Female Maine Coon

The female Maine Coons are calmer and more collected than their male counterparts. They are more relaxed and less demanding in social interactions. They are affectionate and friendly to their human companions. However, it may not seem as much as the Maine Coons who are overly attached. Females tend to be a little more cautious around other people.

Although they are friendly and outgoing, not as much as the male Maine Coons. The ladies are more reserved and relaxed. Both are super friendly cats, so it doesn’t matter if they are males or females.

Female Maine Coons are also more cautious around socializing with people than male Maine Coons. However, female Maine Coons can be close to multiple family members and have no problem being close to one.

How big are Maine Coon Cats?

To wrap it all, how big are Maine Coon cats? You can expect Maine Coon males to weigh between 12-18 pounds and average 19-30 inches in length. The average length of female Maine Coons would be 8-12 pounds.

Maine Coons are affectionate and love cuddling! They love to be held, scratched and loved because of their patience and loving nature.

This is the one thing you should be aware of when you get a Maine Coon female. In cases like these, it is important to keep your cat active during the day so she can sleep well at night.


Maine Coon cats live between 10 and 12 years on average. According to some data, these gentle giants can live up 15 years or more.

The life expectancy of both male and female Maine Coons is the same, but with proper nutrition, exercise, and health care they can live long, happy lives.


The average size of a female counterpart is smaller than that of a male.

It can grow to 8-14 inches in height and as high as 16-18 inches in height.

40 inches in length Generally, it is smaller than its male counterpart. It can grow between 8-14 inches in length.

Inches tall and up to 40 inches long


Because they prefer to be with their own company, the female Maine Coon is more reserved and cat-like.

The female Maine Coons are not anti-social, but they do love attention from humans, just like the male.


The female Maine Coons can be very expensive. A Maine Coon purebred is usually priced at around $1000 but can go up to $2000 depending on its quality.


Also, spaying your cat is an option if you purchase an unspayed Maine Coon female. Spaying your cat will not only eliminate unwanted litters but also prevent undesirable behaviors that are associated with females in heat.

It can reduce the chance of developing mammary carcinoma and pyometra, which is a fatal infection of your uterus.


There are exceptions to every breed, but it is more likely that a male Maine Coon kitten will have a larger personality than a female kitten. This is not to say that female Maine Coons can’t be ‘boring’. In fact, the opposite. They are just different than their male counterparts, preferring to be calmer, less interested in attention, and more independent.


To a certain extent, all Maine Coon cats can be independent. The male Maine Coon is more dependent than the female.


Three layers are required for all Maine Coon coats.

Their two thick, dense undercoats are closest to their skin. They are made by short dense hairs which play an important role in keeping them warm.


Maine Coons are known for slow growth and not reaching full size until around 3-4 years old. Don’t buy any Maine Coons food if it doesn’t have protein listed first on the ingredient list. Maine Coons dry food should also contain low amounts of carbohydrates and high levels of fats and fatty acids such as omega 3 or 6.


  • You love big cats.
  • It is okay to have a cat who is slightly more active at night.
  • A cat should be affectionate, but not a clingy one.
  • You live in a large household.
  • You intend to breed Maine Coons.
  • The cat will be yours for a higher price.

Are Female Maine Coons able to spray?

If they are not neutered before they reach sexual maturity, female Maine coons can spray. Adolescent Maine coons, like us humans, experience a change of temperament and can develop undesirable behaviors. One example of such behavior is spraying. If they are neutered later, male Maine coons will spray more often than females.

Your Maine coon kittens will likely have been neutered before you can take them home. This is because breeders don’t want you to compete with their kittens by breeding.

When will my Maine Coon be fully grown?

Maine Coons are most well-known for their large size. They are often called the “Gentle Giant”, but can they all end up being giant cats?

Maine Coons, like people, can have a wide range of appearances and sizes. I’ve owned this breed for more than 25 years and can attest to this fact.

What happens to Maine Coons?

Maine Coons can grow to be much larger than many other cats. They can grow up to twice the size of an average household cat.

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