Tidy Cats Instant Action Vs 24/7

Tidy Cats Instant Action formula deodorizes quickly and effectively. The 24/7 is designed to block odors and create stable, solid clumps that can be retrieved whenever you want.

Purina is a top provider of pet supplies. They also manufacture 24/7 Performance and Instant Action. Both types can be used almost exactly the same materials because they are made by the exact same company.

Cat Litter’s Most Reliable Name

Tidy Cats is undoubtedly the most popular cat litter brand that we reviewed. This doesn’t mean that the product is perfect, but it does indicate that they are doing something right in order to achieve their success.

They have accumulated decades of experience in the field and are able to tweak their products so that every product they sell is respected and reliable. Tidy Cats won’t let you worry about accidentally purchasing an unproven or tested product.

Litter Material

Both the 24/7 Performance and Instant Action litter particles are made from clay pellets, especially bentonite.

They are easy to scoop because they start to clump to the urine and feces immediately they come into contact.


Instant Action clumps as soon as your cats use the litter box. However, they won’t last if left for too long. This is because the Instant Action formula is focused on speed and not longevity.

You can determine the type of Tidy Cats litter that you use for your cats’ clumping abilities. A non-clumping litter will last one week. It is not as effective or as cost-effective as other litters on the market, but it will last longer than the better options. Tidy Cats may use clumping litters that stick to the bottom and sides of their boxes. Others are better for keeping large clumps or rare sticks.

The 24/7 Performance may not clump, but you can scoop it out quickly.

Once the wastes are bonded together, they can be scooped out as a single piece.

What is Tidy Cats Litter made of?

Tidy Cats litters were made from oil-absorbing clay in the 1950s and quickly gained a national reputation.

The company now offers affordable base clay and a wide variety of innovative materials, such as anti-tracking powders or natural litters made with activated charcoal.

No matter what your budget or the age of your cats, the TidyCats has the right cat litter for you.

What Types of Litters Does Tidy Cats Use?

Tidy Cats instead of separating their products according to the primary materials (clumping clay, seed grass or the like), they divide the portfolio into five categories: Lightweight, Clumping Non-clumping Litter System and Alternative. Each one comes with useful technologies.

  • Lightweight litters: You can now get litter bottles that weigh half of the weight. The performance is still excellent.
  • Pure Natural litters: You should care as much for the environment as you do for your cats. Tidy Cats Pure Nature litters are the best choice.
  • Litter system: One litter for two The litter system includes anti-tracking pellets as well as odor-absorbing pads.
  • Non-clumping litters for busy cat owners: Tidy Cats’ non-clumping litters are easy to maintain for up one week without irritating odors
  • Clumping litters are a way to reduce the amount of waste and eliminate the smell.

Odor Control

Both formulas work well at blocking the unpleasant smell of ammonia found in urine and feces. Instant Action will block the smell right away, so you can get it out as soon as possible.

Tidy Cats litters, particularly the Lightweight, are highly absorbent. TidyLock technology is used by the company to neutralize urine and ammonia. They are therefore effective at controlling odors and keeping your house smelling fresh.

The 24/7 Performance doesn’t block the smell of the litter right away. The smell disappears as the clumps harden, which can keep your home fresh for up to two week.

Are Tidy Cats Litter Good for You?

This brand forms hard clumps around feces but not urine. The liquid seeps through litter quickly and can form a sticky mess at the bottom of your litter box. The urine clumps tend to break down faster than the feces, making it difficult to scoop the litter box.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Tidy Cats Litter Types

Tidy Cats Naturally Strong cat litter is made with natural plant extracts and activated carbon to control odor and clump the feces.

Tidy Cats Clean is free of any fragrances or dyes. This makes them suitable for cats and people who are allergic to certain scents.

Tidy Cats 4in1 Strength is ideal for households with multiple cats, as its strong formula effectively neutralizes the urine ammonia odor.

Tidy Cats Lightweight With Glade clumps quickly, making scooping simple, and leaving an additional scent of Glade fragrances depending on the scent.

Which Tidy Cats Litter is Best?

The most popular Tidy Cats litter seems to be the Purina Tidy Cats instant action clumping cat litter. You might have already read the review.

  • Affordable price
  • Tidy Cats cat litter is the best in terms of clumping
  • Excellent deodorizing system
  • Tracking is less important and dust is less
  • Comfortable for multi-cat households

Is Lightweight Cat Litter Better?

It is indeed! It is! But, before we get into the benefits, it’s important to remember that Tidy Cats litters contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment but that make it a success litter. Clay is the most popular. These litters are super absorbent and will not odor as much as regular cat litter. These are the reasons we recommend lightweight cat litter:

  • They last longer than standard litters, pound for pound.
  • Because they are lighter, it is easier to transport them and pick up the waste.
  • The downside is that lightweight litters can be a little more dusty and tracky.

What are the Different Types of Cat Litter Tidy Cats Offers?

Tidy Cats offers 4 types of cat litter, including the Instant Action and 24/7 Performance. Other types include:

  • Tidy Cats – Free & Easy
  • Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter With Glade
  • Tidy Cats 4 in One Strength
  • Tidy Cats Natural Strong Unscented Cat Litter

Are Tidy Cats Litter Easily Flushable

It all depends on what the ingredients are. Tidy Cats litters contain clay and are therefore not flushable. The Alternative range may be flushable because of their natural ingredients. However, we don’t recommend flushing cat litter even if the label says so. Frequent flushing can quickly cause clogs in pipes and septic systems.


It’s there! This complete guide compares Tidy Cats Instant Performance to 24/7 Performance.

Which cat litter is best for your cat? The answer to this question depends on what you want from cat litter.

The Instant Action is recommended for cat owners who have one cat and can scoop out the clumps immediately after they form.

If you have several cats or a busy schedule, the 24/7 Performance might be a good option. It keeps the smell under control until they are free to be picked up.

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