Shaved Ragdoll Cat

Your cat’s fur might turn a darker shade if you shave it. Because your cat’s skin is thinner, the fur will darken as it grows. The same reason is why the points, which are the coolest areas of your cat’s body, are darker.

Do Ragdoll cats shed?

You are likely from one of the two camps if you are reading this. Either you have a ragdoll already and are looking for ways to solve your hair problems or you are considering buying one. Two of my ragdolls shed all the time. It is common for it to come out in clumps, but this can be controlled by regular grooming. A brush is a must for your cat.

Do I need to shave my Ragdoll cat?

Being a cat owner is an important part of the job. To ensure your cat is happy, you must actively care for their fur. This is the same for Ragdoll cats. Ragdolls have long, dense, medium-length hair. These cats shed their fur more often than other shorthair cats.

We have seen Ragdoll owners resorting to shaving their cats to control their shedding. This topic is highly controversial as it has both benefits and disadvantages. We will show you how to easily shave your cat if you feel it is necessary. We will explore grooming your cat regularly later.

A Deeper Look

If the Ragdoll cat’s fur is too long, you can trim it to make it manageable and look good. You might wonder what to do with a Ragdoll cat’s long hair. To keep your cat’s cuteness, you may consider hiring a groomer to cut your cat’s hair. Although you could do it yourself, it might take a bit longer.

Are Ragdolls able to have their hair cut?

Ragdolls do not need to have their hair cut. Their fur can grow naturally and they will shed it when the time is right. It’s enough to brush your cat twice per week. While this will prevent matting from happening, it is not always possible.

You might trim the hair in these cases. You should be careful, though. Vets often see owners who accidentally cut their cat’s hair with scissors and then accidentally catch the skin.

Ragdoll Cat Matted Fur?

Yes, your ragdoll cat may develop mats throughout its lifetime. It is amazing how often this happens. They still get matted despite regular grooming and brushing. I usually just remove the mats as soon as they are found. If the mats are too close to my skin, I just remove what is safe and wait for the rest to be brushed out.

Can I Shave My Ragdoll?

Razing your Ragdoll cat should be a personal decision. You need to consider both sides to decide if you want to shave Ragdolls cats. Some people prefer to shave their Ragdolls in the summer, while others are against it because they consider it cruel. Let’s now consider the pros and cons of shaving your Ragdoll cat. After we have sorted out all of the arguments, you should be able to make the right decision.

Grooming tools for cats with long hair

You might need special grooming tools if your cat has long hair. These tools can be used to help long-haired cats.

1. Razor Combs

These tools are made with either metal or plastic teeth. This makes it easier to trim cats’ fur. These tools can also be used to remove mats and tangles from a cat’s fur.

2. Shaving tools

A shaving tool is a tool that can be used to shave your cat’s hair. These tools can be used to trim your cat’s hair. These tools can accidentally cause cuts to the skin of your cat, so be careful.

3. Hair Shears

These tools are similar to those used for grooming other furry pets. There are many sizes available, some of which are made specifically for cats. They can be used to trim the hair of cats to a shorter length, but won’t remove any tangles and mats.


Ragdoll cats shed medium-to-long hair all year. The Ragdoll will shed throughout the year.

If you keep your Ragdoll outside, however, seasonal changes will have a greater impact on their shedding. These cats lose their undercoat because they have thick, long hair all over their bodies. Ragdoll cats lose their undercoat as they grow longer and thicker hair.

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