Two Litter Boxes One Room

We get a lot of questions from cat owners about their cat’s litter box. They want to know how many you have and where you can place them together. The short answer to this question is yes. It’s perfectly acceptable to place two litterboxes next each other.

Your cats will perceive litter boxes as a single territory if they are too close together. You will still need at least one litter box per cat to avoid unwanted behavior and conflict.

Although it is not ideal, it is possible to put two litter boxes together for one cat. However, it is not recommended if you have several cats. This is because cats will view the litter boxes as one litter box territory and not two that they can claim individually.

Make sure your cat has enough litter.

Cats are not fond of sharing, even if it’s something personal like a litter box. Cats will see litter boxes as one territory if they are too close together. If one cat uses the litterbox, another may hesitate to use it. This means that they will find a place to go, hold their urine, or mark the litter box — not ideal behavior.

You can avoid this situation by giving your cats plenty of choices. The general advice is to have at least one litter box for each cat plus one more. Multi-cat households might have to follow a different rule.

To keep your cat happy and comfortable, you just have to ensure that there are enough litter boxes throughout your home.

How many litterboxes do I need?

There is no set number of litterboxes that you should have, but most owners recommend at least one for each cat. One litterbox is not enough for one cat. Cats can be very picky and refuse to use the litterbox. It can also prove difficult to clean the litterbox each time it is used. Cats also love to poop in one litter box, so providing more options for your cat to use will decrease the likelihood that it will go outside. Because cats can be territorial, we give one to each cat. Having more options will help prevent fights between siblings.

Why do cats need multiple boxes?

Different litterboxes are preferred by some cats for different outputs

This is polite!

People often say that cats use one litter box to urinate and another one for pee.

Cats love litter boxes clean

Cats are very meticulous. It is no secret. This enjoyment extends to the litter box. Multiple cats will use the same litter box and it will become more dirty and smell faster. Self-cleaning litter boxes are a good option. However, it is important to give your cats multiple litter boxes so that they can pick a different one if the current one is not clean enough. You won’t need to clean as often and your cats can choose which box suits them best.

Cats Are Solitary

Cats don’t like being disturbed by other cats, both in the wild and at home. They prefer their litter boxes to be in quiet places where they have privacy. A litter box shared by multiple cats can cause stress, especially if they are trying to use the same box. You should give your cat multiple litter options, with different locations in the house. If one litter box doesn’t meet your cat’s needs, you can give him another option where he can have his privacy.

Cats Are Territorial Creatures

Territories are the main reason multiple cat households need multiple litter boxes.

Cats are territorial by nature and would control large areas of land in the wild. You can see it in your home if you pay attention to your cats. You will find your cat in a different spot than their feline roommate.

To Transition To A New Litter Or Litter Box

Temporarily placing a box with the new litter next top to an old litter box is one way to transition a cat to new litter. You can also use a similar strategy to transition your cat to a new litter.

In Case Of Emergency

In an emergency situation, you might not be able to keep your litter box clean. An extra litter box can be helpful in reducing the time between cleanings. This is not a long-term solution and should only be used when there are other options. Sometimes, however, we have to go out of town for a weekend and cannot find a cat sitter immediately.

Can I put both litter boxes in the same room?

It is okay to have two litter boxes in the same room, as we answered in the previous question. It shouldn’t be a problem to keep two litter boxes in one chamber.

You can ensure that there are enough litter boxes in the room for the cat to use.

Experts recommend that the litter boxes be placed in an area where cats are likely to use them frequently. Before you place the litter boxes, make sure to carefully choose the space.

Which size litter boxes are best?

You need enough space for your cat to turn around and dig in the litter. A cat will make more mess if the litter box is too small or cramped. Many larger boxes have lids that can be used to protect your privacy or provide scent filters. They are also more durable and can withstand daily use. To avoid frequent messes, choose larger boxes and provide your cat with a safe place where they can be fully comfortable.

How to keep multiple cats happy

If you have multiple cats, it is important to have several litter boxes. Cats can be territorial about their litter boxes and will avoid or refuse to use any box that has been used by another cat. It is easier to clean more than one litter box in a home. One of the most difficult responsibilities associated with owning cats is cleaning up their litter.

How far apart should litter boxes be?

Although it is best to keep the litter boxes separate, this is not always possible.

While a minimum distance of 10 feet is a good guideline, even this is only an estimate. To determine the ideal distance, you will need to observe how your cats interact and interact with their boxes.

Because feline territory can be more complicated than you think. Fear Free Happy Homes explains that each cat’s territory is not a single room. Instead, it is a series of little islands.

This means that one cat could claim your windowsill while the other might claim your bed. Each cat gets a small piece of the cake, rather than taking over the whole room. This means that litter boxes as close to 5 feet can be considered two separate areas.

Why is it okay for a single cat to have litter boxes close together?

One cat doesn’t have to fight for territory as multiple cats do. This is not to say that cats have to fight for their territory. However, having a designated space with boundaries is a necessary part of being healthy.

This doesn’t apply to just one feline. Having two litter boxes next to each other won’t cause the same territorial problems. You can still enjoy the benefits of multiple boxes, as we mentioned above.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place my litterboxes?

Cats are just like humans and will prefer to be kept clean and quiet. It is best to keep your cat’s litter box in the same area as your bathroom, or in another less-used space in your home. You should provide minimal lighting in the area so that your cat can see and avoid making a mess. Although cats can see better in darkness than humans, it is still difficult for them to see in pitch black. A small nightlight will help.

What should I avoid putting in my litter boxes?

Your litterbox can be placed anywhere you like. You can place your litterbox anywhere in the house. However, it tends to smell bad after your cat uses it. It is a bad idea to keep it in your bedroom as the scratching can disrupt your sleep and cause ammonia fumes that can be quite strong, even when your cat isn’t using it.

How far apart should litter boxes be?

Multiple litter boxes can be very beneficial if they are placed in different rooms. If this is not possible due to an open floor plan, you can place them at least 20 feet apart.


Two litter boxes placed next to one another is a great way for your cats to have extra space to go to their business. You should have other litter boxes in the home to ensure that each cat has a separate space for their territorial needs. Recognizing the needs of your cats will help you to identify the root cause of any accidents in your home. This will allow you to create a happy and healthier environment for them.

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