Should I Get A Cat To Keep My Dog Company

Although cats and dogs are culturally and historically enemies, in some cases they can work together and live harmoniously. There are many things to consider before you decide to adopt a cat as your dog’s companion. The temperament of the cat and the breeds of both the cat and the dog will all play a role in deciding whether a cat is a good companion for a dog.

Introduce your kitten slowly to encourage positive interactions between the two species. Young kittens are open to socializing and getting along with other animals, even dogs.

Pup preparation

Some dogs may be able to adjust quickly to the kitten, particularly younger ones. Before you adopt any pets, make sure to observe your furry friend’s reactions to cats outside. To determine if the pups are compatible with cats, many shelters and breeders conduct tests on them before they are adopted.

Bring Your Baby Home

Your kitten will be overwhelmed when she first arrives at your home. You should give your kitten a place to call her own. After she is settled in, you can lure your dog to her room by giving it some treats. Treat each pet with respect and non-aggressive, calm behavior.

Careful Introductions

If your cat has not shown aggression towards your pet, then it is time to let her roam around your house. You should keep your pet on a leash. Don’t force them to play with each other. You can instead sit with your pet and let your kitten explore her surroundings.

Take into account

Before you adopt a kitten, teach your dog basic obedience commands. These commands will allow you to manage your pet’s interactions with the kitten. Your kitten is very delicate and you should discourage rough play between them.

You should not allow your cat to meet your dog if your dog behaves aggressively towards your cat during the first introductions. You can avoid potential disaster by contacting an animal behaviorist and working with your dog, or looking for a new home.

Do I need a cat to keep my dog company?

When you are considering getting a companion cat for your dog, the most important thing is why. Anxiety, a factor that leads many dogs into behaviors such as chewing, barking, urination/defecation, or escaping, are common signs that show that your dog may require some sort of companionship

There are other ways to comfort an anxious dog

There are other options to this approach:

From short periods of separation to longer periods

Turn off the TV while you are gone

You can leave music playing even if you aren’t there

You can provide plenty of toys for your children to play with

Crating your dog

Thundershirt – An anti-anxiety shirt that is worn to apply gentle pressure to dogs

Here are some things to consider if you want your cat to keep your dog company

These options are all alternatives to buying a pet companion for your dog. However, if you are looking for a pet for yourself, there are many other things to consider.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that toy and sporting breeds are the best choices for a cat’s companion because they are friendly. AKC lists the top choices for dogs that can live with cats.



Golden Retriever

Basset Hound


Labrador Retriever



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


We all have heard the expression, “You can’t teach an older dog new tricks.” Although there are people who can overcome the obstacle, it is sound advice. Older animals may see a change to their routine as a threat and act out.


You might have pulled the trigger and the animals are now living in harmony. Unpredictability is still possible with animals.

It is vital that you immediately extinguish any tension between animals if it occurs, regardless of the reason.

Signs Your Dog Needs A Friend

When you return home, your dog will be overly energetic. Playing with your dog is a great way to give him energy throughout the day. It will also help him feel less dependent on you once you get home.

Genuine interest in animals and dogs other than your own. Is your dog territorial or interested in other animals when you are around them? If she is interested, there are chances she will be happy with a friend at her home.

She seems bored. Dogs age naturally, and their energy levels decrease. A significant decrease in energy could indicate that your dog is bored. It’s a good idea to bring a friend along!

Which type of pet should I get to keep my dog company?

Visit a friend with a cat if you are considering getting a cat as a second pet. You want your dog to be curious, but not aggressive towards the cat. A cat can be a great friend for your dog if it is not.

You can visit a dog park to observe the dogs and who they choose to play with. Are there any patterns in the breeds/sizes that he prefers and those he avoids.

A dog of the same breed can be a good choice, but it’s a good idea to look at another dog.

If you already have a dog, you may want to start young. A puppy or kitten is better than an older cat or dog. A puppy or kitten will not bring with them learned behaviors that could cause conflict.

You can’t help but feel resentful about choosing a dog friend. You can make a concerted effort and show your dog love and praise. Also, find ways to spend more time with each dog.

If you are a cat owner and want to get a dog, take a look at these breeds

There are cat and dog owners. But what about the people who love both cats and dogs? Are they really mortal enemies or can we have both a cat AND a dog in the same household? Dogs and cats can be best friends or learn to coexist peacefully, so rest assured.

They were created to be companions and lapwarmers. The Sporting Group members are outgoing and friendly. These friendly, happy-go-lucky dogs love to get along with cats and other pets. This kind of attention will not be appreciated by cats. The Herding Group members have a strong desire for their pets to be herded, even their children. This might be too bothersome for some cats.

Dog breeds that are good with cats

Basset Hound

They are loyal, patient, and low-key. Although they are stubborn hounds, training can be difficult. However, their gentle nature and open-minded outlook make them very friendly and easy to work with.


Although these large, muscular dogs can be intimidating to cats, they are well-known for their gentle nature. They are friendly towards all creatures and will likely enjoy your cat’s company.


The Herding Group is known for its love for children. Some people extend that love to their cats. They are active and thrive on companionship and exercise. Collies are vocal and can be very tolerant of other pets.

Labrador Retriever

Although these dogs are larger than cats, they can give you a lot of love. Labs are friendly and outgoing, and they are known for getting along with all species. They are kind, intelligent, and eager for people to be happy.


A pug packs a lot of love and energy into their small bodies. These cute pups are full of personality and love attention. They can be accompanied by a cat to keep them company while their owners are gone. Although they may be small, cats are strong enough to play with other felines.


Beagles were originally bred to hunt together, so they can be friendly with other animals. They are a joy to live with because of their happy-go-lucky nature. They make great companions and are happy to be treated as part of the family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are gentle, loving, adaptable and affectionate little dogs with a fearless personality. They are not as big as a cat but they won’t be intimidated. They make wonderful companions and also love other animals.


A kitten is the best choice if you’re looking for a feline companion to your dog. An adult cat can be socialized with a dog but kittens are more receptive to making friends with predatory animals like dogs.

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