Do Siamese Cats Like Water

People know that Siamese cats like water. Even if your Siamese cat doesn’t like getting wet, it will probably like playing with water.

Do Siamese Cats Like Water? | All Cat Secrets

Siamese cats do like water, though.

Most people know that cats don’t like water. You may have seen your cat jump quickly over a bowl of water, avoid your pool, or do anything she could to keep her paws from getting wet. If your cat does this often, it’s likely that she is not a Siamese cat.

Siamese cats don’t all like water, but some of them sure act like they do. You might notice that your cat is interested in dripping faucets or wants to get in the shower with you. But on the other hand, you may find that your Siamese hates water and won’t go near it at all.

Reasons Why Cats Like Water

When it comes to water, Siamese cats are different from most other cats. They actually like it, but it’s not clear why. Here are five reasons why you might think a Siamese cat likes water.

It is very interested in moving water and will watch it for hours.

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You’ve seen it put its paw in its water dish and splash water all over the place.

  • It likes to drink from a faucet.
  • It follows you into the shower and wants to join you.
  • Your yard has a stagnant puddle that it can’t help but drink from.
  • It swam like an Olympic athlete when you put it in the pool.
  • The bath was ready for you, but your cat got there before you did.
  • The toilet seat was left up, and it was drinking right away.
  • During a heavy rainstorm, it couldn’t get outside fast enough to sit there and get soaked.

Siamese Playful In Nature

If you’ve ever spent enough time with a Siamese cat, you’ll know that they are some of the most playful cats. Not only do they talk a lot, but they also like to move around and look at everything around them.

How you give your Siamese cat water is an important part of how they should act around it. Because it’s a big body of water, a big tub of water might scare them. But things like water in a small bowl or indoor plumbing from a faucet (more on this later) are likely to get them to play.

Siamese cats just like the way running water tastes. Dust and bacteria can grow in still water, like the kind in their water bowls. It’s in their genes to look for clean water. Running water is much more clean, cold, and oxygenated than still water.


You have probably heard a lot of jokes about how curious cats are. Siamese cats are very curious, which makes sense since they are cats.

They like to find out more about things that interest them, and water is one of those things. They are interested in things like the sound of your faucet running or your shower splashing on the floor.

The cat might paw at it to make sure it is not a dangerous creature. As the water splashes on its face, it will enjoy the feeling and relax, knowing that it is not dangerous and is just something fun to play with.

Does Cats Like to Play with Water

Your Siamese cat, in particular, likes to play in water.

Your Siamese cat might not like being completely under water. If the water is higher than his legs, he might not like it as much.

Your Siamese cat might have a lot of fun playing in a small amount of water in a puddle or a bowl.

Your Siamese cat will like to play in the bowl, soak his favourite towels in the water, and fish his toys out of the bottom of the water.

Some cats like to watch the ripples in the water after they stir it up. So, your cat might also like to watch the toilet flush for the same reason.

New Fish

  • This may seem strange, but Siamese cats think of water, especially running water, as a place where fish live. Siamese cats, like all other cats, love to eat fish.
  • When I hear water splashing against rocks, I think of fresh fish jumping around. So even at home, water dripping from the faucet or splashing in the tub could be their sign to go fishing.
  • Siamese cats have also grown to prefer running water over still water. That’s also because of years of change.
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