Kittyo Pet Camera

There are many pet cams on the market. This one could be for cat owners. The U.S. pet market is valued at $55.5 billion. By 2020, the connected devices market will reach $309 billion. This means that owners can expect many more devices to help them remotely care for their cats and dogs. Kittyo will retail at $189. Kickstarter supporters can save $50. The delivery date is November.

The Kittyo Background Story

The Kittyo pet camera is unique in that it is cat-specific and can be used as a treat dispenser.

Lee Miller invented the Kittyo pet camera. It was funded on Kickstarter to create the first cat-specific interactive camera. This pet camera is not the best, as it can only be used for cats.

Kittyo keeps your cats entertained while you spy on them

Are you ever blue when you are separated from your cat? (I hope so. Then I would feel less alone. According to the Humane Society, indoor cats must be able to satisfy their stalking instincts, stay stimulated and get enough exercise despite their individuality. Kittyo allows owners to play with their cats and spy on them remotely.

You can also use a speaker to talk to your cats, provided that they are willing to listen. Kittyo can’t fall on it and see it smash into a million pieces. The speaker comes with clamps to attach it to a wall or shelf.


Kittyo Pet Cam is a small camera that’s the standard size for pet cameras on the market. It blends well with all types of furniture, thanks to its silver and black color scheme.

The Kittyo has a unique treat dispenser mechanism. The Kittyo has a carousel dispenser that allows you to place your cat’s favorite treats in the dispenser.

Amazing Features

The camera of the Kittyo captures a clear image and video of your cat. The Kittyo also has sound that will draw your cat’s attention towards the location where the Kittyo is located. Your cat can hear you speaking through the microphone as you start to give treats or interact with them.

If you are a cat owner, it is a good idea to hide a toy mouse (or something similar) near the area where your cat will be playing with the laser pointer. After some laser point play, you can highlight the laser on your toy mouse to allow your cat “catch” the prey.

You can download the Kittyo App from the Apple Store and Google Play Store to access the Kittyo software directly from your smartphone. It is simple to install the App and use it with just a few buttons to allow you to remotely monitor and play with your cat.

6 Functions of Kittyo Pet Cam

Kittyo gives you the opportunity to:

  • Keep an eye on your cat
  • You can talk to your cat by pressing a button
  • Use a laser toy for fun
  • Video your cat and send it to us
  • The cat dispenser comes with treats for your cat

How do you set up Kittyo?

It takes only two steps to set up your Kittyo.

  • You can connect the app to your Wi-Fi network by entering your password for your home Wi Fi into your user account.
  • The app is free and available in the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store Android.

Kittyo Price

Kittyo’s pricing has a high price compared to other pet cameras, such as the ones from Petcube. We think the price is a bit high for this product, even though it has many special features.

Do I need a camera to talk to my cat?

Talking to your cat via the camera’s speaker will help your cat hear you. You may also find this helps to lower anxiety when your cat is at home alone. Place furniture or a cat perch to allow your cat to see outside.

People Reviews

Traveling Cat Owners Best Friend

Kittyo is great for travellers. Kittyo is great for travelers. My wife and me travel frequently and, although we have a regular cat sitter we use Kittyo to keep in touch with our cats when we are away. Our cats love the treats and we talk to them. We can also check in on them whenever we like with peace of mind. It is intuitive and user-friendly. It is loved by our cats!

You can find better and cheaper products out there

The longer it is left, the more disappointed I am with the Kittyo. Despite the long delays that they had with their Kickstarter, my unit is not working well. Even with strong wifi, I often cannot connect to the internet. The laser pointer freezes or lags. This is a shame.

It’s great to use at work

Kittyo is amazing! My cats love it. They can be inspected even when I’m not there. They love to play with the laser and get treats. It is very easy to set-up and use.

Very Cool

Kittyo is a great choice for anyone who has a cat. It took me a while to receive it after I placed my Kickstarter order. Their support staff helped me with port forwarding stuff on the router, and it’s now fun to use at work. I enjoy playing with my three cats and giving them treats when they’re not there.

Kittyo Review Final Thoughts

Kittyo comes with a video camera and an audio speaker. There is also a treat dispenser, eight treat compartments, a treat carrousel, and a laser toy that you can control to play with your cat. Kittyo managed to squeeze all of these features into a small and elegant design. Kittyo can be purchased at You can purchase the unit for $249 on their official website.

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