How Much Do Calico Cats Cost?

You might be looking into different breeds and colors if you and your family are interested in adding a kitten to the family. We don’t blame anyone if you have been drawn to the idea of a beautiful Calico kitten. These sweet cats come in three colors: orange, white, and black. Calico cats can be any of many breeds!

Although the cost of a Calico kitten will vary depending on its breed, it is likely that your monthly costs will be similar. So you know how much it will cost to own a Calico cat, we have broken down the monthly costs. Keep in mind that while prices for certain services, such as veterinary care, can vary from one region to the next, other expenses like food or cat litter will remain fairly constant. Before you reserve your fluffy kitten, be sure to fully understand and prepare for ongoing expenses.

You will need to search for Calico cats, as you would any other cat breeder. You can expect to pay a premium if you want a Calico cat that is purebred. You will be your Calico cat’s best friend no matter what price you pay. How much does a Calico cat cost?

Calico cats can be purchased for between $400 and $2,000 A Calico cat adoption costs $60-$125. Calico cats are priced based on their age, sex and purebred status. Male Calico cats can be more expensive than their female counterparts because they are less common.

As with any breed, kittens can be more expensive than adult cats. But what is interesting about Calicos? Males are more costly than females due to their rarity. Calico cats are a great choice for anyone who falls in love. They are a very expensive breed. Let’s discuss how much Calico cats are worth, what they cost and what you can expect as a cat owner.

  1. Calico Cats: Worth the Money?

Calico cats are a beautiful cat breed and are well worth the money. The cost of a cat depends on its sex and their age.

A kitten will cost you more than an adult cat. A male calico cat, however, will be more expensive than an adult or kitten.

  1. The Average Kitten Calico Cat Price Includes:
  • Females $200 to $1,500
  • Males $1,000 to $2,000
  1. Average Adult Calico Cats.
  • Female calico cat prices – $700 to $1000
  • Male calico cat price-$750 to $1250.

2. Initial Setup and Supplies


Your experience with cats will affect the cost of your initial setup. This list should be used as a guideline. There will be many prices available for some supplies. You’ll need to pay the local standard rate for other services, such as vet care.

3. Calico Cats Personality and Physical Traits

Calico is not a breed, but it can be a domestic cat from any breed with a tri-colored coat. Calicos have white fur, with large black and orange patches. They can also have cream or grey. Calicos are distinct from tortoiseshell cat breeds, which have a mottled black-orange or cream-grey coat with very few white markings. Calicos are also known by the names piebald, tricolor cat and piebald. In Japanese, “mike neko” means “triple fur”, while lajeskat means “patches cat” in Dutch.

  1. These are the different types:
  • Dilute calico cats: These cats have white fur with large, smoky grey spots and almost strawberry-blonde coloring.
  • Standard calico cats have white fur with large black and orange spots.
  • Calibby cats are a mixture of tabby and calico cats. The calico patches of orange or black have the striped markings of a tabby.

4. Pedigree Or Non-Pedigree

Pedigree cats, also known as purebreds, will be more expensive to purchase than non-pedigree ones.

These cats are considered the most expensive because they are bred to have certain characteristics or look a certain way.

Pedigree cats don’t seem as common as other non-pedigree felines.

Although pedigrees are more expensive to purchase, there is a downside.

They are more likely to be bred from a smaller gene pool, which can lead to increased health risks.

Purebred cats are more susceptible to health problems, so be prepared for large vet bills.

This is illustrated by the Scottish Fold cats suffering from arthritis caused by a defect in their bone and cartilage development.

For a pedigree calico cat, you’ll be paying around PS500+/$700+ and less for a non pedigree.

A female calico will cost you about the same as other popular breeds.

The price for a male calico will be higher.

5. Why are Male Calicos more expensive?

One of the most interesting facts about calico cats, is that approximately 99% are female.

This is because of the genetics that make these cats exhibit a calico-like pattern.

Only 1% of calico cat males are available, making them difficult to find and more expensive to purchase.

Due to their rarity, male calicos can have a high commercial value at over PS1000/$1400

Although male calicos cannot breed because they are born sterile, this doesn’t seem to affect their value or purchasing price.

This is because they are more rare than breedable.

