Do Cats Eat Birds

Although cats and mice have been rivals for a long time, it is clear that my cat loves bird hunting.

Hunting for meat is how cats live, and birds are an obvious choice. Many cats will hunt and kill birds, but not eat them. These cats may enjoy hunting even though they don’t have to eat the birds.

Research shows that rodents are the most common prey in both urban and rural environments. However, shrews/reptiles were killed more frequently by cats in rural areas while sparrows/pigeons were more prevalent in urban environments.

Why do cats eat birds?

Why is your furry friend still hungry for all the food they desire? These are some of the most common reasons.

Cats can thrive on animal protein-rich diets, which are lacking in essential nutrients. Taurine and other micronutrients are only found in meat. If your cat has a poor diet, they will seek out hunting to make up the difference.

Cats can thrive on animal protein, which is why their regular diet lacks essential nutrients.

Let’s take a look at each of these explanations.

Your cat has a biological need to eat birds

Taurine, an amino acid that all carnivores (like cats) must have, is called an amino acid. Taurine supports vision, vision, heart function, digestion, and the immune system. Taurine can be found naturally in animal flesh.

Your Cat Is Hungry

This is quite obvious. If your cat is hungry, they will hunt down and kill any animal that is available to them, even birds. You may have noticed that feral cats hunt rodents and vermin if you keep them as pest control cats.

Your Cat is bored with their diet

Cats love variety in their food. Your cat will hunt for new tastes if they are bored with the food you give them.

The Hunting Behavior of Cats

Understanding our feline companions and their hunting behaviors can make a big difference in their lives and the human-cat bond.

It is important to understand their basic needs before you bring a cat into your home. Cats are often considered to be independent animals. This means that they can be neglected their needs for play, hunting, and exploration.

Are Cats able to eat birds or just kill them?

Even though they can be difficult to catch, birds can be an interesting prey item for cats to hunt. We can observe our cats by looking at the toys and feathers they play with. If you tie the feathery ribbon around their necks, they may look like birds in flight.

Is it safe for my cat to eat a bird?

Although your cat may be fine after eating a bird it does not mean that it isn’t dangerous. It is a good idea to bring your cat to the vet after eating a bird.


According to Cornell Feline Health Center Toxoplasma can also be transmitted by cats eating infected birds. Infected birds can carry the parasite for up to two weeks.

Curbing my cat’s desire to hunt

If your cats are hunters, it may be difficult for pet owners to stop them from hunting outside. If we catch the cat in the act, we can stop it from eating the prey.

Adjust the Cat’s Diet

While this isn’t intended to make our pets stop hunting, it will reduce their desire to hunt.

No Bird Feeders

It is amazing to see the many birds flock together to eat what you have placed on their feeders. But, it could be a sad day when you call them to your funeral.

Transition Your Cat To Indoors

One extreme of the two possible outcomes when a cat is moved from outside to indoors is transitioning. Some cats are able to adjust quickly, while others can go on a wild rampage and destroy everything around them.

Do Cats Eat Birds Heads

Cat owners often experience a headless bird presentation by their feline friend. Cats love to hunt birds, but they also like to beheaded them.

Can Cats Eat Birds Whole?

The short answer to that question is yes. But not all birds can be eaten by a cat. Some species of birds are small, which makes it easier to capture, transport and eat whole.

How can I stop my cat from killing birds?

It’s vital to ensure your cat doesn’t kill other animals in the area. This will protect you, your cat, and all of our bird friends. This can be difficult, especially for owners who have cats that have lived outdoors their entire lives. However, it is possible.

Fun or Hunger – Can Cats Eat Birds?

Cats rarely eat birds that they catch. If they do, they will likely stick to certain parts. These parts will likely remain untouched.




Large bones


Your cat won’t be able to swallow large bones and feathers. Your cat will instinctively skip these parts because they are dangerous for his health.

How can I stop my cat from hunting and eating birds?

Here are some things you can do to keep your cat from going after it.

Sterilize your cat. Unless you are passionate about kitten raising, it is a good idea to sterilize your cat. Sterilisation reduces aggression, calms your cat, and eases the hunt instincts.

High-quality, protein-rich food is important for your cat’s health. A healthy cat will not crave fresh prey. These nutrients are vital for your cat’s diet:

Animal protein

Animal fat

Vitamins and minerals


My cat has caught a bird, now what?

Don’t chase your cat or shout at them if they catch a bird. Hunting is an instinct that felines have and should not be punished. You should immediately take the bird to the vet if it has been hurt. To protect yourself against any diseases it may be carrying, you should use gloves when handling birds.

These are some irresistible distractions.










Is it normal for cats to kill and eat birds?

Cats are known to kill and eat animals. Cats are naturally predators and hunt for food in order to survive in the wild. Domestic cats have retained their natural hunting instinct so it shouldn’t surprise to see them kill and eat birds.

Cats are obligate carnivores and will eat any meat that is available. Cats are able to digest meat through their digestive system. A cat’s digestive system can process both meat and bones. Some minerals are found in raw bones, which are essential for a cat’s health.

Are Birds eaten by Cats?

While some cats will eat birds if they catch them, not all cats will. A cat that is hungry will eat the bird if it can catch it. Your cat may not be hungry, but it is the excitement of hunting that motivated him to capture a bird.

Cats find it more difficult to catch birds, as they fly. Cats are agile and can do some amazing tricks to catch birds. The sight of the hunt is amazing, with the cat twisting and turning in the air.

Are Cats able to get sick from catching birds?

Your cat can get sick if the bird isn’t healthy or has parasites.

Salmonellosis, or Songbird Fever, is a common disease cats can contract from birds. This is a salmonella bacteria strain that can be spread from bird droppings to other birds.

Songbird Fever symptoms to look out for in your cat are vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and blood in any diarrhea. Fluid therapy and antibiotics are available for treatment. If a cat is infected by ‘Songbird Fever’, it can become ill for up to ten days.


Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they must eat meat to survive. They aren’t designed to eat vegan food and their digestive system doesn’t allow them to absorb all the nutrients they need.

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