Does my cat trust me with her kittens?

Cats bring their kittens to people because they trust them. She trusts that you will take care of her kittens and allow them to become comfortable with human contact. She may consider you part of her pride if wild cats form colonies with other females to watch over their kittens.

This is a surefire way to find out if the mother you are expecting truly values and trusts you. As she is showing off her babies to you, she also wants your approval and acceptance.

You should always check the kitten’s health if you are bringing it home. She may be trying to warn you about something wrong.

  • Your cat keeps bringing her kittens to you because she wants them familiar with you. Your feline knows that she lives with you and that her kittens do too. She wants them to get used to people. You are providing food and shelter for them. Feline pets are known for being protective of their kittens. It can be surprising to see their kittens come to us.
  • Your cat may bring her kittens to you as a sign that she trusts you to care for them. Because they are generally protective, they will likely move their young nearly every day.
  • Your cat will bring you all her kittens if she trusts you. She also feels at ease with you and believes you won’t hurt her kittens.

Earn kitty’s trust

It can be difficult to understand a cat’s behavior and it can be hard to tell if she trusts you. There are signs that you can use to determine if your affection for your pet is mutual. Vicki Stevens is the senior marketing communications manager for companion pets at the Humane Society of the United States. Vicki says that humans and animals see trust differently. To feel happy and comfortable, pets rely on routines. To build trust with your cat, you should make boring routines fun.

Why do cats bring their kittens to you?

Her main reason for bringing her kittens is to get to know you and to bond with them. She wants you to love her kittens and for you to be affectionate with them.

It is similar to the practice, just as we give our babies to their siblings to help them love and adapt to them. Cat is aware that she is in love with humans. She also knows that they are different than her. So she wants her kittens learn to be like humans, to understand the behavior of humans, and to become comfortable with other species.

  • Protect Her Kittens

With this in mind, it is safe to assume that cats bring their kittens to you as a safety precaution!

Your cat is basically telling you, “Hey Human!” when she gives you her puppies.

You are quite good at ensuring there are no monsters around.

  • To share her responsibility

It is possible that the cat feels tired and wants you to care for her kittens. This is normal as cats are happy to share their responsibility with humans.

This could be characterized as irresponsible cat behavior. We find hundreds of kittens in animal shelters all over the world. Many of these kittens are left behind by their mothers. Although this is not often, cats are responsible for their kittens. If there are none, they can be assisted by you.

  • Your cat brings her kittens to you to get used to being around humans. Your cat understands that she is a domesticated cat and will need humans to provide shelter and food. Domesticated cats might be more aware that humans and dogs play an important role for the future of kittens.

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Do you think my cat will allow me to touch her kittens’ faces?

If your cat has been with you for a while, you might not mind touching her kittens. It’s possible that she won’t like you touching her kittens if it’s a stray or a cat she’s only known for a brief time. Be gentle and take it slow. Before you touch their babies, make sure they are okay.

Are my kittens still small enough to be held by me?

According to vets, kittens should not be touched unless they are closed. While you can check on them to ensure they are healthy and gain weight, it is best to avoid direct physical contact. You can also ask the mother of the kitten how comfortable she feels with you handling them.


As long as you trust her already, she will be able to trust you. You and the queen are so lucky to experience the birth of kittens.

Allow your Cat to adjust to her new surroundings. Make sure she has everything she needs. When she finally brings the kittens home, take photos. Enjoy the fact that she trusts you.

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