Shredded Newspaper For Cat Litter

You might consider using newspaper shredded for cat litter. It works for my pets! One of those large black plastic “blanket boxes” that slide under the bed can be used as a litter box. To make it slide better, I covered the top with a cover. To fill the top, you will need to place newspaper pieces over it. Sprinkle a lot of baking soda on top to deodorize the area. Next, shred any newspaper sections in the container and cut them into 1 inch strips.

You can use the new bin with your regular litter for a brief time until they adjust to the tray. A newspaper strip usually has a slight serration at one end. This is the edge that you would cut from in order to follow grain and be able to tear even thin strips.

Can I use shredded newspaper as cat litter?

Shredded paper can be used for cats. However, it is not something they will enjoy. Because paper absorbs water, cats don’t like litter boxes that make their feet wet or have a strong smell.

Why do cats love shredder paper?

Is it the love for paper products such as tissues and paper towels that drives your cat crazy? It’s just fun.

If consumed in sufficient quantities, some chemical compounds found in certain papers can cause poisoning. To trigger poisoning, you don’t need to consume a lot of paper. The most serious danger from eating paper in cats is gastrointestinal obstruction.

Junk Mail and Shred Newspaper

Plain newspaper is one of the easiest materials to use in your cat’s litter box. It’s what vets recommend after surgeries and to keep the area clean. There are occasions when they won’t. You’ll have to find ways to get your cat interested in newspaper. It is cheap and easy to find.

Kitty Litter Substitute: Advantages and Disadvantages

Newspapers have a disadvantage. You’ll need a lot of them as you will need to replace them regularly. You may be able to get old newspapers from some of these companies. Your junk mail can also be recycled. You can quickly get the paper wet and dirty. Ask your friends to save newspapers for you. You might also be able inquire with the local newspaper.

Kitty Litter Substitute: The downsides to using newspapers

Newspapers can quickly become soiled and saturated. You can also get rid of junk mail.

Kitty litter made from newspapers

You will need to crush the cat litter in order to make your own. This is a simple and quick task that can be accomplished with a shredder. Shredded paper works best when it’s cut into long, thin strips and thrown in the trash.

Make cat litter with your newspaper

Her recipe for making your litter from newspaper is the most fascinating part.

DIY Newspaper Cat Litter

1. Before you put it in a litterbox, shred the newspaper in a shredder.

2. Warm water should be used to soak the paper. A few drops of gentle compostable soap can be added to dilute the solution. After being soaked in warm water, the paper should be shredded. Once cooked, it will turn into an oatmeal-like texture. However, the paper will not be completely clean. The water will start to turn gray.

3. Take out the water, an old colander works well, and then repeat the process without soap.

4. Sprinkle baking soda all over the damp paper. Mix it in and then knead it. You may want to wear gloves to prevent your hands from being touched by the ink.

5. You can squeeze out any moisture remaining until you are as dry as possible.

6. Spread the crumbs on a screen and let dry for a few days.

7. Once the litter is dry, place approximately one-half to two inches of the paper pieces in the box. You should scoop the solids every week and change the litter each week. Three to four weeks of litter can take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Material to Avoid for Cat Litter Substitutes

They are beloved by certain cat owners and are therefore included in our alternative list. However, there are some products that we would rather not use.

Potting soil: It can be very messy. Potting soil can cause more problems than it solves (think bacteria, microbes, etc.). It can be used in place of professional cat litter.

Some wood shavings

Certain types of wood can be used for cats. Some wood shavings can be harmful so make sure to read the warnings before you give your cat the wood shavings as litter.

We have found that there are many cat litter options available. They are often inexpensive and readily available in an emergency.

Pros and Pros and

Like all things, cat litter made from paper has its advantages and drawbacks. It is eco-friendly, low track and smell-free. This makes it a good choice for your cat. It comes in many textures and types. It is not the best at reducing odor. It’s also more expensive than clay and is not recommended for everyone. it.

The pros and cons of paper cat litter

You can choose from a range of designs and types

You can choose from clumping or shredded paper litter, as well as scentless and unscented options.

Shredded litter is especially suitable for large cats and those with sensitive feet, such as those with paws that have been removed. Because of their rough texture, pellet litters should not be used by cats with sensitive feet or paws.

Health Problems

Some litters, especially those made from clay, may contain carcinogens which can be harmful for your pet. They can be inhaled through dust particles. These substances can cause allergic reactions in cats. Cats may develop asthma from certain cat litters.


You may find an animal litter that is near perfect, which meets all the criteria mentioned above. It is also inexpensive, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and sustainable. If this is the case, you might stick with the commercially available pet litter.

Environmentally friendly

Most cat litters made out of paper contain at least 95 percent recycled paper. Some are made of recycled lumber, or other unusable lumber scraps. This means that no trees are being felled to make them. A cat litter made from paper can help reduce your environmental footprint and the footprint of your cat’s feet, especially in comparison to clay litters.

The pros and cons of cat litter made from paper


Switching to homemade cat litter could help you save money. It is expensive to buy commercial cat litter. These items will be replaced frequently so the costs can quickly add up. It’s possible to be shocked at the amount you spend on cat litter each year.

It is possible that cats are not a fan. It is possible.

Sometimes, your cat might dislike litter. It’s fine. It’s fine to use a plant-based litter. The most resistant cats will be those with anxiety or older cats.

It’s more difficult to find.

You can easily find clay and wood litters in most big-box retailers or supermarkets. However, paper litter may need to be ordered online or in a shop.

Why do cats love to lie on newspapers?

Fluffy will likely appear when you place your newspaper out at the beginning and then settle right on top. Fluffy’s behavior is normal. This is normal behavior. She wants your attention and enjoys the soft, warm feel that the newspaper gives off.


Pine pellet litter can be an acceptable substitute for paper litter. It offers many of the same benefits as paper litter, but at a lower price. Paper litter may require a visit to a pet shop, or can be ordered online.

You’ve already considered the advantages and disadvantages of cat litter made from newspaper and you are ready to make the switch. Make sure to gradually change your cat’s behavior. Sudden changes can cause stress and lead to undesirable behaviours, such as leaving your cat’s box.

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