How Many Calories Should A Cat Eat

Cat parents should make sure to portion out their cat food properly.

It all depends on the cat’s life stage. Let’s look at what your cat should eat to help you manage their diet.




What are the Daily Calories Adult Cats Consume?

Cats should consume 40-45 calories per kg of their healthy body weight. An adult cat of average weight (between 3-4 kilos) should consume 120-180 calories daily. These numbers may vary depending on the cat.


Activity levels

Ability to mate


Weigh your cat

You can weigh your cat while you are holding it, and then weigh yourself separately. Then subtract the second number from the first. If you and your cat weigh 161 pounds and you weigh 150 pounds each, your cat will weigh 11 pounds.

Maintaining Weight

To maintain your cat’s weight, you should give them 20 calories per pound. Outdoor cats require 35 calories per pound. Outdoor and indoor cats typically consume between 20 to 35 calories.

Weight Loss

Many cats are obese. We can control their food intake. You will need to feed overweight cats for 2 pounds less or 40 calories per day. This number will need to be adjusted each time your cat loses weight.

The Cat’s Metabolism

These calories can be a guideline for cats but there are other important factors to consider. Because cats have a slower metabolism than the average cat, they may not be able to consume 20 calories per pound.

What is the Recommended Calorie Intake for Kittens?

Kittens are very active during their first ten weeks. They require a lot of food. As they approach adulthood, their caloric requirements will decline to a level that is appropriate for weight maintenance.

How to Calculate How Much Your Cat can Eat per Day

Too much food can lead to obesity. These steps will help you determine how much food your cat needs each day.

Calculating Calorie Intake For Your Cat

You will need to know your cat’s exact weight in order to calculate their calorie needs. Incorrect feeding can result from incorrect weight estimation or a misinterpretation of the vet visit they had last year.

RER in kcal/day = (ideal weight in kilograms 0.75) x 70 OR (30 x (bodyweight in kg) +70

Select a Factor Based on Your Cat’s Energy Uses and Multiply it by The Rer

RER is the basic needs of a cat, but it does not take into account factors such as activity levels or other factors. The RER number is multiplied with factors to calculate the cat’s daily energy requirements. Some cats require less energy than others, while others need more. Select the appropriate factor for your cat.

Calculate How Many Calories are in your Cat’s Food and Treats

This information can be found on the package of food or online. Dry food generally has more calories per ounce that canned food. The calorie listing may be labeled as “calorie” and/or “kilocalorie,” but they are the same thing.

Treats should not account for more than 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake

Calculate How Much You Should Feed

To determine how many calories your cat should eat, you can subtract the calorie count from any treats. To measure correctly, use the calorie count of your cat’s food.

What is My Cat’s Daily Calorie Need?

Your cat’s calorie intake should be based on what you feed them. People often make the mistake to feed their cat enough dry food but give treats and wet food throughout the day.

Your cat’s daily calorie intake includes food scraps, treats, or nibbles from the food left on the table. The idea that “if it isn’t on my plate, then the calories don’t count if i eat it” doesn’t work with cats.

Based on weight, suggested Calorie Intake for Cats

Kittens Under 4 Months

Growing babies need between 310-580 calories daily.

Kittens from 4 months to 1 year

Through 8 months, your kitten should gain an average of 1 pound per year. After that, weight growth should slow down.

10-pound Intact Cat

A cat this large needs 200 to 290 calories daily to sustain itself.

20 Pound Obese Cat

Your cat should consume between 270 and 340 calories daily if it is overweight at 20 pounds.

Do Indoor And Outdoor Cats Have Different Calorie Needs?

Outdoor cats require more energy and have a higher appetite than indoor cats. They may ask their cat parents to feed them more or hunt prey on their outdoor adventures.

What is the importance of calories in cat food?

A balanced diet for your cat will help them maintain a healthy weight. It can also prevent malnutrition. Your furry friend should not eat empty calories, which is food that lacks nutritional value.

They can be easily avoided by choosing high-quality, meat-based or grain-free foods. Grains are also an allergen. You should avoid grain in your feline friend’s diet and talk to your vet about hypoallergenic options.

How to Feed an Underfed Cat so They Gain Weight

To get back to their healthy weight, overweight cats require a caloric surplus. It is not always easy, but it is possible if you do:

  • To reach a healthy weight, increase their daily caloric intake by 20% for a 4-kilo cat. That’s about 192-216 kcal/day.
  • To avoid food rejection and shock, offer your cat smaller meals throughout the day.
  • As your cat weighs more, slowly reduce the excess caloric.

How do I calculate how many calories my cat needs?

On average, a kilogram equals 2.2 pounds

“For 0.75kg of weight, the equivalent resting energy requirement (RER), is 70 (80%).”

Are 200 Calories enough for a cat?

The Food and Nutrition Administration recommends that adults consume between 180 and 200 calories daily and children under 10 years old consume between 150 and 200 calories. A cat should not eat more than 10% of its daily caloric intake.

Can A Cat Survive On 100 Calories A Day?

Cat appetite is strongly related to their body weight. It all depends on how active and heavy they are.

What is the Daily Calories A Cat Needs?

A normal adult cat does not need to eat a certain number of calories. It all depends on how much they can eat in a given pound. A 10-pound indoor cat can eat 200 calories per day. An outdoor cat can eat 330 calories each day.


Once you have played with the equation, it is easy to determine how many calories your cat requires. Before making any changes to your cat’s food, make sure you consult your vet.

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