Thunderease VS Feliway

ThunderEase Vs Feliway Overview

ThunderEase is almost identical to Feliway: synthetic cat-calming hormones. The two brands are even owned by one company. The main difference is that ThunderEase diffusers are more expensive than Feliway. This doesn’t necessarily mean Feliway is superior to ThunderEase.


ThunderEase does not contain any drugs and is 100% safe for pets and their families. The diffuser emits a drug-free, odorless vapor that covers up to 700 sq. feet and can last for up to 30 days. Simply plug the diffuser into the area your cat is most active in and you will notice a difference in their behavior.

ThunderEase Cats

This product is similar to cat facial pheromones that are used in marking territory. The pheromones help cats get to know their surroundings and make them feel secure.

ThunderEase Multi-Cats

This product is similar to the pheromones mothers naturally release to make their kittens feel secure and at ease in their surroundings. The pheromones help cats bond with their littermates and their mother.

ThunderEase works for cats?

ThunderEase is a great product for cats who are afraid of loud noises, travel, vet visits or other stressful situations. ThunderEase is also great for hiding and general fearfulness in cats.

How can you use ThunderEase on a cat?

Just plug your ThunderEase Calming diffuser in the area where your cats spend most of their time and you will notice a difference in their behavior. The diffuser can cover up to 700 sq. feet and lasts for up to 30 days.

What does ThunderEase spray do?

ThunderEase mimics the calm pheromone a mother dog releases when she is nursing her pups. This helps dogs feel more relaxed, secure, and calm. ThunderEase is a #1 Vet Recommended Adaptil Formula. This helps dogs adapt to difficult situations and curbs unwanted stress-related behaviors.


FELIWAY Optimum, a patent-pending new pheromone, is the best FELIWAY solution to reduce stress signs in cats like: scratchi… FELIWAY Classic is the #1 selling product. It helps reduce stress signs in cats such a scratching and urine spraying.

These are Feliway’s variants:

Feliway Classic

The product contains facial feline pheromones that help to prevent unwanted spraying, scratching or hiding. It provides comfort to cats through its ongoing effect. You can get it in sprays or diffusers.

Feliway Friends / Multicat

This product is a synthetic copy of cat hormones that are extracted from mother cats’ mammary glands in order to bond with kittens. It reduces conflict between cats in a home and helps to prevent aggression. This includes staring at, hissing and blocking and chasing after each other.

Feliway Friends/Multicat

The diffuser can cover up to 700 square metres and is most effective if it is plugged in an area where your cat spends the majority of their time. To ensure its continued effectiveness, the diffuser must be checked every six months.


Feliscratch redirects the cat’s unwanted scratching to the scratching board and not your curtains or furniture. Feliway Classic Spray may also be used if the behavior continues for a long time.

Feliway: What can Feliway do to help cats?

Feliway is a comforting and reassuring product for cats and kittens. It reduces stress signs such as fighting, scratching, and urine spraying. You can either buy it in a spray bottle, or plug-in diffuser. Feliway for cats mimics the natural pheromones of a mother cat in order to calm her kittens.

Are Feliway diffusers really effective?

Feliway may also be helpful in cases of aggression between cats, according to some evidence. In 2018, a study showed that synthetic pheromones could reduce aggression between cats living in multi-cat households, and also lower stress behaviors.

What is Feliway’s time frame for working with cats?

Within 7 days, many cat owners begin to notice results. Every cat is different. It may take longer depending on the severity of the conflict and how long it has been.

What happens if Feliway is stopped?

Feliway is a diffuser that uses pheromones. It is a pheromone-based diffuser that can be stopped by you. The cats will no longer smell the pheromones and they will not be able to get along with it.

Feliway made ThunderEase?

ThunderEase is a Feliway-recommended solution that can help cats with stress-related behavior such as peeing, spraying and scratching.

ThunderEase and Feliway: What’s the difference?

Cats are known to exhibit unusual behaviors such as urine spraying or inappropriate scratching when stressed or anxious. Conflicts can also occur in multi-cat homes.

These products mimic the natural feline pheromones that cats produce when they scratch, rub or mark a spot. These products can calm cats down and reduce fighting and conflict between cats. They also reduce destructive behavior.

ThunderEase’s price is slightly higher.Thunderease feliway’s price is lower than thunderease feliway.
It is 90% effective at reducing anxiety and stress.Safe to use and recommended by a vet
scientifically-proven and backed by clinical studiesIt is only cats that can sense it, and it does not affect dogs or humans.


ThunderEase solutions and Feliway solutions come in two formats: sprayer or diffuser. Each one has its own functions and benefits.

Sprayer: This is a sprayer that you can use to manually apply the solution in areas where your cat is frequented. Car seats are a common place where sprayers are used. However, the diffuser is stationary. The diffuser is stationary.

Spraying the solution directly onto your cat is a no-no. After 15 minutes have passed since the spray was applied, you should not allow your cat to come near the area.

Can ThunderEase Or Feliway Cause Side Effects?

Although the majority of the time, the answer is no. However, it will depend on whether we are talking about cats or humans as well as other pets.


Cat-calming products are safe for cats. Feliway has been used by over 11 million cats all around the globe. There have been no side effects in customer surveys or trials, so it is completely safe.

ThunderEase can be used by anyone of any age. ThunderEase has no animal ingredients. Being vegan-friendly,


Pheromone sprays and diffusers are safe for humans. The pheromones produced by sprays are only detectable by cats.

Which Is Better?

Different cats will respond to different products. One product may be more expensive than the other. It all comes down to your budget, your cat’s response, and how you judge the results.

What is the best cat calming diffuser?

It can be very annoying to hear your cat scratching at your furniture. But, once you know what the cause is, you can ask yourself, “What is the best calming diffuser?”

The tranquilizer can be very helpful in calmening someone who is very anxious, but this is not always true for our furry friends.

Cats and animals, especially cats, are known for scratching on furniture. There are sprays and diffusers that can help calm them down.

ThunderEase calming diffuser for cats

In the midst of trying to find the right cat health caresolution, my vet recommended me to buy Thunderease calming diffuser for cats, aspecial cat hood designed to prevent cats from scratching furniture.andThunderease is designed to not only protect your furniture from pet hair butalso to reduce the amount of claw marks left by your cat on your furniture.

Thunderease calm diffuser for cats was the best option to keep my furniture and money from being destroyed. This was a great idea, but it turned out to be a disaster.

Cat scratching is a common problem in cats.

This is the worst because you’re not at home during the day. This is why it is important to have a cat scratching cover.

Feliway calming diffuser for cats

This calming diffuser is a revolutionary product that many people don’t know about. It’s designed to relieve stress and increase a cat’s body temperature, helping them feel more comfortable.

Feliway calm diffusers are great for cat therapy. You can even use your body heat to create therapeutic healing effects with Feliway products.

Feliway diffusers are like all diffusers. They emit a specific scent. Feliway diffusers are gentle and can remove hair and dander.

These products will not cause any harm to your cat. These diffusers are safe for your cat. Diffusers are often thought to be a necessity.

Last words

Cats are just like babies; they steal your heart from the first time you see them. They are adorable, but they can also be very nagging. These two options will ensure that your cat stops being unruly.

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