Sealpoint vs. Shocolate Point Siamese 3 Distinctions

Seal point definition The definition of seal point is not relevant.

A coat color for cats that is characterized by a cream or fawn body , with dark brown points

Also : as well: a Siamese cat that is colored like this.

The history of seal point insignificant

The belief is that the majority of Siamese cats had been an Seal Point Siamese. The breed is a native of Thailand that was once named Siam and was the reason it got its famous name. They are among the first recognized Asian cats, and records of them going up to the 1350s.

The definition of the chocolate point is not relevant

Chocolate Point Siamese cats are unique felines that will melt your heart with their beautiful appearance and affectionate temperament. They are highly sought-after cats and are a unique variation in that Siamese breed. Actually they are regarded as a Choccie Point cat is a distinctive genetic variant that is a distinct genetic variation of that of the Seal Point Siamese cat.

The story of the chocolate siamese cat siamese: unimportant

We are aware the Chocolate Point Siamese were originally from Thailand due to the fact that it’s the place where they came from. Seal Point ancestry began. We don’t know much else about their particular ancestral lineage.

First officially recognized Chocolate Point Siamese cats were observed around 1880. At the time, many thought that these cats were unnaturally bred seal Siamese cats.

Unfortunately, that’s what we can learn about earlier Chocolate Point Siamese cats. It’s unclear what caused this variation or how they were separated from seals. The only thing we know is that the earliest reports date to the 1880s, however the species was classified as distinct species of Siamese cat in the early years.

Seal point vs Chocolate point

The Seal Point and the Chocolate Point are color variations that belong to the Siamese breed. In this way, they have many of the same traits and characteristics however their coats differ in color. They are both dark. Seal Point is darker, all-around and has a darker base coat and more dark points. The Seal Point also has more paws that are darker. Both varieties make excellent pet companions for families, and are loving and they can be trained. Certain owners might appreciate the darker shade in Seal Point Seal Point to be intriguing to watch their lives while others may prefer the lighter shades from The Chocolate Point.


Average height 8-10 inches

Average weight: 8-10 pounds

Brushing: Gentle, one time every week brushing

Should you inquire about someone’s ability to picture an Siamese cat, it’s likely they’re picturing that Seal Point cat. The color of the coat is the traditional Siamese pattern, and at times it was the only color suitable for purebred Siamese cats.


It’s not only it’s the Seal Point Siamese beauty that draws attention to them; it’s their unique personality. In addition to being exceptionally clever The Seal Point Siamese can be also friendly and affectionate. They love being around people, and can even get along with other dogs and pets.

As with any color of Siamese The Seal Point Siamese is extremely vocal, frequently walking around with their owners and yelling for attention, or just because they’re thrilled to be with their favourite people.


While there are some distinctions among those of the Seal Point and the Chocolate Point Siamese however, they are extremely like. This is due to the fact that both Chocolate Seal Point and Seal Point colored cats are considered to be the same breed of cat which is known as The Siamese breed.

The distinction between the difference between a Seal Point from a Chocolate Point may be difficult initially however once you’ve figured out what to be looking for, they’re quite easy to distinguish.

  • Coats:

There are a variety of various Siamese cats colors however only two variations of color feature the traditional Siamese appearance that is the Seal Point Siamese and the Chocolate Point Siamese. The cats are stunning and sport colorpoint coats but what is the difference between these two hues?

Of all these Pointed Siameses, the ones which undergo the most colors changes on the body are the Seal Point Siamese.

When the Seal Point is born, their coats are pale cream hue, but they change to a darker brown hue as they get older. The fur on their necks as well as their belly and chest are the same cream color and their backs can change to a dark brown.

If you are Chocolate Point Siamese is a kitten, they’ll look exactly like Seal Points. It’s not until the age of teen when they begin to develop distinct marks.

Although it’s not a name, the Chockie Point Siamese is lighter than Seals and has an ivory coat of white that stays the same over the course of their life. There is a possibility of finding an Choccie Point with a rich cinnamon body, however generally, it’s the one with the lighter body.

