Meowbox VS Kitnipbox

Are you looking to pamper your pet? There’s no better way to express your gratitude and love to your cat than by introducing them to a subscription box. If you choose to subscribe to litter, toys or food, or a combination of the two It can be extremely entertaining to surprise your cat with a gift every month, as well as, of course, a brand-new box to play with. In addition, it is quite a relief knowing that you’ve got an ongoing supply of products you want the to provide your pet with the best. It can also be a relief knowing that you can access unbelievable savings and deals as compared to products purchased from stores.

KitNipBox as well as Meowbox can be considered subscriptions that provide cats’ entertainment (and we’ll admit it to entertain their owners also). They have cat toys that are crinkle-y or move, and occasionally contain catnip. The treat boxes are a great way to offer your cat something different to explore in addition to their normal diet.

Both subscriptions for cat products are basically the same thing: A few new and interesting toys for your cat with cute designs and delicious snacks if you’d like.

What’s in the Meowbox Cat Subscriber Box?

Meowbox is one of the most popular cat subscriptions available and with good reason. They are known for their top-quality and durable toys. They also offer the benefit of an every other month subscription option. This is a monthly subscription box that includes five to six items that include grooming products, treats, clothes, food including toys, supplements and much more. Every Meowbox Cat subscription box is a full surprise, and is centered around an individual theme.

You may choose whether you want to get your boxes every month or bi-monthly basis. Every box includes items that are made from small-scale businesses and artisans. Additionally, all treats are either organic, functional, single/limited-ingredient, or grain-free, and always produced in the US or Canada. You can, however, choose”No food” or “No Food” option at the checkout to replace treats with an additional toy in case your cat is allergic or has sensitivities.

What’s Inside the Kitnipbox Cat Subscription Box?

Awarded the Best Pet Box award for two consecutive years, KitNipBox offers toys, treats and other cat items with their subscriptions. They aim to make their treats and toys eco-friendly. KitnipBox is an annual cat subscription that includes toys gadgets, treats, natural and useful items for hygiene that all fit into the theme of the month. KitnipBox offers two subscription boxes: Happy Cat KitNipBox and Multi-Cat KitNipBox as well as the option to opt for the “no treats” option when signing for the service if you want your cat to get catnip and toys.

What to look for when Shopping the Cat’s Subscription Box

  • Flexibility

You’ll want to choose an animal subscription that permits you to modify your subscription as you wish and fits into your needs and schedule most effectively.

  • Ingredient Sourcing

Choose one that’s open regarding its ingredient source and makes use of the purest ingredients to ensure your cat healthy and happy. the best life possible.

  • Price

It is important to ensure that you’re getting the most value that are possible through your cat’s subscription and there are customer benefits that will seal the bargain.

  • The Story of Brand’s History

The cat subscriptions we have reviewed have been in operation for a long time and have received high ratings by most of their customers. They are established and have been working to earn the trust of consumers and loyalty.

  • Overall Good Quality

Cats, particularly kittens, tend to play rough at times with their new toys, so you’ll need to buy items designed to last. These subscriptions provide a great value for money compared to the items you can see in stores (and often they go far beyond those retail brands).

Top Points About Meowbox

Do you own a pet who isn’t the most particular, finicky, or has a sensitive stomach, it is a great option for them. The reason? You can choose whether you would like a subscription box that includes an assortment of food and toy. You can also request that it not contain any.

Additionally they also promise that in every box, there will be a unique item. If you’re like me, you’ll love this detail, it gives the box the impression that it is worth more. Another thing that adds its value is the adorable handwritten note included inside each box.

The aspect of these features that make me smile every time is that they’re so basic. However, it’s the little items that be the difference between success and failure you think?

Meowbox’s Negative Points Meowbox

It’s generally an excellent box to subscribe to. But, as you know, no subscription is 100% perfect. One of the small issues I’ve experienced with this is the choice you will receive. It’s not easy to please everyone and most likely, you will find a selection that does not satisfy your needs.

The Best Things About Kitnipbox

This box of subscriptions is the only item that it comes with. These are the things that distinguish the box from other choices since they are unique to this box. Each month , there is a different theme that will keep you and your the cat happy and entertained. It’s not a good idea to receive the same themes every month, isn’t it?

There are a variety of treats and toys for your cat or a diet option which excludes treats. This is the best option for cats who suffer from allergies or have sensitive stomachs. In this situation the treats can be substituted for toys or other treats.

If you’re a fervent cat lover, then you’ll appreciate the fact that a percentage of your monthly fee goes to support animal welfare groups like shelters or rescues.

The Worst Things You Can Say Concerning Kitnipbox

One of the advantages of these cat-themed boxes is that you get a surprise every month, and you’re always wondering what you’ll receive. However, this isn’t pleasant if it isn’t up to your expectations. That’s why I say that this box could include months that feel slightly unbalanced, for instance, it has more things than you’d like Are you agreeing with me?

However take note that you’re not able to choose exactly what you’ll get. However, that is what you get with the selection box you think?

Important Factors of Meowbox

  • Toys exclusively for Meowbox subscribers
  • Boxes that are toy-only
  • A little more costly
  • A note of your own for your kittens
  • A portion of the profits goes to One Box Can helping cats who have food issues.

Key Features Of Kitnipbox

  • Special boxes designed to accommodate multiple cat households
  • Boxes designed for cats with dietary requirements
  • A little bit cheaper
  • Parts of the profits go to shelters, rescues and trap-neuter-return initiatives.
  • More flexible

What do users have to say

Users report KitNipBox and Meowbox each have a range of games that are great for both you and your cat each month. Moms and dads of cats enjoy the cute designs. The personalized note for cats inside Meowboxes adds a special touch to the box and that’s a big plus to the people who bought the Meowbox. The consensus of the cat owners who purchased Meowboxes is that some cats enjoyed food and toys, while others were not. It’s all about the personality of your cat. In addition, both boxes often made cat parents unhappy with the quality of the box because of the amount they paid for it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no definitive winner with both boxes containing almost the exact same products. However, if you’re hesitant about investing in the cat-related subscription choose KitNipBox to test it initially. If you want a personal touch, such as an adorable note, go to Meowbox. After you have received your Meowbox but, you could be surprised to learn that both your cat and you get addicted!

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