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Do you want to spoil your cat? A cat subscription box is a great way to show your affection and love for your feline friend. It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to litter, food or toys; it can be great fun to give your cat a box each month. It can be a great relief to know that your cat has access to the best deals and discounts compared to buying store-bought items.

KitNipBox or Meowbox subscription boxes are for cats’ entertainment and their owners’ entertainment. These boxes contain cat toys that can crinkle, move and sometimes even have catnip. You can also add optional treats boxes to give your cat something different to eat in addition to their regular food.

The subscriptions for cat products are basically the same. You get a few new toys and treats for your cat, along with some cute themes.

What’s in the Meowbox Cat Subscription Box

Meowbox is the most well-known of all the cat subscription boxes, and with good reason. Meowbox is known for making high-quality toys that last. They also offer an every-other month subscription option. The monthly subscription box includes 5-6 products. These products include grooming products, food and toys. Each Meowbox cat subscription box comes with a surprise package and is focused on a particular theme.

Your box can be delivered on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. Each box also contains small business and artisans-sourced products. Additionally, all treats are either organic, functional, single/limited-ingredient, or grain-free, and always produced in the US or Canada. If your cat is sensitive or allergic to food, you can choose the “No Food” option during checkout.

What’s in the Kitnipbox Cat Subscription Box Box?

KitNipBox won the Best Pet Box Award for two consecutive years. They offer toys, treats and other cat products through their subscription boxes. Their toys and treats are eco-friendly. KitnipBox is a monthly subscription for cats that includes toys, gadgets and hygiene products. Each month’s theme matches the kitnipbox. There are two subscription options available: Multi-Cat KitNipBox or Happy Cat KitNipBox. You can also choose to have your cat only receive catnip and toys when you sign up.

What to Look for When Shopping for Cat’s Subscription box

  • Flexibility

A subscription to a cat will be a great choice. It allows you to make changes as needed and can work around your needs.

  • Ingredient Sourcing

To ensure your cat is happy and healthy, make sure the brand you choose has transparency about ingredient sourcing.

  • Price

It’s important to ensure that your subscription is the best deal possible and that you have access to customer perks.

  • Brand’s history

We found that many of the above-mentioned cat subscriptions have been around for a long time and receive high ratings from their customers. These brands are established and have worked hard for consumer loyalty and trust.

  • Overall Quality

Even kittens can be rough with toys, so it’s important to buy durable items. These subscriptions are a great value for money compared to what you would find in retail stores. In many cases, these brands offer more than their retail counterparts.

The Best Things About Meowbox

This subscription box is perfect for cats who are picky, finicky, or have sensitive stomachs. You can choose whether you would like a subscription that includes toys and treats or a combination of both. You can also request that the subscription box does not contain any.

They also promise to include a handmade item in every box. This little detail will make the box feel more valuable if you’re like me. A cute handwritten note is also included in every box.

These features are simple and always grab my attention. These little details can make all of the difference.

Worst Things About Meowbox

This is generally a great subscription box. As you know, there is no perfect subscription box. This is one of my little complaints. It is difficult to please everyone and you will likely get a selection that doesn’t meet your expectations.

The Best Things About Kitnipbox

The subscription box includes an exclusive item. These items are unique to the subscription box and set it apart from other options. Each month features a different theme to keep your cat and you happy. It’s not good to have the same selection every month.

There are two options: toys and treats for cats or a diet that doesn’t include treats. This option is great for cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs. The treats can be substituted for toys and other goodies in this instance.

You will love the fact that your monthly subscription supports animal welfare organizations like rescues and shelters if you are a cat lover.

Worst Things About Kitnipbox

The surprise that each month brings is one of the best things about these cat selection boxes. You never know what you might get. Sometimes, however, this can prove annoying if the surprise doesn’t live up to your expectations. I’m pointing out that this subscription box might feel a little unbalanced for a few months, such as having more toys than you expected.

This being said, you cannot choose exactly what you will receive. That is the whole point of the selection box, right?

The Key Factors of Meowbox

  • Exclusive to Meowbox Subscribers: Toys
  • Option for toys-only boxes
  • A little more expensive
  • Note to your kitties
  • One Box Can supports cats who have food insecurity.

The Key Factors of Kitnipbox

  • Particular boxes for multiple cat households
  • Boxes for cats who have special dietary requirements
  • A little bit cheaper
  • Shelters, rescues and trap-neuter return efforts receive large amounts of profits.
  • More options

What users have to say

KitNipBox users say Meowbox and Meowbox have a wide range of toys that will be fun for both you and your cat every month. The cute themes are a hit with cat dads as well as moms. A personal note is included in Meowboxes for cats. This makes the Meowboxes extra special. Cat parents who purchased these boxes agreed that cats love the toys and treats. It all depends on the cat. Both boxes can sometimes leave cat parents dissatisfied with the value of their box based on what they spent.

Last Thoughts

Both boxes have the exact same contents so there is no clear winner. KitNipBox is a great option if you’re hesitant about spending money on a subscription for cats. Meowbox is a personal touch that includes a sweet note and a personalized message. You might be shocked to discover that your box is a hit with your cat!

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