Siamese Cat Breeders In New Jersey

New Jersey Siamese Cat Breeders

One of the oldest cat breeds is the Siamese. The existence of Siamese cats with black points and faces dates back to hundreds of years ago in Thailand. This is according to the “Tamra Maew,” a 14-century manuscript.

They were known for their independence, grace, and charm. They were first seen in the Disney film The Lady and the Tramp in the mid-1950s as mischievous, snobby felines.

There are two types of Siamese families: modern and traditional. They have been further divided into groups within the traditional family. Let’s start with the traditional side.

Traditional Applehead Siamese Cat

The Siamese Siamese Traditional Applehead cat is the larger, more stocky version. Their head is shaped like an apple and their nose points down. They also have smaller ears. These sweet cats love to cuddle and are friendly. You can also hear their vocalizations and they will let you know when they need or want something. This feline requires very little grooming because of its short fur. They don’t require baths. They can also be very obsessive about grooming themselves, creating bald spots. Stress is the most common reason for bald spots.

Modern Siamese Cats

Modern breeders are tirelessly trying to restore the Siamese of old.

The Siamese cat has been a symbol for style since their arrival in the West. Breeders continue to improve the breeds, even though traditional Siamese cats are still popular.

Modern Siamese cats are quite different from their older counterparts. They are more colorful than you’d expect from a Siamese cat. They also retain the characteristics of a Siamese Cat.

Siamese Cats with Dark Colors

The Dark-Colored Siamese cats share many sub-categories with their lighter-colored counterparts. Dark-colored cats have naturally dark-colored hair.

However, Siamese of Light Color may appear darker in colder weather.

  1. Classic Siamese Cat

The Classic Siamese is the tallest and most athletic version of the Siamese. Their long, straight bodies are complemented by a long tail. They have slightly larger ears and a slightly upturned nose. The Classic cat is also more energetic than the other two.

  1. Chocolate Points

This Siamese style has a cream-colored base and chocolate brown colored points. These Siamese are similar to Seal Points but have a stronger contrast in color.

  1. Lilac Points

This rare Siamese has a white base and gray points. It also has a pink nose.

  1. Apple Head

Their apple-shaped heads are what give them their name. They are quieter than Siamese cats. The apple-head is similar to the traditional Siamese cats, but has dark brown and black original points. They can weigh up to 18 pounds and have strong bones.

They are known for their shorter stories. They are athletic and have quiet personalities. These cats are great for people who don’t want to be vocal.

  1. Wedge Siamese

Sometimes, the wedge Siamese can be called wedgies. They have the extreme Siamese characteristics of Siamese cats. The name is derived from their triangular, wedge-shaped heads and lower ears than traditional Siamese breeds.

The cats are easily identifiable by their muscular legs, long ears, narrow tails and slightly slanted faces. Their ears are positioned on top of their heads and have a long, slanted face.

  1. Blue Point

Blue Points are a dark brown dog with a hint blue. Blue Points have blue eyes and the fur is blue. They are gentle and adorable.

Their grey-blue tones can be seen on their ears, face, and paws. They also have pinkish nose leather, and their distinctive cold-white bluish hair.

What Does Siamese Cats Price?

Adopting a cat that is in dire need of a home is possible if you are able to live with an adult.

You will find many Siamese rescues and shelters throughout the county. You could also visit You can connect with over 11,000 shelters across the US. I’m certain you’ll find your perfect cat there.

Are Siamese good pets?

Siamese are a great companion, playful and affectionate cat.

They are friendly, affectionate, and love to interact with people. Siamese cats are a great breed for anyone looking to spend quality time with them. Siamese cats make great pets and don’t require too much attention. They are also very playful and fun to be around.

Are Siamese Easy To Care For?

Yes, Siamese can be easy to take care of. Problems with cats with thick and long hair are the main ones.

Both which Siamese don’t have.

Siamese cats have a short, thin fur. Siamese cats don’t shed much, so it’s very rare that they will need your help to fix a knot in their fur.

They only need quality cat food, water, a comfortable place to sleep (although they will choose to sleep anywhere you want), and lots of love.

It’s not fair to call it a disadvantage. The best thing about getting a cat is the bond you build by playing together and hanging out, even if it’s a little one-sided.

What Does Siamese Kittens cost?

The price of exotic cat breeds is variable, as are the markings and pedigrees.

You can expect to pay $600-$1000 as a rule of thumb. Pedigree cats can cost a lot more, but I didn’t say that.

How to Choose a Siamese Kitten

It is best to find a certified nursery or trusted breeder to ensure you are not disappointed with your purchase. You should ensure that you have all necessary documentation and inspect the animal’s appearance before you buy.

The standard requires that the kitten be active and curious, as well as able to meet all requirements.

A little Siamese’s health is often judged by its ability to avoid a swollen abdomen and stench from his mouth.

Care for a Siamese Kitten

Siamese kittens usually reach their owners within three months. The owners don’t have to spend time teaching their kittens basic skills like walking on a tray or using a scratching board.

You just need to wait for the pet to get used to it and then show it where the bowl, toilet and sleeping area are.

Siamese cats have short hair that doesn’t require as much grooming as long-haired cats. They should be bathed only 3-4 times per year with special shampoos.

Siamese cats don’t have long fluffy hair that must be brushed daily. It is recommended that the fur be ironed with a damp cloth once per week to maintain its beauty. Siamese are regularly combed with a silicone glove during the molting process.

Complete diet

Siamese will be happier if they are fed with dry food. It must not contain preservatives, dyes, soy or any other questionable ingredients.

They can live a healthy life if they don’t eat fatty meats, exotic fruits or potatoes. They will live happy and healthy lives if they are fed good food like sweets, pastries, sausages, and sweets.

A Siamese cat’s natural diet should consist of 70-80% meat. Also, ensure that fluffy pets receive regular food.

  • Porridge with water
  • low-fat marine fish
  • Boil vegetables
  • Offal


It’s interesting to see that Siamese kittens start out white and their color points darken as they grow. These sweet and affectionate cats make great pets for families, regardless of the breed.

We hope that you enjoyed our breakdown of the various Siamese families and styles. Siamese cats make excellent pets. You can choose from many different Siamese cats, each with their own unique qualities. This list provides a comprehensive guide to each Siamese cat. They are stylish and make great pets.

We hope you find our carefully researched breeder’s lists helpful in your search for your Siamese Kitten.

Siamese cats can be beautiful and have a unique disposition. They are also energetic. They don’t require any special detention conditions and can be a great companion for anyone who is willing to tolerate their jealousy.

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