What Is The Temperament Of A Flame Point Siamese Cat

Flame point Siamese cats, a type of Siamese cat, are beautiful. They have a cream-colored body, with orange patches and little pink paws. They are beautiful felines with intense blue eyes.

What is the Temperament of a Flame Point Siamese Cat’s Temperament?

Flame point Siamese cats have a reputation for being sweet, affectionate, curious, adaptable, and sweet. Flame point Siamese cats are active and playful, and will attack anything that moves. They require a lot attention and are vocal and intelligent.

Their personalities

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Affectionate?

They are. AllCatSecrets says that flame points are extremely loyal to their families and owners. They are also known to be affectionate towards all family members.

Are Flame Point Siamese cats Fierce?

However, they are very dominant and can often take over other animals, such as cats, in the house.

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Compatible?

Flame point cats are friendly and affectionate. Flame points are affectionate and love their owners.

What does Flame Point Siamese Cats Signify?

FAQCats claims that they are social and easy to train. They are assertive but not vindictive.

Are Flame Point Siamese cats protective?

PurrCraze suggests that Siamese cats can be protective and will defend their owners if they see a stranger.

Flame Points are highly active

Flame points require a lot stimulation and are very active.

What is a Flame Point Siamese Cat’s Personality and Character?

They build strong relationships with their family members and, according to FAQCats they will voice endlessly to let your know what they want and to tell you about how they are feeling.

What is the Price of Flame Point Siamese Cats?

Red Point Siamese cats’ prices can vary greatly. They are often priced between $400-$1000, but depending on where you live and other factors, they could cost as high as $2000. It will be more expensive if the parents are show cats.

Three Little-Known Facts about Flame Point Siamese Cat

These Cats Are The Most Siamese-Resistent Breed

It is extremely difficult to get the red flame color, and even harder to breed the tabby lines on the face.

2. Flame Point Siamese Cats comprise 75% Males

Although it is not clear why, it is interesting to note that Flame Point Siamese cats tend to be male.

3. They did not breed red point cats until the 1930s

It took many years for the breed to be perfected by several breeders in the 1930s.

Temperament and Intelligence of The Flame Point Siamese cat

It loves to be around people and can experience separation anxiety if you leave it alone for too long. It is very vocal and can carry on conversations with you for hours.

Flame Point Siamese Size & Weight: How Big Are Flame Point Siamese Cats When Fully Grown?

Flame point Siamese are 16 to 21 inches tall when fully grown, for males and females. Both sexes can gain between 9 and 14 pounds. Males who are larger than average can gain five extra pounds once they become adults. Siamese cats of regular size measure between 11 and 14 inches in height and only weigh 8 to 10 pounds. Modern flame points are often smaller because of their slim build.

Is this breed compatible with other pets?

Red Point Siamese cats are friendly to other cats.

Things to Know About Owning a Flame Point Siamese

We’ll be listing a few things to consider before you buy a Flame Point Cat Breed.

Food & Diet Requirements

We recommend that you choose a brand with at least 25% protein, and at least one whole animal such as chicken, beef, or turkey listed in the ingredients. This will help reduce the chance of your pet developing dental disease.


Flame Point Siamese is an active breed of cat that loves to explore. Although larger homes are more desirable, you can still provide plenty of space for your cat to explore by placing shelves and boxes in different places throughout your home. If your cat is having diarrhea or loose stool after eating wet food, dry food is the best option.

Where to Find Flame Point Siamese Kittens for Sale or Adoption

Are you ready to get a Siamese flame point? If you are looking for a reliable breeder or rescue organization in the United States, I can help you find them. Available for purchase are Siamese kittens

Siamese Sweeties

Siamese Sweeties in North Carolina can provide a traditional flame-point Siamese.


This cattery is registered with the CFA and specializes in siamese champion kittens. They also breed color points cats, including flame and red points.

Blue Eyes Cattery

Another cattery that offers flame point kittens is located in Southern Maryland. All kittens are raised indoors and fed premium, all-natural cat food.

Even though they may be adorable, many flame point Siamese end up in rescue centres. You can reach out to these organizations if you are interested in adopting one:

Purrs abound

Another foster-based rescue that saves Siamese and Siamese mix animals from shelters in Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Southern California Siamese Rescue

This rescue has been helping Siamese cats in need of homes since 2005. You can adopt a Siamese flame point cat for as little as $100 up to $200, depending on their age.

Austin Siamese Rescue

The rescue has fostered and rehomed Siamese cats as well as other oriental breeds in various parts of Central Texas.

Last Thoughts

Cat lovers desire a playful, affectionate, and friendly cat. A flame point Siamese can provide all of that and more when you purchase one.

If you’re still thinking twice about it, think about if these are the personalities that you would like to see in your cat.

This color is expensive so it’s important to consider your budget. You can adopt one for a low adoption fee.

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