Do I Need A Litter Box On Every Floor?

A litter box should be placed on every floor of your home. Your cat will go to any place they can reach, even the attic, basement, and upper floors. This will ensure that they always have easy access to a litterbox. This could help to prevent territorial behavior and resource guarding in households with multiple cats.

Senior cats are concerned about accessibility.

As your cat ages, the time between when your cat feels the need to go and when they actually need to go decreases. A cat or kitten with mobility problems or a medical condition might have difficulty getting to the litter box on time. Your cat will have easy access to the litter box no matter where they live in your house if you place one on every level. This will lead to a better quality of life for your cat and reduce the chance of them getting into accidents.

Senior cats are important, so make sure they have easy access to the litter boxes. Your elderly cat will find it increasingly difficult to leap over litter boxes that are not the right height.

Advertisements Accidents Can Happen

Like humans, cats can also be affected by gastrointestinal issues. As most people know, sometimes the call of nature is answered quickly. If there is a litterbox on every floor, it will be easier for you to avoid the many mishaps caused by diarrhea, urinary tract infections, or other gastrointestinal issues. You should always be alert for signs that your pet may have a serious medical condition, such as straining to urinate or urinating beyond the litter box. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

Advertisements Cats love to go quietly when they are required to.

Cats seek out quiet areas to hide when they need to relieve themselves in nature. They don’t like to be in danger of being attacked by predators. Our houses aren’t always the most peaceful and tranquil places in the world. If your cat doesn’t have access to the litter box downstairs, it is possible for them to stay hidden. This is especially true if they are entertaining guests or cleaning up after you. If they had a backup plan such as a litterbox on the second floor in the quiet guest bedroom, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Advertisements A litter box placed on every floor will reduce territorial behavior

A litter box on every floor may help prevent territorial behavior or reduce its impact. If there are several cats in a house, the dominant cat will often guard the resources. They will guard the food, water and boxes where they do business. Cats who are more submissive may find this a problem. You can give your timid cat a choice of a different litter box for each floor. This will make it easier for them to escape their dominant sibling or brother.

A litter box on every floor can reduce territorial behavior

A litter box on each floor can help reduce or prevent territorial behavior.

Senior cats require greater accessibility

Cats with mobility or medical issues, such as kittens, may have trouble getting to the litter box. This will improve their quality and prevent accidents.

As your cat gets older, it will be more difficult to climb over the standard-height litter box.

Cats prefer peace and elimination

Cats in the wild seek out secluded places to do their business. Predators don’t like to find them in this vulnerable position.

Our homes are not always peaceful and quiet.

It wouldn’t matter if they had another option, such as a litter box upstairs in the guest bedroom.

Litter Box Spacing

If you have multiple litter boxes on the same floor, it is important to keep them separated.

You lose many of the advantages of litter boxes that are too close together or right next to one another.

You should place them in separate rooms. If this is not possible, try to keep them as far apart as possible.

Find Cat-Friendly Places

Some cats don’t like being in tight spaces like a closet or cabinet. Many specialists recommend that you have one litter box for each cat. If you have more than one cat, you’ll need three litter boxes.

One cat can be in a litter box at a time

There are many reasons why cats may not prefer a different litter box. There are many possible reasons why cats may not use the same litter box. The idea that cats see litter boxes as part of their territory is also possible.

Are You Keeping a Litter Box on Every Floor?


  • Our multi-floor home has all of the boxes on the lowest floor. The mudroom. This summer, we had 2 kittens and set up a litter box. We moved it upstairs when they were integrated in the house and turned it into a cat bedroom. We are pretty certain that it will only be used by the kittens. It only needs to be scooped once per day. The other 3 should be scooped 2-3 times per day. Even the kittens seem more inclined to use the ones downstairs.
  • My apartment is on one level. However, I have litter bins in different areas so that they don’t have too far to use them. Although they are all capable of walking the distance, I think it encourages good behaviour if they don’t have to do so much.
  • One floor, two indoor cats, and two litter boxes at each end. It is not clear if an outdoor feral cat ever became an indoor cat. If so, I would place another box. Each of my house cats likes to use their own box right now, so they don’t share.
  • My ranch-style house has only one floor that I can put boxes on. There are 2 of them and they live in the laundry area, which is centrally located to where the girls spend the majority of their time.

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