Why are ragdoll cats so expensive?

Because Ragdoll cats have high-end characteristics, they are highly prized because they are carefully and selectively raised. The availability of Ragdoll cats is also a factor in their high price. Ragdolls may not be as readily available as popular pedigree cats like Persians or Maine Coons, making them more sought-after by cat lovers.

There are many factors that will affect the cost of purchasing a Ragdoll cat. These include the breeder, the location and the cat’s quality. Ragdolls with unusual or unique eye colors or coat patterns may be more expensive from some breeders. Here are some things to keep in mind.


The initial cost of owning Ragdolls depends on many factors. You can expect to spend around $400 on a high-quality pet cat, and at least $1000 on a show-quality cat if you are looking to purr-chase one.


  • The fact that ragdoll cats are purebred is one of the main reasons they can be expensive. Most purebred cats are over $100 if they are bred by trusted breeders who are focused on health and not show-quality.
  • It is because it is a time-consuming and difficult process to create a purebred cat. Purebred cats require the parents to also be purebred. This means there will often be a long line of managing multiple generations of cats and balancing their genetics to ensure that your cat is healthy.
  • Breeding any animal requires care and maintenance. To ensure a healthy birth, a purebred cat must be well cared for by its mother. The price of a purebred cat reflects a lot of that effort and time.
  • Price is not just a factor for a particular breed of cat, but also for any item. For example, a Ragdoll can be priced higher in New York City than it is in Moss Point in Mississippi.

It all depends on the breeder. Breeders may need to go through certain procedures, including first shots or other measures that could increase the cost. Certain states have requirements that licensed, reputable breeders do certain things. These costs are passed on to consumers as with all businesses.

  • Cost drivers include DNA testing, microchipping, vaccination rates and pedigrees.
  • The Ragdoll’s appearance can influence the price of a cat.

Price will also be affected by the appearance and coat of the ragdoll. Ragdoll cats are loved for their thick fur and strong bodies. They are popular show cats due to their strong bodies and lush fur. Unfortunately, show cats must meet very stringent requirements. To get the best traits for a show, it is necessary to breed more selectively. Most show-quality ragdoll cat breeds will have a high price tag, sometimes in the hundreds.

  • These cats are big and strong with long hair and soft, silky fur. Ragdolls have a low shedding rate, but may shed more in spring. This breed is not hypoallergenic, although they lack an undercoat.
  • They are between 9 and 11 inches tall, with a length of 17 to 21 inches (excluding their fluffy tail). According to the Cat Fanciers Association, they weigh between 10-20 pounds and male ragdoll cats can weigh more.
  • Black, white, gray and blue are all possible ragdoll colors. Blue eyes are a characteristic of this breed, but they are not the only one.
  • They are gaining popularity

Since their appearance in ancient China, Ragdolls have been a status symbol cat. They were owned by many royal families in China and Europe.

Ragdolls love to be loved and are very affectionate. They also love lots of attention. People love Ragdolls’ cute faces, which are flat-nosed and rounded. This gives them a funny look.

These are the reasons Ragdolls are so popular that breeders can charge higher prices to those who want to purchase one.

It is a seller’s marketplace.

  • Colour can dictate costs

Surprisedly, the cost of a Ragdoll depends on its fur colour. Ragdolls are most often available in black and fawn, with fawn being the most common colour.

Fawn-colored Ragdolls, because they are more in demand, tend to be more expensive. You might consider purchasing a Ragdoll in a different color if you’re looking for something more affordable.

  • Temperament

This cute breed is as gentle as cats get. Their tendency to limp when picked up is what gives them their name “ragdoll”. They love being held and babied, and will happily relax in your arms for as much time as you allow them.

The personality of the ragdoll is intelligent, gentle, and very affectionate. These sweet kitties are very affectionate and love human attention. However, they rarely demand it. They make great companion pets and are loyal and dedicated to their owners.

  • Beautiful eyes

The Ragdoll is well-known for its large size and plush fur, as well as its color-pointed and brightly colored coat. There are many shades of Ragdolls, from seal (brown), blue to red, cream and even cream. There are many variations, including tabby markings and tortoiseshell. There are many patterns available for Ragdolls, such as colorpoint (no white on the coat), bicolor (meaning that they have no white “mittens”) on their feet. Their coats develop into permanent shades as they age. They are born pale.

  • Ragdolls look like dogs and are very cat-like.

Have you ever wished for a pet who will play fetch with and follow you from one room to another, or even sleep in your bed with you? A Ragdoll is a great choice if you are allergic to dogs or prefer cats. One Quora user said that Ragdolls can sometimes be more like cats than dogs. My cats greet me at my door. They follow me from room-to-room, snuggle up beside me on the couch, in bed, and wait outside while I take the shower. etc., etc. They are fond of toys and stuffed animals that they can carry around from one room to the next. One of their favorite games is fetch. The Ragdoll is not the right choice if you want a more independent pet. They require a lot of attention and play.

  • Unique Ragdoll Cats Personalities

These are some of the unique personalities of ragdoll cats that you need to know:

  • Docile
  • Calm
  • Sociable
  • Friendly
  • Loving
  • Vocal
  • Flexible
  • Affectionate
  • Gentle

A healthy purebred ragdoll cat purchased from a reliable breeder will run you between $500 and $2500.

The price of a breeder’s animal may be different.

Price can also be affected depending on the age and the size of the ragdoll, as well as the exchange rate or currency value in your country.

Most people don’t care about the price.

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