Petcube Alternative

Petcube Alternative

Pet cameras are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your pet companion even when you’re not there. Petcube is a trusted brand in the pet camera industry, but there are other options that offer similar features and capabilities.


Petcube is a big name in the pet camera market. However, there are other options that offer good features and performance. We’ll show you some of the best Petcube alternatives for cats. Let’s get started!

1. Hongsa Smart Pet Camera

This is a great alternative to the Petcube camera you can use for a starting point. You can replace the Petcube Bites 2 with a better camera that offers more features at a lower cost.

This camera can provide a live feed in 1080p HD HD resolution and can see in darkness. It has a wider field of view than the Petcube and can transmit audio in both directions.

2. Wansview Wi Fi Pet Camera

It has many of the following:

The Wansview Wi-Fi Pet Camera has the same capabilities and features as the Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera. This camera has a full high definition (1080p) image quality that can be sent over Wi-Fi to your phone.

The Wansview camera has night vision so you can see your cat even in the dark. The camera does not flash, so you don’t need to be concerned about your cat being scared. The camera will not cause fear in your cat.

3. VStarcam Pet Camera

The VStarcam is a great alternative to Petcube’s Play 2 Wi-Fi Camera. The VStarcam has a much smaller field of view than the Petcube’s 160 degree. It only offers 107 degrees of viewing. The camera compensates by giving you an adjustable field of view, which isn’t fixed.

A pet camera can be used to communicate with your pet when you are away. This is a great option for people who travel frequently and miss their pet. The Wansview Wi-Fi Pet Camera, however, is a better option if you are looking for something more affordable that will let you see your cat in great detail.

The Best Pet Camera is Better/worse than (alternative)

With its App, you can play and monitor your pet while on vacation or at work. The digicam also features a bark alert sensor, which sends a notification directly to your smartphone if the digicam detects any dog barking. We were immediately impressed by the digicam’s 1080 HD resolution and night vision.

We love that you can set up custom treat-flinging distances, and even schedule auto-dispensing times to keep your pups entertained throughout the day. Canine cameras are similar to baby monitors. They allow you to check in on your pet and make sure they’re fine.

A pet monitor or camera that is good for your dog will allow you to monitor their activity while you are away. Some monitors even let you communicate with your pet throughout the day.

If you are often away from home for long periods of time, and your dog is inside, the most obvious reason to buy a pet digital camera.

It won’t be beneficial to own two cameras if you only need one camera. The cost of an additional camera will depend on your specific needs. You can save the video by reporting it. This digicam is a great option if you are looking to save as much as possible, but still get good quality.

Monitoring your dog’s activity is vital if you are away from home for more than 8 hours. With a 2-way audio feature available in many canine cameras, you can monitor your dog’s activities at all times and stop any undesirable behavior.

Are Pet Cameras Worth It?

A pet camera can help you keep in touch with your pet even when you are away. This is great for people who often miss their pet. It can also be used to reduce separation anxiety symptoms in cats.

Are Pet Cameras Hackable?

This can vary from one brand to another. Most well-respected brands provide a good level of security with no breaches reported within the past few years.

Can multiple people Watch Petcube?

You can only access your Petcube video stream by default. However, you can share your Petcube access with your friends, family, and anyone else who has the Petcube app installed on their phone.

Petcube is safe?

Petcube is deeply concerned about the security of our customers. Our engineers are constantly improving devices and services to protect your data and give you peace of mind. Data transmission takes place using the TLS protocol, which is 128-bit encrypted. The signed updates secure the firmware distribution.

Is Petcube Recording Sound?

Petcube Care records videos of pet owners playing with their pets via the Petcube app. The owner can initiate recording by sound, motion and autoplay mode. The user will be able to control the notification settings and record with three different settings: Awake/Quiet/Sleep.

Is it possible to use Petcube without a subscription?

No! No! Your Petcube camera works right out of the package. Petcube Care membership can be purchased separately. It provides an optional extended video history recording of 3 to 90 days, access for longer 30 second clips, a 2-year warranty (Premium plan only), and partner benefits that could save you hundreds on pet care.

Is it possible to use Petcube away from home?

Petcube allows you to play and watch your pet online. You probably worry a lot about your pet’s health while you are away.

Can My Petcube be Hacked?

Petcube will need access to your Wi-Fi account at home to function. We have written before about the weak link, i.e. Your password can be a weak link. It could happen because a smart device connected to your Wi Fi at home is hacked. Then suddenly, everything connected to your Wi Fi is also hacked.

Is Pet Cameras a Security Risk?

Pet cameras can be a magnet for hackers because they provide a private view of your house and can broadcast sensitive information. These information could then be used to identity theft, blackmail, and even help thieves gain entry to your home while you’re away.

Is Petcube a good alternative to WiFi?

Petcube devices do not have Internet access. They must be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to function properly. Petcube needs a WiFi network with a minimum 1Mbps upload/download speed (although 2Mbps is recommended).

Do Pet Cameras Require A Subscription?

Affordable and value for money – A reliable, interactive pet camera with high customer ratings/ratings. It is priced at around $100, so it’s affordable. There are no hidden fees or additional subscriptions.

Petcube is Always On

Petcube Care has two modes: Awake or Sleep. Open Petcube app and navigate to the camera profile on Android. If you are using iOS, tap the Play’ icon to switch between iOS and Android. Move the slider to either ‘Sleep or ‘Awake’ mode. If you’re not there and Petcube Care is active, use Awake mode.


Today’s guide will walk you through three PetCube Alternatives to help your cat.

These options offer the best value for money, even though there are many pet cameras on the market, especially when compared to Petcube products.

We believe Hongsa Smart Pet Camera, which can be used to communicate with your cat even when you aren’t there, is a great recommendation.

The Wansview Wifi pet camera is a budget-friendly option that allows you to check on your cat in high definition.

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