Is A Cat’s Kill A Hamster ?

Your cat can kill your hamster, and that is a fact. Your cat is more resilient and larger than hamsters so it will be easy to kill them. Although some cats may be wary of the hamster and become afraid, they won’t catch it. These cats are not the law, but they do exist.

Cats can be as curious and aggressive as they are cute. If you want to keep a cat and a hamster together, it is natural to wonder if a cat would kill the hamster.

Mice, just like hamsters are their favorite prey. A hamster to a cat is nothing but a delicious meal that makes for a great snack. A cat will always take advantage of a hamster when it sees one.

Unlike dogs, cats cannot prevent other species from being hurt. They cannot guarantee that they won’t attack a hamster when they see one. All other small animals are included in this group.

If given the chance, a cat could kill a hamster. Because hamsters belong to the rodent family, which is the best food type for cats, this is why. Cats are predators and will kill any animal they find that they consider prey.

Where do Hamsters live?

Hamsters were not born in houses or cages. They first lived in wild environments. Hamsters originated in Syria at first. Wild hamsters love dry, warm areas. They prefer to live in steppes and dunes as well as the edge of deserts. Syria was the home of the first American hamsters. These became domesticated hamsters.

Hamsters or cats: Which is faster?

Hamsters should not be left alone. Cats will outrun them. The cats are their catchers and can run up to 30 mph.

Will My Cat Eat My Hamster?

Your cat will likely eat your pet hamster if given the chance. Cats are naturally-born predators and are always on the lookout for prey. This is true for both domesticated and wild cats. The rodent family includes hamsters, which are good for cats.

The cat might not eat the hamster every time. Sometimes, a cat may kill its prey to make sport of it, even if they don’t intend to eat it.

Do Cats Attack Hamsters?

Unfortunately, cats can target hamsters. Hamsters are a type of rodent, which is something many people don’t know. The cats are known to eat mice and would kill them if they had the chance.

A hamster would try to eat an indoor cat if it was living with an indoor cat. It’s in their blood. Keep the two pets separated and the hamster in a cage. You should never allow your cat to live alone with a hamster if it isn’t in a cage or ball.

Your cat should be in a separate room if you are taking your hamster outside for playtime. Keep your cat and hamster away from each other. If your hamster isn’t in a cage or ball, don’t let your cat go alone.

Can a Hamster Survive Cat Bite?

The chances of a hamster surviving a cat bite is slim. Because a cat bite can cause infectious bacteria, which can enter the hamster’s bloodstream after being bitten.

Your hamster will most likely need to be given medication to clear any illness and then they should be watched carefully.

You are likely aware that hamsters can die if a cat bites them. Cat teeth can cause organ failure by piercing through the hamster’s body. Cat bites can lead to:

Death and internal bleeding



Another danger that can be caused by a cat bite is infection. The bacteria in cats’ mouths can lead to serious infections. The infection can become so severe that your hamster may die.

How can I keep my cat away from my hamster?

Many cat owners let their cats roam freely in the house, so it can be difficult to keep your hamster safe. There are options to keep your cat and your hamster apart if you want them to live together.

Buy A Secure Hamster House

It is not enough to ensure your cat cannot get into the cage of your hamster. It is important that your hamster cannot get out of its cage. Hamsters are skilled escape artists and often get out of their cages. Consider keeping your hamster in its cage, and placing it in a place your cat cannot access.

Can Cats smell Hamsters?

Cats are able to smell hamsters because of their enhanced senses. Because of their enhanced senses, they can hunt in darkness or at night. And all of them would be safe in the care of their owners. The cat will only recognize a family’s scent, so the hamster won’t be hurt. It’s inappropriate to ignore it.

How can I keep my cat away from my hamster?

The best and most efficient way to care for them is to separate them. Your hamster will be considered prey by your cat. You will need to provide a safe place for your hamster so that they can’t get into your house.

Are Hamsters afraid of Cats?

Hamsters are small creatures that are easily scared by larger animals. A cat would scare a hamster.

Can Cats and Hamsters be Friends?

It is possible to do anything. It will take a lot of effort on the part of the owner. The fear the hamster has of larger animals will need to be overcome. The cat will need to learn how to hunt this rodent and not rely on its instincts for hunting.

This allows you to observe their body language. You may be able make friends with your cat if they seem curious or indifferent.

How do I introduce my cat to my hamster?

It is essential to give a proper introduction! You will first want the two to observe each other, as mentioned above. This will allow both sides to get used to each other.

When you feel confident that you are ready to move on, let the animals sniff each other. This is very important because animals learn to navigate using their sense of smell. You should immediately remove any aggression or fear from the cat. This may require you to take it slow. This is perfectly normal

Tips to Catproof a Hamster Cage

Your hamster will spend most of its time in its cage, rather than hanging out with you. While most cages are fairly secure, cats can be very clever and creative. To ensure safety, you must cat-proof your Hamster cage.

Also, make sure that your cage is against a wall. A cat can’t get behind the cage and push it into a wall. A cat pushing a cage to ground could cause it to break open, leaving your hamster at risk.


Cats are naturally predators. We tend to think of cats as preying on toys and other household items. Because cats are limited in what they have indoors, they will eat feather toys and other similar items. They will learn to hunt hamsters if you bring a hamster into their home.

Although it is not an easy relationship, a hamster can live with a cat. To create a happy environment for the pets, it takes effort on the part of both owners. We experience many hiccups and the integration process can take a while. Some cats won’t mind a hamster but others will.

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