Convenia Shot For Cats

Convenia, a Zoetis injectable antibiotic, is used to treat skin infections in dogs and cats. It is absorbed into the body in approximately 1-2 weeks. However, it remains there for more than 2 months.

Your vet might prescribe Convenia for cats if your cat is suffering from skin conditions or tissue infections. Convenia is a common medication used to treat felines as well as canines, especially for skin conditions such as rashes or other skin problems.

Do you hesitate to give convenia to your cat Continue reading if you are hesitant to give convenia to your cat.

What is the Use Of Convenia shot Given to Cats?

Convenia is sold as a powder in a sterilized bottle to vets. This is then made into a solution with a reconstituting agent. It should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 28 days. Weight-related doses are injected subcutaneously into cats, often through the scruff of their neck. Some cats (e.g. Patients with kidney failure may need a lower dose. This is a judgment for the veterinarian.

Dosing Table For Convenia

Animal weightVolume To Be Administered

What is the average time it takes for Convenia to work in cats?

The antibiotic is usually absorbed into the circulation within two hours of being administered. This results in high blood levels that last two weeks.

High levels of drug binding to proteins in blood prevents it from being quickly metabolised and excreted as with most injectable antibiotic preparations.

Is Convenia Suitable For All Cats?

Convenia can be used widely in cats, but there are some limitations.

  1. It is not recommended for kittens younger than 8 weeks old.
  2. Safety has not been established in pregnant or lactating animals.
  3. If cats are suffering from renal failure, you should give them a lower dose.
  4. Fourth, and most importantly, it should not ever be given to cats who have a known hypersensitivity to b -lactam antibiotics.
  5. Convenia is safe to use for older cats. However, as previously stated, this decision should be made by a veterinarian rather than an owner.

Do you have any other important information about Convenia?

Convenia was welcomed by the veterinary community when it launched in 2007. It won an “Easy To Gift” award from iCatCare.

Convenia is still widely used by feline veterinarians. It helps to ensure that a high degree of compliance with courses antibiotics. Owners might not give their pets all the tablets because it is difficult to give them tablets. Convenia does not have this problem.

What is the point of Convenience?

Convenia is not licensed for kittens younger than eight weeks old. Studies have not been done to show that it is safe for lactating or pregnant cats. It should also be avoided in cats suffering from severe kidney disease, as its safety has yet to be established.

Cefovecin should not be used as a first-line antimicrobial. It should only be used in cases where other first-line treatments have failed. Cefovecin’s use should be justified with bacterial culture testing in order to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Is Convenia shot safe for cats?

Convenia has few side effects in cats, but almost all medications can have many side effects. One reason why so many medications are prescription-only is that vets must weigh the suitability of each product for a specific patient. Although they are uncommon, hypersensitivity reactions to Convenia (such as allergies and auto-immune issues) can sometimes occur. High doses can sometimes cause blood cell abnormalities.

Take care

It is unlikely that animals will benefit from antibacterial treatment if they do not have a confirmed or strongly suspected bacterial infection. This could increase their risk of developing drug-resistant pathogens.

CONVENIA is not safe for dogs and cats under 4 months old (see Animal Safety), nor in breeding or lactating pets. Safety for IV or IM administration has not been established. It is not known what long-term effects injections have on the body. CONVENIA is gradually eliminated from the body. It takes approximately 65 days to remove 97% of the dose. This is why animals with adverse reactions to CONVENIA may need to be closely monitored.

Convenia shot can cause adverse reactions in cats

Adverse ReactionCONVENIA (n=147).Active Control (n=144).
Anorexia/Decreased appetite66
Hyper/Acting Strange11
Inappropriate Urination10

*Some cats could have had more than one adverse reaction, or multiple occurrences of the same adverse reaction, during the study.


Convenia for cats can be used to treat skin and urinary problems in cats.

Convenia is actually an antibiotic. It works by breaking down cell walls and fighting off bacteria.

Although there are few serious side effects to the medication, minor problems may occur.

It is important to take precautions with Convenia, such as not giving it to kittens or breeding cats, and to use the right dose and type of medicine to prevent mishaps such as cat deaths from convenia.

It is crucial that you meet your vet to discuss the situation and make sure that Convenia is right for you.

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