How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese

Siamese cats are beautiful felines that have many distinguishing characteristics. They are easy to recognize and can be identified by their unique features. They are a popular breed in the United States, and have been almost universally adopted around the globe.

You may have noticed Siamese characteristics in a cat you adopted or rescued. You may wonder if your cat is Siamese. You can tell if your cat’s Siamese heritage by DNA analysis.

This article will help you determine the origin of your cat. This article will provide all the information you need about Siamese cats, and how to identify them. Modern-day cats are able to identify different breeds of cat after many generations of mixed breeding.

1. What are the Physical Characteristics of a Siamese Cat?

Bright blue eyes are the most important characteristic you should look for in your cat. For generations, people have been amazed at the Siamese cat’s bright blue eyes.

Although Siamese cats can have a range of eye colors, they will always stand out regardless of their color. Traditional Siamese cats also have almond-shaped eyes, and often have web-shaped faces.

An adult cat should have a light-colored body. Siamese cats have gray or white fur, with dark-colored ears and paws. This is known as point coloration. Siamese cats will not have light fur with darker accents.

There are currently two types of Siamese cat breeds: the traditional and modern. The breed’s traditional section looks more exotic because they are more like the breed’s ancestors. They have triangular heads and are more skinned.

Modern Siamese have a more soft, rounded appearance. Modern Siamese will still have deep blue eyes and point coloration, but they will appear less angular.

If your cat has brown or green eyes, there is no Siamese DNA. This is the most straightforward way to find out what kind of cat you have.

2. How to tell if your cat is part Siamese

  1. Examine the Body Type and Features of Your Cat

Siamese cats are short with elongated necks, slim bodies and an angular shape. They have straight noses and triangle-shaped heads. Their legs are slender. The breed has long, tapered tails and large ears. There are three types of this breed, so there may be slight differences in the body type and features.

  1. Traditional Siamese

This breed is directly imported from Thailand and retains the original appearance. It is larger than the other Siamese cats. They have round, apple-shaped heads and more vocalizations than other Siamese cats.

  1. Modern Siamese

This is the exotic type, and it is very popular in cat shows and registry. This type has a very wedge-shaped face and head. They are long with large ears and have slim legs. Their tails are long and whip-like.

  1. Siamese in its original style

This cat was also known as the Thai cat and was popular in the 50s to 70s. These cats are muscular, slender and have a slightly wedge-shaped face and head. They have longer legs than the traditional cat and tapered tails.

  1. Color

Siamese Cats have a pointed coloration. This means that their tips, ears and tail are often darker than the rest. Siamese Cats are born with this pointed color, although they reach full-length point at about one year of age. Another sign your cat might be Siamese is a pointed coat. However, other cats with this unusual coloring are also possible.

  1. Head

There are two types of Siamese Cats: the traditional and the modern. Modern Siamese Cats are more round and more robust than traditional Siamese Cats. They have a more defined, triangular head shape with thin bodies. This distinctive head shape could be part Siamese if your cat is Siamese.

  1. Take a look at the type of cat’s coat

Siamese cats have fine, cream-colored fur on most of their bodies, but darker fur on the ears, face and tail. This is due to a unique gene that regulates the body’s temperature.

These are the most common colors/ patterns in this breed.

  • blue point – gray/blue coat patches
  • lilac point-light/gray coat patches
  • Chocolate point – Light brown coat patches
  • Seal point – Dark/Brown Coat Patches

3. Siamese Cats Are A Rare Breed

Originating in ancient times, the Siamese cat breed is found somewhere between the 14th-18th centuries in the region now called Thailand. Siamese cats were originally considered an aristocratic breed of cat because they were mainly owned by royalty.

Siamese cats were first given away by royals as gifts, while they were being traded with other countries. The breed was soon more common around the globe. Purebred Siamese cats have become a common breed in modern times.

4. Siamese Cats’ Behaviors

  1. You are an outgoing personality

Siamese cats are friendly and talkative to people and pets. This is one of the best things about owning Siamese cats.

They will tell you if they are affectionate of you. Siamese cats are known for following you around your house without ever leaving you.

It will be there for you as long as it can. If your cat displays similar behaviors, it could be a Siamese cat.

  1. Vocal

The Siamese cat’s vocal ability is another distinguishing characteristic.

They are considered by many cat owners to be the loudest cat in the world. They are intelligent and vocal, making them a very popular breed.

  1. Moody

Because of their moody behavior and need to be pampered, Siamese cats can also be very high maintenance. They require your love and affection the whole time.

They will become anxious or depressed if they don’t get enough attention. If they are happy to spend enough time with you, Siamese cats should stop meowing or yelling.

  1. DNA Testing

The best way to determine the breed of your cat is by DNA testing. However, it can be expensive. A DNA sample can be used by several agencies to determine the percentage of each breed.

These agencies can receive a hair follicle from you, and they will return it to you within one month.

You can trust these agencies to give you an accurate analysis of your breed.

Another reason this technique could be helpful is another. You will be notified if your cat is suffering from a genetic condition.

5. What are the Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats will most likely produce Siamese kittens if they are paired with Siamese parents. However, there is no other breed that has been shown to produce Siamese cats when paired with Siamese cats. Siamese kittens are not guaranteed even if one Siamese cat parents is Siamese. The Siamese gene, which is recessive, is not guaranteed.

6. What is the personality of a Siamese cat?

Siamese cats have big personalities. Their personalities are distinguished by their chattiness. Siamese cats love talking! Siamese cats are vocal and often meow. Find out why Siamese cats sing here.

It is used to communicate with their owners when they need food or playtime. Siamese cat owners claim that their breed is extremely communicative and will tell you what it wants.

Siamese cats are so big-hearted that they can sometimes be quite moody and high maintenance. They can be sensitive and upset if they don’t get their way.

Siamese cats are a high-energy breed, so it is important to ensure they get the exercise and attention they require.

They are more likely to feel fulfilled when they have lots of one-on-1 attention and playtime.


Siamese cats can make the best pet decisions of your life. They are loved by their loving nature and have stunningly beautiful features that make them one of most desired cats in the world.

A Siamese purebred cat can be expensive. Siamese cats require a lot of care.

Consider it a blessing if your kitten or cat exhibits some Siamese characteristics.

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