Mars Coat King Vs Furminator

The Mars Coat Kings can remove dead hair from feline and canine fur coats. The Furminator, on the other hand is more suitable for long hair. However, it takes more practice to ensure it doesn’t harm a cat’s fur.

Furminator is a pet grooming tool known for its ability to reduce shedding and excessive hair. It was invented by Angie Porter, a professional dog groomer.

What are the main differences between them?

Mars Coat King and Furminator are two comb-like tools that can be used on dogs. They can also be used on cats. The Mars Coat King is similar to Furminator in appearance and actions. However, their purpose differs slightly. Furminator is a shedding tool and Mars Coat King is a stripping tool. Furminator is available in smaller sizes but it’s still very popular with pet owners. It is not recommended to groom your pet’s hair daily as it can cause hair loss. The majority of dead hair follicles can be removed in the first or second attempt if you do it right.

The Full Comparison

Let’s now compare these products in terms of cost, use, versatility, cost and other factors.

Mars Coat King

The Coat King range of products is great for hand stripping. Particularly useful for trimming dead undercoats before cutting in the case of terriers. The Coat King knives have become a favorite of both dog owners and experienced groomers. Coat King is suitable for all breeds and types of coats.

The Mars Coat King is basically a tool for stripping coats. The unique design of the Mars Coat King makes it very effective in removing any dead hair from a cat’s fur. It consists of high quality angled strippers and stainless steel teeth. The handle is made from wood.

The Mars Coat King is easy to use. You just need to run the Mars Coat King through your pet’s hair and it will cover all large and thick areas in no time.

  1. Mars Coat king: Guide
Mars Coat King Fine 12 bladeFor a rough, wet texture
Mars Coat King Extra Fine 16 BladeFor fine coats and finishing afterThe undercoat has been taken off
Mars Coat King Extra Fine 20 BladeFinish the job after you have removed theFine coats or undercoats
Mars Coat King Superfine 26 bladeFor silky, refined coats
Mars Coat King Medium Wide 18 BladesLarger breeds that have thick, wet coats
Fine 23-blade Mars Coat King Fine WideLarger breeds that have coarse, wet coats
Mars Coat King Extra-fine, wide 30 bladesFor finer breeds or finishing larger ones

How to Use Mars Coat King

You don’t have to be an expert in grooming for the Mars Coat King. Simply press the little rake-shaped instrument lightly onto your cat’s hair. Next, move the rake in the direction of your cat’s hair growth.

The opposite direction will not only remove some hair from the coat but can also cause skin irritation.

Quick Guide

For prep work and thinning out the undercoat, use Coarse and Medium styles (6-12 blades).For grooming heavy, soft coats, fine styles (16-20 blades)For finishing and thick shaggy coats (especially setters and spaniels), look for superfine styles (20-26 blades).
To comb the undercoat, use coarse tools. Finer styles are for finishing.


Furminator can remove as much as 90% of dog’s hair. The Furminator can collect a lot of hair in a short time. This means that you don’t have to clean your dog every single day. This clever dog brush makes cleaning your dog’s hair a once-a-week chore.

A specialized deshedding tool is recommended for cats that shed excessively or don’t like to be groomed. Furminator is a premium tool for removing hair from undercoats. The Furminator has a quick-release button that allows you to remove hair from the deshedder without having to use your fingers. It also has a comfortable grip that makes grooming fast and easy.

How does the Furminator work?

What is a FURminator? It works like a magical hair magnet that your dog will enjoy as much as you.

A professional groomer and her husband designed the FURminator after searching high and low for a tool to effectively shed their client’s undercoat. They set out to create one after they had never seen one that worked.

The FURminator DeShedding Tool is made of super-fine metal bristles and can remove both loose hair and undercoat hair.

The metal bristles of the deShedding tool quickly fill up as you drag it along the dog’s body. They reach the bottom of the undercoat and are therefore very useful in shedding.

You can also expect your dog to have loose hair. This will happen every time you give your dog a petting, or if your dog shakes. The metal bristles will capture those hairs before they build up new dog hair dust bunnies around your living room.

Do’s And Don’ts of Furminator

You should brush your cat’s entire body. You should be extra cautious around sensitive areas such as the ears, stomach, and genitals.Avoid brushing the same area too often or you could cause irritation to your cat’s skin. You are more likely to cause irritation if you continue brushing the same area.
Use gentle strokes to move the brush upwards from your cat’s skin. As needed, remove hair from the teeth.Do not apply too much pressure to the FURminator brush.

From head to tail, brush. Make sure you brush your cat’s teeth in the same direction.
From head to tail, brush.

How to Use the Furminator

The FURminator should be used a few times per week, for approximately 15 minutes each. It is a good idea to wash your dog first to get some hair out before you use the FURminator. However, it is not always practical to wait until all the hair is dry.

Outside, except when the weather is not cooperating, I use my FURminator. It pulls out a lot of hair, and it is easier to let it fly outside.

The instructions manual must be carefully read before you use the Furminator. You should also practice using the Furminator to make sure it works properly.

Mars Coat King vs Furminator: Key Differences

Mars Coat KingFurminator
1. Before the Mars Coat King can be shed, he needs some experience.1. Furminator can be used only occasionally after the dog has shed its coat.
2. The Mars Coat King can bear all feline and canine breeds, with different hair types.2. Furminator is usually used to describe caninesLong haired cats that have a double layer of double-coated hair.Furminator should not have a single coat of canine, as the metal bristles could scratch the skin.
3. Mars Coat King will remove all undercoats, even those that are longer.3. Furminator can only be used on the back of a pet dog.
4. You can find coat kings in many sizes and multiple blades that are suitable for medium-to-long hair.4. Furminator trims the hair and removes itThe undercoat works better when worn short.It is suitable for medium to thick coats and only a handful of head sizes.

Is The Furminator a Ruin to the Coat?

Although the Furminator can be a useful tool, it is best to practice using it on breed coats. The Furminator will trim the topcoat (guard hairs) and the undercoat, which can cause severe skin irritation.

Good brushing technique

You can get the best out of your FURminator cat’s deshedder by following a routine. Spend at least 15 minutes brushing your cat. Brushing long-haired cats can take as much as an hour. Brushing your cat should take you at least an hour. Rushing could lead to a loss of hairs or worse, even injury. After you are done brushing, take out any hairs and wash the brush with warm water and mild soap.


It may be difficult to compare the two if you haven’t used either Mars Coat King nor Furminator. We hope you will be able to make an informed decision about the best pet grooming equipment for your furry friend after reading this comparison.

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