Which Is Better Feliway Vs Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone and Feliway pheromone diffusers can make your cat feel more relaxed, calmer, and less anxious. The Feliway diffuser will help calm down your cat if they are having problems with urinating, aggression, or hiding. The Feliway diffuser has received thousands of positive reviews. It has also been scientifically proven to work in clinical trials.

If you are looking for a diffuser that lasts longer and is cheaper, the Comfort Zone diffuser might be a good option. Although it contains the same active ingredient that Feliway, at a higher level, some users feel that Comfort Zone is more appealing to them.

Coverage: 700 sq. feet. The diffuser needs to be replaced every 6 monthsArea covered: 400 square feet
* Every 30 days, refills are required.* Every 30 days, refills are required.
* The diffuser needs to be replaced every 6 months* The diffuser needs to be replaced every 12 months
* Active ingredient: 2% analog to feline facial hormone* Active ingredient: 5% analog to feline pheromone
* Cost: $$$$* Cost: $$

Feliway vs. Comfort Zone: Differences and Which Is Better?

Confort Zone and Feliway are artificial pheromones which can mimic the smell of anxiety and stress in cats. Cats that feel anxious about new pets, pets, or rearranging things at home may scratch, mark their urine, or lose their appetite.

These products can be used to calm your cat and reduce unwanted behavior such as scratching and urine marking.

1. Convenience

Both brands are available in a diffuser that is easy to use. You just need to plug the diffuser into an area where your cat is most likely to be found. Both brands are applicable.

Comfort Zones diffusers are limited to covering 400 square feet. Feliway Diffusers cover 700 square feet. Feliway diffusers are more suitable for larger homes. Feliway diffusers should be placed in an open space. They should not be plugged behind a curtain or underneath a shelf. This could affect the flow of warm air and, in turn can reduce the diffuser’s effectiveness. The same is true for Comfort Zone diffusers.

2. Versatility

Comfort Zone products are available in many other forms than diffusers. They also make collars and calming sprays for cats. These can be used to calm your cat during stressful vet visits.

Comfort Zone is a calming spray that can be used on cats and cars. Spray the Comfort Zone calming spray in your car prior to the trip to make sure it acts properly. You might have to reapply the spray after each trip. Spray the interior of your carrier as well. Spraying the carrier in one to two spots per area is enough. The collar releases pheromones to calm your cat.

Feliway also offers calming sprays that can be used on the go. Feliway’s spray is different from Comfort Zone in that it must be reapplied every four- to five hours. Feliway is a spray that needs to be reapplied every four to five hours.

3. It gives you a sense of security

When your cat is exposed to new environments, it reduces discomfort and unhappiness. Cat pheromones mimic natural cat pheromones and assure that your cat is comfortable in the new environment. These products are great for cats who suffer from anxiety and stress.

4. Helps Cats To Mingle

It can be difficult to keep peace between cats if you are going to adopt multiple cats.

5. Effectiveness

Both products are effective. They wouldn’t be as popular if they didn’t. Many users who have tried products from both brands have noticed significant improvements in their cats’ behavior. However, there are some people who claim artificial pheromones don’t work.

The products may not be effective for all cats, according to our experience. It is possible that your cat doesn’t react to synthetic hormones. They both use the same feline pheromone. Feliway uses a higher concentration of the pheromone, while Comfort Zone uses a lower level. Feliway, on the other hand is recommended and trusted by vets.

6. Price

Comfort Zone products tend to be cheaper than Feliway’s. Comfort Zone products are generally cheaper than Feliway’s, especially when it is concerned with their diffusers. However, the diffuser needs to be changed every six months for Feliway and every year for Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone clearly wins in terms of pricing and value.

Do Cat Calming Pheromones Work?

Feliway has shown that it can calm cats in certain situations, according to research.

Feliway claims to reduce cat scratching, spraying and littering by nearly 90% in seven days. Comfort Zone promises a similar promise of reducing the cat’s urine markings by 95% and its scratching rate by 93% in a week.

Which is the Best?

This review will compare the feliway multicat and comfart zones. It will help answer the question, which one is better? We did extensive research online and also tested products to determine which product is best. Here is our list of Top Picks. It lists them all, as well as their pros and cons. We also give them stars out of five.

Comparison between Feliway and Comfort Zone: A Quick Look

Feliway is the most well-known brand when it comes to diffusers for pheromones that keep your cat comfortable and calm at home. The brand with the most reviews on all of the sites it has been sold through is Feliway. This can be taken as an indication that it is popular and works well for most cats. It is very easy to use. It is easy to use. Simply plug it in to your electrical outlet. Every 30 days, the refill should be replaced.

Overview Of Comfort Zone 2X Pheromone Formula Calming Diffuser

Comfort Zone uses Feliway’s facial pheromone in their diffusers but at a concentration 5% instead of 2%. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can help with problem behavior.

Do Cat Calming Pheromones Work?

Both products have a track record of success, but Feliway is often preferred by veterinarians. Both products are effective but may not be suitable for your cat. They do not react to synthetic hormones like many cats. You may have destructive scratching or urine marking that are not caused by synthetic pheromones.


Feliway and Comfort Zone are both excellent options to reduce the severity and frequency of annoying behavior that cat owners must deal with. But, it’s not possible to assume that every cat will experience the same results.

Both brands are similar in terms of security, efficiency, portability, as well as portability. Their adaptability and cost are where they differ. If you value adaptability, Feliway is the best choice. If you value low prices, Comfort Zone might be the best option.

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