Feliway vs Thunderease

Feliway is a comforting and reassuring product for cats and kittens. It reduces stress signs such as fighting, scratching, and urine spraying. You can either buy it in a spray bottle, or plug-in diffuser. Feliway for cats mimics the natural pheromones of a mother cat in order to calm her kittens.

ThunderEase sends “calming, reassuring signals” to dogs through dog appeasing hormones. This helps dogs to feel calm and relaxed during stressful situations and helps eliminate unwanted behavior.

I. Thunder Ease vs Feliway: What’s the Difference?

Cats can exhibit unusual behavior such as urine spraying or inappropriate scratching when stressed or anxious. Conflicts can also occur in multi-cat homes.

Synthetic pheromones such as Feliway or ThunderEase can be used to solve these problems. They mimic cat pheromones and help felines relax and calm down. These pheromones mimic the natural feline pheromones that cats produce when they scratch, rub or mark a spot. These products can calm cats down and reduce fighting and conflict between cats. They also reduce destructive behavior.

* Indoor urine spraying and vertical scratching* Helps to ease the introduction of cats by releasing a calming scent that makes them feel secure and safe.
* Reduces tension between cats and helps to maintain or restore harmony in your household* Your pet will feel less stressed with a drug-free formula.
* The diffuser also comforts cats in new environments or difficult situations* Your pet will feel calmer for up to 30 consecutive days by continuously releasing calming pheromones
* Adoption in the enviroment* Reduces General fearfulness
* New environment: Moving home, holidays or boarding.* Reduces anxiety during travel by reducing stress from car rides, flying and other moving activities
* Cat is calm and peaceful in noisy environment (fireworks at home, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve etc.* Relieves stress and anxiety in stressful situations such as remodeling, boarding, kenneling, and visiting the vet
* Support cats with stress-related medical or behavioral problems.* Excellent for reducing anxiety when boarding/kenneling
* Adjustment for a new arrival (a baby or a pet)* Relieves separation anxiety

1. Thunderease for Cats

This product is similar to cat facial pheromones that are used to mark territory. The pheromones help cats get to know their surroundings and make them feel secure. It helps cats feel confident and more secure at home. It can be used as a diffuser or spray.

ThunderEase Cat Calming Phenomine Diffuser can cover up to 700 sq. feet. It should be placed in a place where your cat is most comfortable. The plug can be rotated to fit into any outlet. After 30 days, refill this variant. ThunderEase Cat Calming Phenomine Spray is great for scratching and spraying, but it can also be used for travel, vet visits, and when you move to a new place.

2. Feliway Classic

The product contains facial feline pheromones that help to prevent unwanted spraying, scratching or hiding. It provides comfort to cats through its ongoing effect. You can get it in sprays or diffusers. The Feliway Classic Diffuser reduces scratching, spraying, and can show results in as little as seven days. It can cover up to 700 feet. You should place it in the area your cat uses most often. It can last up to a month, but should be replaced every four to five weeks to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Feliway Classic Spray works for at least 90% cats. It can also be used to scratch and spray your cat if you move to a new area. This spray is ideal for spot treatment or on-the-go application in your home.


Ii. Thunderease vs Feliway Overview

ThunderEase is almost identical to Feliway: synthetic cat-calming hormones. The two brands are even owned by one company. The main difference is that ThunderEase diffusers are more expensive than Feliway. This doesn’t necessarily mean Feliway is superior to ThunderEase. Remember that cats might respond differently to different products; you’ll have to try it out for yourself.

Iv. Iv.

ThunderEase solutions and Feliway solutions come in two formats: sprayer or diffuser. Each one has its own functions and benefits. You can use the sprayer to manually apply the solution in areas where your cat is most likely to be. The diffuser is connected to an electrical outlet close to your cat’s home and releases calming pheromones.

The sprayer is convenient but the diffuser is easier to use. The sprayer was designed for mobility. We all know that cats can get fidgety while traveling, so they don’t take separation anxiety lightly.

V. Thunderease vs Feliway: What’s the Difference?

Both products have been clinically proven safe and are recommended by vets. Both products use synthetic cat pheromones. These include the facial and natural ones that mama cats naturally release. Both products have a 95% success rate, but some cats may be more responsive to one than the other. Each cat is different and each feline’s symptoms will be different.

Thunderease vs Feliway: Deep Dive

Cats constantly emit chemicals called pheromones. This is their way to make people and places feel familiar and warm. Both Feliway and ThunderEase contain synthetic pheromones, which mimic natural ones’ calming effects. They share one thing in common: both products are owned by Ceva Animal Health.

Vi. Thunderease Multi-Cats Dissipper

ThunderEase’s multi-cat calming diffuser is one of the most effective products for relieving cat-on-cat tension. There are certain types of pheromones that mother cats produce to help their baby cats bond. The Tunderease multicat diffuser mimics these hormones, so felines who were fighting at first will bond like kittens. Feliway also offers a product similar to Feliway Friends diffuser that reduces conflict among cats.

Vii. Feliway Friends Multi-cats Diffuser

Feliway’s Friends diffuser is recommended to be used constantly in order to maintain harmony. Feliway requires that you refill the solution once every 30 days, and the plug be replaced after 6 months. You should place it in areas where your cats rest and sleep, not in areas where fights can occur.

Feliway’s diffuser should not be placed behind furniture or near doors in order to maximize its effect. It is also not a good idea to place Feliway’s diffuser near windows or air-conditioners. The cool current of the air can transport the pheromones. The solution will not last more than 30 days.

Viii. Which cat-calming diffuser is better?

It can be annoying to hear your cat scratching at your furniture. But once you know the cause, you will want to ask the question, “What is the best calm diffuser for cats?” If you had to make the situation worse, it would be like having a tranquilizer for your cat. The tranquilizer can be very helpful in calmening you when someone is extremely agitated. However, it is not always possible for our furry friends.

Cats and other animals, especially, tend to scratch their furniture, which isn’t healthy. Cats can scratch their skin and claws on furniture, which leads to scratching. To stop your cat from scratching themselves, you can use diffusers and sprays to calm it.

Ix. Ix.

This is the non-toxic mineral or plant Catnip, Neem and Bird Seed that has been shown to calm emotions and nerves. It is used to treat anxiety and stress in people who are suffering from depression or who don’t have any other options. This happens when the cat discovers a toy it doesn’t need or finds an interesting place to scratch like around the corner.

It wants to grab the toy so it can keep its claws on it. But it cannot get hold of it. The cat is trying to grab the toy, but it’s not the cat that attracts its attention. That’s when the cat begins to scratch. To stop it, you need to first cut the toy and then give it to your cat.

If your cat is afraid, hurt, or stressed, scratching can also be a reason. It could be because your cat is old or hurt from being scratched or poked. Or it could be something else. You can help your cat calm down by walking around the house. Spray your cat with the cat-calming spray if it starts to scratch again. You can also wrap a cloth around the claws to prevent any further injuries.

The cat may scratch if it needs water, food, or medication. If the cat is having difficulty bringing these items to you, then it will scratch. This is when you can spray it with cat tranquilizer, or give it food and water. Remember that each cat’s needs will determine the best diffuser to calm them.

X. How does The Thunder Ease Cat Calming Differuser Kit Work?

Feliway is a veterinarian-recommended cat hormone solution that mimics the cat’s natural signals when marking his safe area with his face. This will help your pet identify the area that is pheromone-filled as safe and calm him down. This diffuser can be used continuously, so it is great for dealing with behavioural issues at home like separation anxiety and general fearfulness.

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