Sleekez Vs Groom Ninja

Cat owners all suffer from cat shedding. Cat owners work hard to keep their house free of cat hairs, but your furniture will soon be covered in fur. There are many tools that can make home grooming much easier.

SleekEZ Vs Groom Ninja Overview

SleekEZ’s tooth design extracts more hair from the fur and detangles knots. It works well on medium-long fur. It can cause irritation to pets with sensitive skin. Groom Ninja is gentler, but doesn’t remove as much hair. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and is available in over a dozen colors. You can also laser-engrave your pet’s name on the device.


Two parts make up the SleekEZ. Performance. SleekEZ’s wave tooth pattern makes it possible to pull lots of hair. The teeth remove dead hair from the follicle by pulling, scratching or shearing.


SleekEZ is available in three sizes: 2.5 inch, 5 inch, and 10 inch. Each size corresponds to a specific type of coat. The 2.5-inch and 5-inch sizes are for cats with short hair and fine fur. The 5-inch is for long-haired cats. For most cats, the 10-inch model is too big.


SleekEZ offers a variety of pricing options, ranging from $15 to $25 depending on the size and type of the tool. A bundle of all three sizes is also available for $50.


Is it safe for cats?

Yes! Yes! For cats with long hair, we recommend the medium SleekEZ.

What is the Warranty?

It is your choice to either love it or return it within 30 days. After that, you have a one-year replacement guarantee.

What else does Sleekez do?

It is great for carpets, saddle pads, and cloth upholstery, among other things. It is best to test it in a dark area.

What are my options for returning?

SleekEZ 2421 Old Hardin Rd Unit 1, Billings MT 59101. For a speedy refund, please write “return” on the package.

Groom Ninja


Groom Ninja’s design has a simple, but elegant, look. It is made up of two parts: a poplar wood block and a double-hardened steel blade.


Groom Ninja’s hacksaw-like knife has tiny teeth that remove dirt and dander while being gentle on your pet. However, it works well with medium-to-short fine hairs. If you have a long-haired cat, it will take longer to remove a lot of hair from the underneathcoat.


Groom Ninja is available in three sizes: 3.25 inches, 5.25 inch, and 8.25 inches. The small size is ideal for cats with fine hair.


Groom Ninja prices vary depending on size and color. They range from $23 to $27. You can also have your pet’s name engraved with hearts or paw prints, for just $10.


Is it safe for cats?

Yes! Groom Ninja is great to use for cats. Groom Ninja is small for cats. However, long-haired cats may prefer the medium Groom Ninja.

Is it going to cut my pet’s skin?

No. The Groom Ninja, like any other shedding tool, will not cause skin to be cut. For proper use, see our video

Which Size is Best for My Cat?

Small is for cats, dogs, and rabbits. Smaller areas can be found on larger pets (such as their legs and faces).

What is the Warranty?

It is your choice to either love it or return it within 30 days. After that, you will get a replacement guarantee of one year.

What else does the Groom Ninja do?

It is great for carpets, saddle pads, and cloth upholstery, among other things. It is best to test it in a dark area.

SleekEZ vs Groom Ninja

SleekEZ vs The Groom Ninja is a close contest

SleekezGroom Ninja
SleekEZ, LLC, an American company based in Wyoming, created the SleekEZ.Groom Ninja can be found at 1705 Rancho Ave in Glendale, CA, 91201
The SleekEZ is made up of a water-based (“green”) poplar wood handle and a metal blade.It only has two components: a wooden handle and a steel comb at its base.
Special heat treatment gives the blade a spring-tempered hardness at the backIt is designed to be comfortable to hold and feel good in your hand.

Sleekez Grooming Tool

SleekEZ is a simple and useful tool that you may want to include in your arsenal of grooming tools. The tool features a sturdy wooden handle and a thin, sharp blade. It is available in three lengths: 2.5”, 5” and 10 ”).. The blade’s teeth are extremely small and grab loose hairs, while giving a positive scratch to your horse or dog/cat.


There are three sizes available
It is difficult to hold the wooden handle because it is bulky and large.
EffectiveThere are many counterfeiters, so be sure to get the original.
Optional purchase of the ergonomic handle
Keeps you useful for many years after purchase


Keep the blade and tines clean. It can get clogged up by oils and dirt from horses. It will last many years if you keep it clean and wash it every now and again.


Traditional shedding blades. Each barn should have at least one. It is the handle’s metal blade. You can also separate the handle and create a long, metal blade with the handle at both ends.

Strip Hair: This tool is unusual and fascinating, but it doesn’t seem to be as effective at shedding thick winter coats.

It begins to dissolve towards the end of summertime

Farnam Slick and Easy Grooming Block: These are affordable, but not as effective.

SleekEZ Grooming Tool brushes

Average cats spend between 15% and 50% of their day grooming themselves. Regular brushing and combing can be beneficial for both short- and long-haired cats. This will help to remove any loose hairs and distribute natural oils throughout the cat’s coat.

Best Cat Deshedding Brush

TheFurminator Deshedding Tool’s teeth are tightly packed and pull out dirt and hair from the cat’s undercoat.

Best Cat Brush For Long Hair

The Safari Self-Cleaning Brush for Undercoat Fur helps to detangle matted fur. It can be used with just a push of a button.

Best Cat Brush For Short Hair

Furbliss Pet Brush, which removes fur from clothing and upholstery, is the best grooming tool for short-haired cats.

Best Dematting Comb For Cats

The Chris Christensen Cat/Carding Butterflycomb #013 has two sets of teeth that can be used to untangle and dig into mats.

Best Cat Grooming Glove

Grooming gloves for cats with sensitive skin are a great way to get rid of hair, dirt and dander.

Different types of cat grooming equipment

A wide range of tools are available to brush a cat.

Grooming gloves:

Grooming gloves are ideal for cats that are sensitive to brushing, or who enjoy a good massage. They fit over the hand and are secured at the wrist, just like regular gloves. Numerous silicone or rubber nubs are raised on the palm to remove dirt and hair. They also stimulate circulation and distribute the natural oils that maintain healthy skin and coat.

Curry brushes:

They are similar to gloves, but have silicone or rubber nubs. These won’t rub the skin and cause irritation for sensitive cats. Curry brushes can be used to massage, stimulate circulation, distribute natural oils, remove dirt, hair, and other debris.

Slicker brushes:

Slicker brushes, a type pin brush that has dozens of tightly packed metal tines, are flexible and thin enough to easily move along the curves of cats’ bodies.

Deshedding tools:

A deshedding tool is a tool that digs into the fur to remove loose hair and undercoat from long-haired cats.

Dematting combs:

Cats that are prone or likely to develop mats or tangles will love dematting combs. These tools can reach into knots and gently pick them apart, smoothing them out.

The final word:

The SleekEZ grooming device has been my favorite spring item for many years. The simplicity of the tool makes it simple to use. You don’t have to know much to do the job. SleekEZ is quick and easy to remove dirt and shedding hairs. I wipe the blade clean to remove any gunk or oil buildup before putting it away. It has been effective on all horses that I have used it on. To withstand the bitterly cold winters, I don’t trim and let my horses grow thick winter coats. Each session looks almost like we have created a miniature horse.

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