Maine Coon Growth Chart

What is the best way to feed your Maine coon?

A Maine Coon’s health is directly affected by their diet. How much food they eat can have a significant impact on their longevity, well-being, and quality of life. Too much food can cause obesity and other metabolic diseases, which can significantly reduce your Maine Coon’s lifespan. Too little food can cause stunted growth, lethargy, and depression.

Are Your Maine Coons Growing Too Large? This Maine Coon Growth Chart will help you keep your Maine Coon’s weight in check.

Even large cats such as Siberian cats, Ragdolls and Norwegian Forest cats are smaller than most. The second-largest domestic cat breed, Maine Coons (Savannah) is significantly larger. They shouldn’t exceed a certain weight, even though they’re considered the biggest cats in the world. A Maine Coon growth chart will help you keep track and monitor your cat’s growth.

DimensionsMaine CoonsAverage cats
Weight4.5-9kg3.6 to 4.5 kg
Height25-40 cm23-25 cm
Length48-76 cm38-50 cm
Tail length30-45 cm23-25 cm

What Factors Influence Maine Coon’s Size

These are some factors that can affect the growth of your Maine Coon.

  • Genetic makeup – The weight and size of your parents can have an impact on how big your cat grows
  • Gender–Male Maine Coons tend to be larger, heavier and more muscular than their female counterparts.
  • No matter if your feline is purebred or mixed, the Maine Coons are usually smaller than purebred felines.

Average Maine Coon Weight

The average Maine Coon cat’s weight seems to be the subject of much debate on the internet. To simplify the answer, the table below shows the average Maine Coon weight for male and female Maine Coons.

15-25 lb8-12 lbs
6.8 – 11.3 kgs3.6 to 5.4 Kg

What Does a Maine Coon Kitten Weigh?

My readers often ask me how heavy their Maine Coon kitten should weigh.

The simple answer is that every cat’s needs are different, so there is no one right answer. Instead, owners should make sure that their kitten has a high-protein diet and a low-grain diet. You should only eat foods that are specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of Maine Coon kittens.

Newborn90-170 g(0.19 – 0.37 lb)90-150 g(0.19 – 0.33 lb)
1Week190-290 g(0.41 – 0.63 lb)160 – 260 g(0.35 – 0.57 lb)
2Weeks290-430 g(0.63 – 0.94 lb)280 – 415 g(0.61 – 0.90 lb)
3Weeks430 to 600 g(0.94 – 1.32 lb)410-550 g(0.90 – 1.21 lb)
1Month620-820 g(1.36 – 1.80 lb)550 – 740g(1.21 – 1.63 lb)
2Months1.1-1.6 kg(2.42 – 3.52 lb)1 – 1.4 Kilograms(2.20 – 3.08 lb)
3Months1.7 to 2.4kg(3.74 – 5.29 lb)1.5 to 2.3kg(3.30 – 5.07 lb)
4Months2.9 to 3.8 kg(6.39 – 8.37 lb)2.5-3.5 kg(5.51 – 7.71 lb)
5Months3.3 to 5.5kg(7.27 – 12.1 lb)2.7 to 4.2kg(5.95 – 9.25 lb)
6Months3.4 to 6 kg(7.49 – 13.22 lb)3.1 to 4.3kg(6.83 – 9.47 lb)
7Months4.1 to 6.5 kg(9.03 – 14.33 lb)3.3 to 4.6kg(7.27 – 10.14 lb)
8Months4.4 to 6.9 kg(9.7 – 15.22 lb)3.7 to 5kg(8.15 – 11.02 lb)
9Months5 to 7 Kilograms(12.56 – 15.43 lb)4.1 to 5.2 kilograms(9.03 – 11.46 lb)
10Months5.1 to 7.8 kg(11.24 – 17.19 lb)4 – 5 kg(8.81 – 12.12 lb)
11Months5.5 to 8 kg(12.12 – 17.63 lb)4.3 to 6 kg(9.47 – 13.22 lb)
12Months5.8 to 9 kg(12.78 – 19.84 lb)4.5 to 6.5 kg(9.92 – 14.33 lb)


Comparison Chart for Maine Coon and Normal Cat Sizes

It is possible for a Maine Coon cat to be smaller than a normal cat.

A few people claim that a Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds. Maine Coons can sometimes reach 25 pounds, but this is uncommon and not to be expected.

It is possible for Maine Coons to be overweight if they are heavier. For health reasons, it is always a good idea for a cat to be within a healthy weight range.

Maine CoonNormal Cat
Weight (lbs).10-208-12
Height from shoulder (inches).10-169-10
Inches, body length from nose to tail base19-3015-20
Tail length in inches12-189-10

Factors that Influence Food Quantity

There are many factors that may require more food than others, as determined by the Maine Coon or situation. These are some factors that could affect the amount of food you give each day:

* It doesn’t matter if your Maine Coon has just turned one or is an adult.

* Brand of dry or wet food. Some brands have a lower or higher calorie density.

* No matter if you want to aid your Maine Coon gain weight or lose it.

* The Maine Coon’s activity level

* The Maine Coon’s individual metabolism

Although there is no one number that works for all Maine Coons, the chart below can be used as a starting point and you can adjust it over time until you find the right amount.

How to Keep a Maine Coon Cat Growing Chart

Many cat parents worry that their Maine Coons kittens will become overweight. This can cause underfeeding.

A growth chart is the best way to see if your Maine Coon is healthy. This allows you to easily compare your results with the average breed dimensions and helps to avoid weight-related problems.

Spreadsheet – Use an organized spreadsheet to monitor your Maine Coon’s growth and development. You can use this information to help you determine the measurements of your cat.

* Measurement tape–Don’t use a sturdy measuring tape. Instead, get a fabric one. This will give you precise results and make it easier for your cat.

*Scale Choose a high-quality, consistent scale.

It’s easier to measure your cat while they sleep if they are fussy or unable to stand still. If this fails, you can give your cat treats or scratch their stomachs, or ask for help. You should keep track of your Maine Coon kittens for the first few months. When they are older, you will be able to weigh them once per month.

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