The coloration of coats occurs because of that enzyme which is responsible for the coloration. The color of the coat can differ from cat to cat.

For instance, the coloration rates of seals is much higher than that of chocolate points. Color of the chocolate point’s body is constant throughout its life.

Color differences in coats don’t typically influence the behavior or character of cats belonging to identical breeds. Because Seal Point Siamese and Chocolate Point Siamese cats are the same breed of Siamese the general temperament and personality will be the same, however, they’ll differ in color.

  • Base Color:

It is important to comprehend the fact that the chocolate point evolved by genetic mutations from seal points.

Therefore, there are tiny differences between colored patterns with pointed tips. The seal point Siamese cats can change their base color.

As kittens, they’re pale-cream in base color. The coat turns dark as they get older.

  • Seal Point Siamese Change Their Color

While Siamese were kittens they do not have any differences between them. However as they grow older and become older, the Seal Point type changes its coat color. The Chocolate Point type stays identical and keeps the coat color throughout its lifetime. This is apparent from the discussion that was made in the previous section: Seal Points turn darker as they get older, while Chocolate Points remain lighter-colored. This, in turn is a clear distinction between the two kinds of Siamese cats.

  • They’re Paw Pad Colors Vary In addition

Another method of identifying the difference between a chocolate point Siamese cat from seal point Siamese cat is by the color of their pad pads.

As you’ve likely realized, the paw pads of the seal-point Siamese cat appear darker in comparison to the pads of the chocolate-point Siamese cat.

The color of the seal-point Siamese cat’s paw pads are an almost dark chocolate hue. The pads of chocolaty point Siamese cat are much lighter in color.These pads are pink-brown in color.

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Modern Siamese:

The contemporary Siamese cat isn’t an animal that originates direct from Thailand. This is because the cat has been selectively bred to increase the characteristics of these cats.

The parents of modern Siamese are a combination of both two breeds: a traditional and a classic Siamese. If they are bred together, the Siamese kittens will sport larger bodies and a slim appearance.

  • Is chocolate point Siamese rare?

Chocolate Point Siamese cats are very rare. They were initially misinterpreted for poorly breeding Seal Siamese cats, but they were eventually recognized for their distinct breed. The Chocolate Point Siamese were not recognized by cat registry organizations up until 1950.

  • All Siamese cats sealed?

Siamese is a breed of cat However, Seal Point isn’t. It is more of a Seal Point is a coat coloration and is not being a breed. It is seen in many cats, such as Siamese, Himalayan, and Ragdolls. The thing that’s fascinating regarding Seal Point Seal Point coloration is that it’s usually found in purebred breeds.

  • What is the reason they are called”seal point” Siamese?

The name”seal point” comes in the form of seals. Based on the National Siamese Cat Club, the shades within the seal umbrella range from dark brown to an almost black brown.

  • Do seal point cats get darker?

It’s light unless the cat’s temperature falls and then it becomes dark. The majority of Siamese cats carry an inherited gene that makes them partially albino. They’re white cats, which is how they were born.

  • What does the blue point cat refer to?

Affectionate, playful, vocal, intelligent. Affectionate, playful, and intelligent. Blue Point Siamese is a color point in the well-known and highly-regarded Siamese breed. It is renowned for its attractiveness and ability to think and speak. It is known for its vocalizations. Siamese is an extremely talkative cat who will talk to their owners all day long.


You should now be aware of the distinctions between two cats, a seal point cat as well as the chocolate point cat. It might appear simple to read, but the distinction between these two breeds isn’t easy.

Talk to your breeder regarding the kitten’s real color before you adopt but it could be disappointing.

Chocolate point or Seal point, you must be awed by them just as they love you.

Whatever Siamese you pick, whether you have a Siamese cat or kitten, you’ll surely find a trustworthy, chatty pet who will appear to be part of the family in no time.

Be sure to ensure that your pet is fed a nutritious food and lots of affection, love and affection They will surely return the favor in a tenfold way

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