unfamiliar situations at the shelter or foster home. This could be very stressful for anyone. To help cats feel content and comfortable until they find their forever homes, consider donating a Classic Feliway or Multi-Cat.


Feliway and Comfort Zone are great products that can help cat owners deal with annoying behavior issues. They work differently on different cats, so they should not be expected to perform the same for all. Feliway is an excellent choice if you are a champion of versatility.

Comfort Zone is the best option for those who value affordability. You can replace Comfort Zone with Feliway refills monthly to keep your cat happy and safe. This refill is compatible with Comfort Zone Diffusers.


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