Royal Canin Urinary So Cat Food Alternatives

Cats who are not getting enough water or aren’t following a balanced diet contract are more likely to develop urinary tract problems. Special cat food is required for cats with urinary problems. This will help to ease discomfort, speed up recovery times, and prevent crystal formation.

There are many cat foods on the market today that contain useful ingredients to balance the pH levels of the urinary tract, monitor them, and get them on a healthier track.

Canine food and wet cat food are the most common. Canister food is easier to use and contains more natural ingredients.

Royal Canin Urinary SO catfood is the best when it comes to treating Urinary Tract problems. Its price isn’t affordable for everyone. Today we will write an article about the top 3 Royal Canin Urinary SO Cat Food Alternatives.

The Best Urinary Foods

  • Best Overall: Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau
  • Weruva Canned Classic Recipes is the runner-up
  • Purina Pro plan Urinary Tract health: Best on a Budget
  • Hill’s Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control Wet Food are the Prescription Brand Alternatives

The Best Urinary Dry Foods

  • Best Overall: Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein Dry Food
  • Farmina N&D Functional Quinoa Urinary dry Food is the runner-up
  • Wysong Uretic Natural Dry Food: A Budget Alternative
  • Hill’s Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control Dry Food is a Prescription Alternative

Be proactive

You may want to take a proactive approach with other cats and ensure that your cat’s pH level is within a healthy range. You don’t have to be proactive to get a prescription, or avoid ingredients you dislike.

Consider urinary benefits as part of your overall approach for your cat’s diet.

The bottom line

You can trust your cat to make the right decision for them. It is important that you consult your veterinarian before making any changes in their diet.


1.Wysong Uretic

  • Taurine protects your cat’s eyes and heart from disease.
  • Ideal for all stages of life
  • To combat allergies, it contains rosemary extract
  • Naturally maintained product without artificial flavors or by-products
  • It can be used to treat painful conditions of the urinary tract
  • It is high in fresh/frozen organs and meats to sustain the cat’s carnivorous diet.
  • Contains the right amount of fat and protein

2.Blue Buffalo W+U

  • A veterinary diet that has a higher level of fiber. This will help your cat feel fuller longer.
  • Prescription-only cat food does not contain any grains, which most fur parents prefer to avoid. This cat food is perfect for sensitive stomachs.
  • It is designed to help with weight management and maintaining a healthy urinary tract.
  • To support urinary care, the product is formulated with controlled levels of minerals such as magnesium and sodium.
  • Natural diet with chicken broth that provides both nutrition and moisture.

3.Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract and Health Formula

  • This specialized recipe uses real salmon to give your cat a unique taste they will love.
  • Fortified with 25 essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet, whether used as a topping on kibble or alone.
  • It keeps the urinary tract healthy by reducing urinary pH and providing low levels of dietary magnesium.
  • For a healthy immune system, you will need to take extra care

4.Urinary SO+ Calm Dry Cat Food

Feline Multifunction Urinary +Calm Dry is a high-palatable, digestible, complete, balanced adult cat food that provides calming nutrients to cats in stressful situations.

5.Hill’s Science

Hill’s Science Diet Urinary Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food supports the health and prevents hairball formation. Magnesium is essential for the overall health of the urinary system. Natural fiber reduces hairballs comfortably. Natural fiber is rich in fiber, fatty acid, and antioxidants that support healthy digestion, hair, and skin, as well as a strong immune system. High quality, digestible protein that helps maintain lean muscles.

  • New look coming soon!
  • Cat food with high levels of magnesium that supports the whole urinary system
  • Natural fiber is a good source to reduce the hairballs in cats.
  • With omega-6s, vitamin E, and vitamin E, you can support healthy skin and coat.
  • For your cat’s muscle development, you can provide high-quality protein
  • Made with natural ingredients

Why are Cats Recommended Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin Urinary So or Other Urinary Prescription Foods?

Hills C/D is often recommended for cats suffering from FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). However, FLUTD is a general term that covers many disorders. Some disorders, such as a urethral obstruction, are life-threatening and some cause discomfort that doesn’t require immediate attention.

Hill’s C/D can also control pH and quantities of minerals that are important for the production of calcium oxalates and struvites. For example, phosphate and magnesium are controlled because they are essential building blocks for struvites, and calcium for calcium-oxalates. It is important to keep the pH of your urine between 6.2 and 6.4. This acidity is sufficient to dissolve struvites, but it also prevents oxalate from forming.

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What is the best way to treat a cat with crystals, Royal Canin Urinary SO dry and wet cat food?

This food is excellent for treating crystalluria. However, there are some differences in this food from urinary products made by companies such as Hill’s. The calorie content of Royal Canin SO is lower than Hill’s c/d. Ask your vet about Royal Canin SO Olfactory Attraction Food. This food is supposed to be more digestible for cats. If Bean seems to really dislike it, you can ask about switching to a therapeutic diet. There are no other over-the-counter options that have been proven to stop urinary crystals from cats.

Royal Canin Urinary S/O dilutes the urine to encourage struvites stay in their dissolved state and not combine in the urine into stones or crystals. Urinary S/O contains high levels of sodium which signals the kidneys that they need to excrete extra sodium. This causes the kidneys and kidneys to produce more water, leading to dilution.

This also signals the brain to drink more. This action helps to maintain a low urine special gravity (USG) in the body. To aid in dilution, urinary S/O is best given as canned food. This diet has other benefits, such as limiting the amount of minerals that make up crystals and stones, controlling the pH and helping to dissolve/prevent existing crystals/stones.

What is the equivalent of Royal Canin cat food

The verdict on Purina

Purina has many positive aspects to its name. Although it does not have as many products to choose from as Royal Canin’s, it still has a wide range of options. You can also be confident that the food it makes is high-quality. Purina UR is similar to Royal Canin in that it dilutes urine. Royal Canin and UR have different ingredients. UR is more sodium-rich, has more protein and can be used to lose weight.

Can you combine Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet foods?

My cats don’t like Royal Canin Urinary Care Dry, but they love the Hills C/D urine dry food, Royal Canin wet food and the Royal Canin urinary food. They also hate the Hills wet food. They only consume the wet food once per day. I am now concerned because I was told by someone that the two different prescription veterinary diets renders them useless. My vet has never spoken to me about it and knows that I use Royal Canin Hills.

What is the difference in regular and urinary cat food?

Royal Canin and UR have different nutritional values. UR is lower in sodium and more protein and can be used to lose weight. Savory Selects (gravy and chunks), has the highest level of protein, lowest carbs, and lowest fat in a urine diet.

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