6. What is a Female Calico Cat Worth in Value?

Female calico cats are typically $400-$500. This is similar to the average tabby cat price. If you’re looking for a male Calico cat, however, they can be very expensive and rare. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 up to $3,000.

You now know that calico cats can cost a lot depending on the sex you choose.

7. Calico Cats Are Expensive:

This cat has a beautiful, distinctive appearance and a unique tri-colour pattern on its coat.

Although they are often considered too expensive to purchase, there are some factors that may justify their price.

  • They are healthy cats and have no health issues.
  • They can live for between 12-16 years.
  • In many countries, calico cat is believed to bring good luck.

All of this makes it easy to understand why people will pay more to have a calico cat in their home.

8. What is another name for a Calico Cat?

You may encounter several names for calico cats as you travel. It can be confusing. Wikipedia says there are several things to be aware of.

Calico cats are known by four names. These are Brindle, Tricolour, Tobi Mi -Ke, which can be roughly translated as Triple-fur in Japanese. There is also a Dutch equivalent called Lapjeskat.

Now you are aware that there are many variations to the Calico name. This will make it easier to research these cats. What about their personalities? Are they different than other cats?

9. Male Calico Cats are a rare breed.

  • Male Calico cats are born in 3000 female Calico cat litters. The ratio of male to female Calico cats is equal 0, 0003 percent.
  • Every Calico cat is born with three different chromosomes that determine the fur color. These are two X and one Y chromosomes, which come from their mothers.
  • Calico cats are born by the combination of X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. This happens regardless of breed.
  • Calicos are born with tricolor, or more appearance. This makes them unique and extraordinary to natural.
  • Incomplete division means that chromosomes not properly separated, including the third color, will link to another pair. This pair is a male cat pair and could connect to another chromosome.
  • Many Calicos suffer from Klinefelter’s symptoms, which can cause them to be sterile and sick at all times.

10. What do Calico Cats Look like?

Calico cats are a distinctive breed. They have blotches of orange and black fur, but their main color is white. Their unique appearance is part of the reason they are so expensive to buy. This cat breed is very popular, and cat lovers are eager to purchase it.

Even if you have never seen one, you can picture a Calico cat. Calico cats are mostly white but have patches of orange and black fur that make them stand out from other breeds. These patches of fur, which are not common in other cat breeds, often have solid colors. This means that the orange and black don’t mix.

Calico cats can have either long or short hair, but I don’t think the breed has to have a specific length of fur. Calico cats seem to have a different length of fur than most cat breeds.

11. What is the Lifespan of a Male Calico Cat?

There are currently no statistics available that provide an accurate estimate of the life expectancy of male calico cats. The male calico cat’s lifespan is over 15 years, which is the same as the life span of a female cat. Male cats naturally have XY sexual chromosomes.

The cat will be subject to the Klinefelter Syndrome condition due to the additional X chromosome. You should make regular visits to your veterinarian if you buy a male calico cat. Because of their unique genetics, your male cat could easily become sick. Klinefelter Syndrome is a condition that can cause serious health problems for your cat.

12. Can female Calico Cats become pregnant?

Although female calico cats are capable of getting pregnant, you can’t breed them. Because they are not able to be bred, their calico colors can vary. This idea is reinforced by the males, who are almost all sterile when they are born.

13. Why are Calico cats more likely to be female than male?

Calico cats are more likely females because they have XXchromosomes. They also feature all the colors that make them a calico, which can be red and orange, grey and black. The XY chromosomes are for males. This means that they either have the black or the red color, but it doesn’t make them a calico. Male calicos are extremely rare as it is not common for males to have three chromosomes, XXY. They must acquire the two X chromosomes of their mother and the two Y chromosomes of the father to obtain it.

Calico cats have been considered to bring good fortune in certain cultures. Japanese people revere them as symbols of luck and their lucky cat, the maneki neko, is named after them. Calico cats were believed to cure warts by Irish people in the past. These felines are now considered Maryland’s official state cat.


A male Calico cat can be worth thousands, but it is worth more if the breeder has a good understanding of the cat’s genetics. To determine the value of your feline, you should look beyond the color paten to find the breeds.

Another important aspect of caring for a male Calico cat, is feeding it. The cat feeder could be used for Calicos. However, you need to observe how your cat reacts the first time. You can free up time to do other tasks while your cat enjoys the cat feeder.

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