Pet Remedy Vs Feliway

Pet Remedy contains essential oils that mimic the natural calming agents found in most animals’ brains. Feliway uses synthetic hormones that are specifically made for cats in order to imitate the feline pheromones to help them relax and feel secure.

  1. What is Feliway?

Feliway is a synthetic cat scent that mimics calming scents to make cats feel calmer and less stressed. Pheromones, or scent chemicals, are chemical compounds released by the glands of your cat’s skin. They send different messages to other cats and themselves. These chemicals are understood by all cats.

Feliway uses pheromones that are associated with comfort and safety to send reassuring messages. They reduce stress-related behaviors and anxiety. Feliway is not considered a drug because pheromones are an essential part of cat communication. Feliway is safe and effective, with no side effects.

Pheromones can be used to communicate with cats, as well as with other cats. They can be used to warn cats of stress and fear, or to mark territory or establish interactions with other cats. They can also be used to signal comfort and happy places. They are also very interested in bonding with humans and other pets. Mother cats also produce them to bond with their kittens.

  1. Ingredients

Feliway’s expertise is in synthetic pheromones. These pheromones mimic the natural pheromones that cats produce.

The synthetic pheromones used in these products also vary. The Classic Diffuser emits facial pheromones while the MultiCat version releases pheromones that are similar to those of a lactating mother.

  1. Feliway: When can I use it?

There are many ways to use the classic Feliway. You can use it throughout your home by placing a diffuser inside your home to reduce stressors such as building work. You can use it for one-off events, such as a veterinarian trip or special occasions like fireworks nights.

Feliway Friends is a program that focuses on pheromones to help cats communicate with one another. It can also be used to diffuse conflict between feline occupants.

  1. Performance is a priority

Starter kits that include Feliway products contain a diffuser head, 48-mL vials and a starter kit. Feliway products are sold in starter kits that contain a diffuser head and a 48-mL vial. However, one vial is only good for 30 days.

Feliway diffusers have a coverage area of up to 700 feet.

Feliway really works?

There aren’t many scientific studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of pheromonal products for cats. Some research has shown some positive results.

Mills & Prior, 2020 conducted a study on the effects of pheromonal products on households that have both cats and dogs. Feliway Friends was shown to improve the relationships between cats and dogs, with fewer negative and more positive behaviours. It also led to higher relaxation scores for cat owners. This could be very helpful if you are considering adding a pet to your home, or if you have multiple pets and worry that your cat might be anxious.

3. Pet remedy

Pet Remedy works for all pets. It is longer lasting, covers a wider area, and more affordable than most other top-selling products. You won’t have to purchase one product for every pet with Pet Remedy. This is in contrast to other top-selling products that only offer one product per species. Pet Remedy is available in two forms: a plug-in diffuser or sprays. Spray the calming sprays in either 200ml or 20ml on your pet’s coat, or anywhere else your pet is likely to be exposed. Because they are spirit-based, other top products are not safe for pets or humans. Pet Remedy works instantly, unlike other products that take weeks to work.

  1. What is the Pet Remedy?

Pet Remedy works with the brain’s natural “messengers” called neurotransmitters. These messages tell the nerve receiving the message to either calm down (via GABA pathway), or get ‘fired-up’. Stress and anxiety can cause nerves to become overstimulated, leading to many symptoms in stressed animals. Pet Reemdy has a natural ingredient, while other top-selling products use synthetic pheromones. Pet Remedy was tested by behaviourists and vets.

Pet Remedy contains a proprietary blend (valarian, sweet basil, vetivert, and sage) of essential oils. These essential oils are safe for cats. The product is safe for cats, I’m sure. It works on many species of pets, including dogs and horses. Are certain essential oils okay for some species but not others?

Pet Remedy contains essential oils of Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Valerian. These oils are safe for all pets at home and outdoors. Pet Remedy is safe for cats and does not contain any essential oils.

Valerian essential oil is well-known for its sedative properties and ability to relax both the central nervous system as well as the smooth muscles. The essential oil of Vetiver is widely used in

Performance Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy diffusers are available in 40 mL bottles that can last for up to 60 days. They can cover up to 625 square feet.

Pet Remedy is a great product that can have immediate effects on your pets. Even if you have multiple pets, you can still observe the effects.

  1. Are There any areas you shouldn’t spray/put pet remedies?

No. Pet Remedy can be applied directly to your pet’s bedding, clothing, and other soft furnishings. Some products are spirit-based and cannot be applied directly to pets or on humans.

  1. Is the Product Safely Consumed by The Cat?

All pets can eat small amounts of the product, but it should not be applied to food. However, it is safe to use on pets’ skin and fur.

  1. Ingredients

Pet Remedy contains herbs and oils that are safe and effective for pets, such as Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Spanish Sage essential oils.

Because essential oils that are safe for pets can be dangerous if they are not diluted properly, these pet-safe oils should only be used in small amounts. They act by mimicking natural-occurring calming substances that send signals to the brain to relax.

What can you do instead of Feliway?

Calming Care, Calm-o-mile and Sentry are all options. Vetri-Science’s Comosure, Essential Pet Pet-ease, Vetri-Science, Vetri-Science, Vetri-Science, and Pet Naturals have calming products.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Feliway and Pet Remedy together?

Feliway and Pet Remedy use different ingredients in their products so mixing them may prove counterproductive.

However, you can try one of them in different rooms to find which one is most effective for your cat. It’s better to use Pet Remedy for all pets in a household than to mix it with other pets.

Can I Use Pet Remedy Or Feliway For Dogs?

Pet Remedy’s natural ingredients make it safe to use for dogs suffering from anxiety.

Feliway uses synthetic hormones that are only produced by cats. Feliway is therefore only for cats.

Is Pet Remedy As Good As Feliway?

Valerian is a natural tranquilizer and I have used it with horses. These are more effective than Feliway, which is a pheromone-only Feliway. Feliway is only for cats, but these also work with dogs.


Pet Remedy or Feliway are two of the top results when you search for pet tranquilizers.

There is no one brand that is better than another, but there are many ways to choose the best.

Pet Remedy is a natural brand that offers a lot of value for money. Pet Remedy has the right mix of natural ingredients to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Feliway is a good option if you are concerned about coverage and cat-based products.

Whichever brand you choose, your pet will be relieved.

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