Why Are Bengal Cats So Expensive?

Why are Bengal Cats Special?

The Bengal cat is a popular exotic cat breed that has seen a lot of popularity over the past few years. There are many costs associated with this popularity. Bengal cats are one of the most costly cat breeds. The average price of Bengal cats ranges from $600 to $2750 depending upon their coat color. You might wonder, “Why are Bengal cats so expensive?”

Bengal cats are more expensive than other domesticated cat breeds because they are rarer. Bengal cats can be bred with Asian Leopard cat genes. Cat breeders find it more difficult and expensive to raise Asian Leopard cats. Their rarity and unique colors, as well as the high costs of breeding and raising Bengal cats, contribute to their high price tag.

How Much Does A Bengal Cat Cost?

A Bengal kitten can cost between PS300 and PS5,000. A Bengal cat’s price can vary greatly due to the existence of sub-breeds. Also, you need to consider breeders and whether it is a pedigree.

Rosetted Bengal kittens, one of the most costly types of Bengal cat are available. This is due to their distinctive markings and high price.

What Does Bengal Kittens Cost to Own?

Bengal kittens are usually priced between $1,500 and $3,000 but there are variations in the prices across the country. In some cases, bengal kittens can cost more than $5,000 due to their genetic or color background.

What is the Average Cost of Adult Bengal Cats?

An average adult bengal cat will cost less than a kitten, but they will be much more expensive than a kitten.

Bengal TypeBrown SpottedBrown MarbledSeal Lynx SpottedSeal Lynx MarbledSilver SpottedSilver MarbledMink Spotted
Kitten$1,750 or more$1,500 or more$1,750 or more$1,500 or more2,750 and higher$2,000 and moreUp to $2,500
Adult$700 and UpUp to $600Up to $750$700 and Up$800 and moreUp to $750$850 and above

Where can I find a Bengal cat for sale?

First, where can you find a Bengal cat for purchase? Here are some things you will want to know. It is extremely important to make an informed decision. This animal should be yours for at least 15 years. Research is a slow process. This article will assist you in making an informed decision about important cost factors.

These people are committed to raising healthy kittens who embody all that is great about the breed. This pricing guide will help you avoid the typical “classifieds” websites. Avoid Craigslist, Ebay Classifieds and Hoobly. These sites will only lead you to scammers or backyard breeders. It is possible to find a Bengal kitten by working with an ethical, reputable breeder if it seems too good to be true.

Price Factor


The quality of the kitten that you are looking at is a reflection of how well the breeder cared for them (which we will talk about in a moment). You’ll want energetic, healthy kittens with beautiful, straight coats once they are past the fuzzy stage. Breeders who breed quality cats must pay high prices (sometimes in the thousands) to obtain quality lines. Breeders breed Bengal cats to preserve the breed. However, they must charge more for kittens from quality lines.


Growing kittens is expensive and time-consuming. If a kitten is allowed to go home before 8 weeks, it’s a red flag. This is a sign that the breeder is trying cut costs, but not at the cost of the kitten.


The cost of certain Bengals will rise depending on how much demand there is. There are many coat colors available for Bengals, including brown, silver, snow, charcoal, and melanistic. You can also choose from spotted or different rosettes and marbling patterns. Different coats and colors could be “trending”, which could result in a higher demand but also a higher price. Cost can also be affected by the rarity of certain colors.


SBT Bengals are the most common type of Bengal kitten. These kittens are bred from Bengals and Bengals to produce them. They are at least four generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat. These kittens are usually more expensive and require additional care if you find Bengals of higher generations (called F2 Bengals or F3 Bengals). SBT’s are the best option for pet owners.

Bengal Cat Colors & Patterns

The Bengal cat is an extraordinary cat. It has all the cat-lovers’ favorite attributes, as well as stunning patterns and colors that mimic their wild ancestors.

* Brown Bengal Cat

* Silver Bengal Cat

* Snow Bengal Cat

* Charcoal Bengal Cat

* Blue Bengal Cat

* Black or Melanistic Bengal Cat

* Spotted Bengal Cat

* Marbled Bengal Cat

* Sparbled Bengal Cat

Additional Bengal Cat Characteristics

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the variations, there are many more features available for the Bengal Cat.

1. Glitter

Although not all Bengals have this effect, some Bengals have a shiny, glittery coat. This shimmering, sparkling effect is noticeable even in low lighting. This rare trait was first observed in Bengal cats. Although it looks stunning and dramatic, there is a simple explanation. Random translucent hair shafts in the cat’s coat cause the “glitter”. The shafts reflect and catch light, making the hair shimmer and shine.

2. White Stomach

Breeders have tried for years to introduce the white-spotted stomach of Asian Leopard Cats to the Bengal breed. However, it is extremely rare and highly sought after.

3. Long-haired Bengals.

Cashmere Bengals are known for their long, silky Bengals. It is believed that the Bengal breed was created from a variety of domestic cats.

4. Primordial pouch.

The primordial pouch is another trait that the Bengal’s wild ancestry has given to them. It can be found on both males as well as females. The primordial pouch is found on the cat’s stomach and appears as a flap of skin between the back legs. It is often mistaken for a cat who is overweight or lactating. However, it does have a few biological purposes.

5. Frosted phase

. Bengal kittens often experience a unique stage of growth called the “frosted phase” or “uglies” at around three weeks. This is when the kitten’s hair becomes fuzzy and messy, much like the way Asian Leopard kittens look in the wild. This stage is believed to improve the kitten’s camouflage in this vulnerable stage.

Which Bengal Cat Color Is Most Expensive?

The color and pattern in the coat of a bengal cat can also impact its price. Blue bengals can cost more than $3,000 while brown bengals can cost between $1,500 and $2,000

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